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Election 2016 & the Mainstream Media: Ben Carson, Secularism, & Christian Faith

Source via Wikimedia Commons CC 3.0

"There is only one business in America that is protected by the Constitution.  That is the press.  And there was a reason for that.  It is because the press was suppose to be an ally of the people.  And they were suppose to expose to and inform the people in a non-partisan way.  When they become partisan, which they are, they distort the system as it was suppose to work.  And they allow the side they pick to get away with all kinds of things.  But I think there's still hope for the press.  I think it is possible that some of them will recognize that it's almost a sacred obligation that they have to the people: To be honest." -Ben Carson, October 9th 2015, to the National Press Club Luncheon

The media, politics, and our Christian faith.  They provide an interesting crossroads, with all kinds of busy intersections and congested and contested regions.  The media portrays certain issues in certain ways, often with bias and distortion.  Politics themselves are fraught with bias, deception, and dishonesty.  It's a given.  Christianity has often been found troubled, corrupt, and wanting.  But is there a way out?  What is happening in our country?  Why are things coming apart?  And what about Jesus Christ?  Let's look at the coming election, the media, and politics along these lines.  

So far this election cycle we're seeing an amazing paradigm shift.  There is a growing divide in both parties, democrats and republicans; they are splitting along a line.  The line is between establishment politicians and grassroots outsiders.  The establishment candidates in both parties are not getting the numbers they would normally get in an election cycle.  

The liberal side of the media pushes for Hillary Clinton.  She is establishment and she'll bend to the sway of the money. But the usual false narrative of pushing of the candidate and ignoring other contenders just isn't working very well.  Clinton is not garnering explosive numbers; in fact outsider Bernie Sanders is gathering incredible support.  

On the conservative side, Fox News is of course pushing their establishment buddies: Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, and others.  All of them are classic neoconservatives (What is a neo-conservative?).  But that isn't playing out very well either.  None of the establishment candidates are doing even remotely well.  The two outsiders bidding for the presidency are doing the best: Donald Trump and Ben Carson.  Carly Fiorina is also showing some force as an outsider candidate, but a recent poll showed that Ben Carson has pulled to number one according to a recent poll.  

The nightmare scenario for me would be a presidential election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  Of course the worst possible scenario would be Jeb Bush vs. Hillary Clinton.  You would have two ultra establishment candidates vying for money and political favors.  Oh help!  

I recall a picture recently that circulated on the internet of a man who had hung himself, the view showed his legs, and in the background was a television screen showing a media ad: "Bush or Clinton 2016: Your choice!"  I can relate to that sentiment.  

The American people have suffered under the tyranny of these status-quo candidates for far too long.  The last two have been the worst: George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama. These two candidates knew exactly what to say to entice voters in their respective elections.  Bush made himself out to be a Reagan conservative, but once in office operated like a neo-conservative war hawk spending heavily, starting wars, and bailing out banks.  Unacceptable tyranny and wiretapping.  

Next we had the charismatic Senator, Barack Obama.  He campaigned as a sort of liberal-libertarian promising to restore the Constitution, heal the divides in Washington, and fight against the curtailing of personal liberty.  But, as the host of the Young Turks said, "If President Obama had a wrestler nickname it would be The Establishment."  He changes nothing, his promises were lies, and it turned out to be business as usual for another eight years.  I think that really enraged the American people who had come to believe the rhetoric in 2008.  "Change we can believe in" as it was said, turned out to be a finely crafted lie.  Soft and sweet to the mouth, like a crumpet.  Too bad for that black, bitter after taste. 

I suppose the powers that be thought they could keep switching between Republican shill and Democrat shill and people would never be the wiser.  But people are waking up to the corruption.  They are tired of the corruption.  They are tired of the career politicians with all kinds of money from rich donors.  They want someone who is real.  And it shows in the poll numbers.

My best possible scenario for the 2016 presidential election would be Bernie Sanders vs. Ben Carson.  I don't support Bernie Sanders or his democratic socialist views, but I respect him for his honest adherence and passion for the issues he deals with.  Dr. Ben Carson, well, there is something special about the doctor.  I think many can see that.  Ben Carson or Ted Cruz.  I think I would like a ticket that would be Ben Carson for president and Ted Cruz for vice-president. 

Perhaps, just maybe, could God be working in this election?  Has he heard our appeals to heaven?  Is he going to bring our nation inspiration and revival?  I certainly hope so.  Because the future is ugly if left in the hands of increasingly progressive liberals and neo-conservative surveillance state warhawks.  

The mainstream media, well, they're the mainstream media.  They have serious interests along both sides of the aisle.  They will push for their establishment candidates: Hillary, Jeb, Rubio, and others.  They have to.  

Much of the media is deeply threatened by Dr. Ben Carson though.  They really go out of their way to attack him.  It's pretty disgusting actually.  

The media goes after Donald Trump a lot too.  But I think for a different reason.  Donald Trump fits all the stereotypes of how progressives and liberals see conservatives.  He's loud, super rich, obnoxious, misogynistic, cold, calculating, and prone to make idiotic statements.  He fits the mold perfectly.  He's like George W. Bush 2.0, but much more obnoxious and grimly entertaining.  Democrats can take on a Trump, maybe.  But given poll numbers they might not even be able to do that much.  But Trump is a target they understand.  They can successfully attack and minimize a Trump.

Dr. Ben Carson is quite different though.  He is an African-American conservative.  He's a doctor, author, and renowned surgeon.  He has a rock faith in God and articulates it very well.  He breaks the mold.  He doesn't fit the media narrative, that only rich racist, bigoted, homophobic, sexist old white guys could possibly believe in conservative principles.  Dr. Ben Carson is intelligent, thoughtful, and highly persuasive.  He inspires people.  He is very dangerous to the mainstream media and their interests.  But as Dr. Carson has noted himself, the more the media attacks him, the higher his numbers go.  And the more the media tries to dodge him and vilify him and take him out of context, the more people flock to his campaign.  Why?  Because nobody trusts the television news media anymore.  Well, maybe there are a few gen-exers and baby boomers out there who still live in dream land, but the rest of us don't.  My generation, millennials, we don't trust what the tube says.  The tube lies.  

I don't trust the television.  I don't trust a lot of what I see on the internet either, of course.  It's hard to trust the media.  Even many scientists, given how naturalistic their presuppositions are, are hard to trust.  Even in fields like archaeology, history, and such, it's hard to believe certain findings.  Many in those fields have a specifically anti-Christian bias.  They are looking to disprove God, and paint a future without Christian ties.  I can't abide in that.  It's amazing how widespread it has become.  List off any major field, and you'll find a sort of battle going on within it in certain subsections between those working from naturalist presuppositions and those working from Christian presuppositions.  It's crazy.  

It almost reminds me of the dream that President George Washington had.  He described it in great detail.  He saw an angel, and the angel said to him, "Son of the Republic, come and see things that are to come."  And the angel took him to see a nation divided, fighting itself, in a giant battlefield.  I would speculate that perhaps he was being shown a preview of the Civil War.  That would be assuming the dream was a legitimate supernatural encounter.  But it's certainly interesting.  We Americans are good at fighting with each other.  It's quite insidious.  

But I still have hope for my homeland, the United States of America.  I really want to see her honor God, and be blessed and empowered by God.  I want to see a new temperance movement.  I want to see a new great awakening.  I want to see a new political movement based around the evangelical worldview.  I think we're close too.  We're very close.  It's happening in churches.  It's happening on the internet.  It's happening in the minds of young people.  It's happening in the political process too.  

If we could only wake more from their apathy, from their focus on drivel, television, sports, and entertainment, and rattle them and awaken them to stand on the lines of defense.  Because right behind the screen: the sports game, the videogame, the sitcom, western civilization is poised for collapse.  But collapsing?  How?  By a revolution that has removed morality, truth, justice, liberty, and freedom and replaced them with depravity, relativism, progressive orthodoxy, tyranny, and politically-correct-speak.  The collapse is unwittingly generated by those trained in the great universities, those originally founded by Christians, then taken over by atheists, teaching socialism instead of democracy, atheism instead of religion, relativism instead of truth, agnostic skepticism instead of informed belief, and zombified-verificationism (it's been long dead, but they keep it around) instead of a holistic investigation. As a result the skeptic-atheistic generation has systematically altered every discipline from archaeology to astrophysics, redesigning them to ignore God, block God, eject God, and create new systems of thought specifically designed to exclude God, and build a secular narrative to life.  And the mainstream media outlets, being radically secular, play along with it.  The new narratives of our society include: If you believe in God you are dumb and simple.
Evolution not creation.
The Bible has been disproven. 
Moral relativism instead of universal truth.  
The abandoning of the ontic referent of natural law.  
The redesigning of psychology to be entirely self centered and self propelling.  
The redesigning of science to rest entirely on naturalist presuppositions.
The exclusion of God from all discourse.
The rise of secular humanism to replace religious belief.

The people are onto this silent movement to eject God though.  It's interesting how the vast majority of the citizens of this country are Christians, or at least believe in God.  Yet almost all of these academic disciplines are radically atheistic and secular.  The vast majority of the people of this country believe in God, yet the majority of news media outlets project a godless view.  They don't bring it up unless they're mocking or covering the latest picket by Westboro baptist church.  

People are waking up to the secular revolution and it's ugly work in our country.  They're tired of it.  I'm just so very tired of it myself.  I can't stand it any longer.  I must see change.  Because this humanist dogma is dead on arrival.  It doesn't work.  It's half blind, rests on Christian presuppositions, and suggests that humanity is good and will somehow rise above.  And by all indications, humanity is not good, corruption is growing, and they can't understand why.  Why is corruption growing?  Did you ever think to consider that when you tossed out Christianity, universal morals, and the concept of truth you have now raised up a generation that believes they can do whatever they want?  Did you consider that without moral underpinnings for the human mind, the natural response is to try to gain power, prestige, and wealth through illicit means?  Is it any surprise when such a generation is hopelessly corrupt and attempts to circumvent the established laws of our government and society?  

It's all relative right?  Wrong!

It's a nightmare scenario of sorts.  But Christians are pushing back.  Many are fed up with this new agenda and this new secular orthodoxy.  I think in the last eight years, Democrats have moved too far in this secular direction.  And I think they alienated many of their Christian and centrist supporters with the gay marriage ruling, Obama's refusal to take on radical Islam, and the complete blackout on the Planned Parenthood videos.  People were disappointed, and saw right through the jargon, news media double-speak, and the official story on those issues.  The mainstream media is much more progressive and liberal than most Americans.  The people are waking up, and they've had enough.  The mainstream media has lost all credibility really.  People don't trust them.  I don't trust them.  I see right through their games, double-speak, and biased reporting methods.  

Thank God for the internet, where we can discuss these issues.  If there were only television screens everywhere we'd be in serious trouble.  It would probably be a lot like the movie version of A Scanner Darkly; Alex Jones with a bullhorn on the corner being tagged and bagged by government goons who throw him in the back of an unmarked van.  It would be 1984 by George Orwell by now, without the internet.  But the internet gives us this open venue to discuss the truth.  With the television it's just an odd feeling like what you saw wasn't quite truthful, but there's no one around to ask if they feel the same.  For those who have felt that way:  I feel the same.  And I'm glad we can see it, and discuss it on the beautiful, open internet.

Keep praying brothers and sisters.  Keep interceding on behalf of our nation.  Keep praying that the right man or woman would be elected to the presidency.  Pray for Godly men and women to be elected to Congress.  Pray that the Supreme Court would be convicted in their hearts, and that they would turn from their incorrect decisions.  Pray for all the candidates.  Pray for the future of the nation.  Pray for a great awakening.  Pray the secular revolution would be halted, and replaced with a Christian revival.

"First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way." 1 Timothy 2:1-2 ESV
Rest assured my Christian brothers and sisters: Jesus Christ is alive.  He is risen, and he is God.  He cares about our nation.  He cares about his people in the USA.  He cares about you, personally.  He's at work today.  His Spirit is working in the world.  Trust in God.  And really live the Christian life.  Turn from sinful behaviors.  Turn from pre-marital sex.  Turn from overeating, drunken behavior, drug abuse, and other issues.  Turn from those sins that wrap us in chains.  Be the example to the nation, and to the world.  Take a stand for what is right.  Don't be afraid when people call you judgmental, even if it's other Christians who do so.  Keep speaking the truth, and do so boldly knowing that your savior Jesus Christ did the same thing.  Don't let them silence you by using words like "judgment" and "condemnation."  Don't let them shout you down or silence you. Speak the truth in love.  Be polite, but engage in politics.  Share your views on social media.  Share Jesus on social media.   

If it is our destiny to slowly fade into darkness and eventually give up our lives for our faith, so be it.  And if it is our destiny to rally a new day for America, a new great awakening, and a new turn to Christian principles, to Christ, so be it.  

I hope for the latter, I'm prepared for the former, but today I choose to share these words with you.  I'm free today to share to you, to all, to who-so-ever might read: Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.  Believe in Jesus Christ.  Believe the Bible.  Be the change you wish to see in the United States.  Be a dogged prayer warrior.  And vote for godly men and women.  Appeal to heaven.  God bless you, Goodnight. 

Source via Wikimedia Commons CC 3.0

Source via Wikimedia Commons CC 3.0

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