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Dear Mainstream Media: You don't understand why Ben Carson appeals to voters, allow me to explain

Source CC 2.0 via Flickr by Michael Vadon
Dr. Ben Carson the retired neurosurgeon running for president has fallen under attack by the media in recent weeks.  Dr. Carson recently took the lead in the GOP race for the nomination, now polling just ahead of the previous frontrunner Donald Trump.

During the primaries possible candidates submit their candidacy, attempt to raise money, and campaign to build a following around their bid for the nomination.  Citizens vote in Republican primaries by state to gather delegates which then go to the Republican National Convention to vote on who will be the nominee.  The nominee then runs against the Democratic nominee for the office of the presidency in 2016.

The mainstream media outlets, Fox News included (the only conservative voice on television) have marveled at Dr. Ben Carson's bid.  They keep saying that they can't understand what people find appealing about Dr. Ben Carson.  I would like to take a few minutes to perhaps help the media understand the appeal of Dr. Ben Carson.

Allow me to explain:  Ben Carson is exactly what a president should be.  He inspires people.  He is authentic.  He is thoughtful, cool-headed, and soft spoken.  He is a Christian, not because he claims to be a Christian to get elected, but because he really is a Christian.  He is not a career politician.  In fact none of the greatest presidents of our country were career politicians.  All the best presidents were citizen statesmen.  Here are a few examples: George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, James Madison, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge, Ronald Reagan, and Andrew Jackson.  Maybe you've heard of them?  

Dr. Ben Carson is exactly the kind of man needed for the presidency.  He is not flashy, he is not a loud mouth, and he actually means what he says.  He's willing to be frank and real.  He is just another citizen, not a member of the elite.  His positions on key issues are highly appealing: he is pro-life, strongly supports religious liberty, he is conservative on spending, wants to deal with the federal debt, and supports stronger states rights.

To me I see something quite striking.  Before moneyed interests invaded Washington D.C. and co-opted the entire process, it was average men like Ben Carson who could become president.  The perversion of our system of government has led to this demented situation we're in.  We have career politicians on the stage, people like Rubio, Bush, Kasick, and Christie.  Any given election cycle in the past thirty years is establishment candidates fighting over getting the most money from high profile donors.  There is quite often also on stage the evangelical candidate who tends to give a good showing, then soundly loses year after year (Huckabee).  More recently there is now a libertarian presence on stage, like Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012 and Rand Paul in the current cycle.  More recently there is also a Tea Party presence on stage, like Ted Cruz or Scott Walker.  Then there is the phenomenon of the rich independent candidate running against the establishment, epitomized by Donald Trump's run this year.  All of these candidates aside from one represents the creepy descent of our country into greed, corruption, and abuse of power.  All of them except one: Dr. Ben Carson.  

Dr. Ben Carson breaks all the molds.  He's a doctor running for president, without much money, but his grassroots support has exploded.  He is an African-american man running for president, in the GOP, and he is polling first.  That should settle the fact forever that Republicans are NOT racists.  The racist, sexist, bigot card is one played by progressives in attempts to silence honest dissent.  It's crap.  Dr. Ben Carson is the front-runner and that absolutely terrifies progressives.  It makes them angry too, because it shines a big light on their false narrative.  The media is full of progressives.  Recently they have been in full attack mode of Dr. Ben Carson.  They've got to find something to discredit him, but nothing is turning up.  They tried to say he had lied about being offered a scholarship to West Point, but it turns out that assuming you do get into West Point, it is in fact free of charge given your commitment to serve in the military.  And what else would you do when going to a military academy, but serve in the military?  They also tried to jump back to a statement made by Dr. Ben Carson about his views then on the pyramids of ancient Egypt.  No, I'm not making that up.  They actually had to dig that far back to find something.  And does it really matter that he had a different theory about pyramids in Egypt in 1998? Not at all.  It has nothing to do with anything.  It's just an attempt to sling mud at a political rival, the rival of the media, Dr. Ben Carson. 

Why does Dr. Ben Carson terrify the progressive/liberal establishment in the mainstream media?  Mainly because like I said, he breaks every mold.  He's an accomplished physician and surgeon, scientifically minded, yet he believes in God.  Which challenges the false dichotomy so often presented in the media that it has to be religion vs. science.  Or God vs. Science.  Which is nonsense, it's a false choice, one can be scientifically minded and believe in God.  It hurts the false mainstream media narrative in that area.  It also hurts the scientific establishment's evolution dogma.  There has long been a growing dissent against neo-darwinism, and Dr. Ben Carson is a celebrated physician who does not believe in macro-evolution (but like all scientists he does adhere to adaptation/micro-evolution).  That is a direct threat to the establishment in the sciences.  In addition, Dr. Ben Carson is an African-american who lived in poverty during his early years.  In the past thirty years almost all high profile African-americans have sided firmly with the democratic party.  Dr. Ben Carson breaks that mold, and shows that African-americans can and ought to be conservative.  He persuasively argues against the welfare state that keeps people in poverty.  That is a direct threat to progressives and their values.  The media realizes this.  So they target him, and they want to silence him.  But Dr. Carson consistently calls out the press and fights against the orthodoxy of the "pc-police" (politically correct police).

What about the conservative media?  Well, Fox News is looking to prop up their preferred candidates.  Fox News would prefer a Jeb Bush.  It's amazing how Fox keeps trying to prop up Jeb's dead run for the nomination.  They also like Marco Rubio.  Why?  Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio are centrist neo-cons.  They vote liberal, they are flip floppers owned by special interest groups.  Fox news and her affiliates have a vested interest in propping up neocons.  Neocons are fake conservatives who campaign as real conservatives, then when they get in office they support bailouts, spending increases, and bigger central government.  George Bush senior and junior are the most clear examples.  There are many others as well.  

While Fox News has been pretty fair with Ben Carson, they seem to push for the narrative that voters are going to turn back to established politicians in the long run.  I don't think that will be the case.  At least I certainly hope not.  We don't need more status quo politicians, the country is screwed up to high heavens because of career politicians.  We need a Ben Carson or a Ted Cruz or a Rand Paul.  We need someone who can stand up against the establishment in both parties.

But what about Donald Trump?  The media love a guy like Donald Trump.  He epitomizes everything that has become wrong about America.  He is all about the wealth, all about the power, with a loud mouth, and a lot of pomp.  He's an entertainer, a man of the modern television culture.  The media loves that.  The media wants a flashy outspoken candidate who will gather good ratings.  Or they want a loud, outspoken establishment candidate with lots of money and banks donating to them.  That's something they understand.  But what they can't understand is a soft-spoken African-american neurosurgeon.  He's not flashy or in with the rich elite of this country.  But Dr. Ben Carson is a presidential candidate who looks much like presidents from our nation's past; citizen statesmen who sincerely wanted to help their nation.  Dr. Ben Carson is like a candidate from our past, when the ugly future we've entered is one of camera flashes, stacks of money, fame, sexual depravity, establishment power, and a growing oligarchy that controls the banks, business, and politicians.  Dr. Ben Carson is a picture of where we could go, if average everyday Americans would stand in time of need.  Because the nation has been overrun by rats.  The amazing thing is: They are standing.  And something special is taking place.  Could we actually be seeing a return to principles, a return to honor, a return to humility, and a return to hope?  Could the dream of America be realized again, of a place of personal liberty, religious freedom, and moral responsibility?  

Politico recently came out with a full force attack on Dr. Ben Carson, digging years into his past to try and claim he had lied in his autobiography.  It turned out that Politico had twisted some facts, and the Carson camp called out the media for their endless attempts to discredit him.  Politico later made several changes to the controversial article they published, after social media called them out several key facts.

Dr. Ben Carson challenged the media by describing how little scrutiny was given to President Obama's sealed college records.  Dr. Carson rightly pointed out the double standard in the progressive media, and challenged the media to report fairly on both GOP and Democratic party candidates.  The media bias has become increasingly obvious, especially in the current election cycle.  The bias was showcased at the CNBC debate in late October.  People are frustrated with the media and their attempts to force progressive liberal ideals on a generally moderate Christian U.S. population.  

As Dr. Ben Carson has pointed out, the average everyday people of this nation are picking up on the games of the mainstream media.  I would go even further.  People are awakening to the establishment candidates in both parties.  They are awakening to the special interest groups in Washington.  The people are awakening to the bias that exists in our country toward Christian values.  People are awakening to the threats of special interest groups, massive banks, and big corporations.  The people are awakening, they're angry, and that's why Dr. Ben Carson is the frontrunner: He is a man of the people.  

Source via Wikimedia Commons CC 3.0 by Gage Skidmore

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