Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Tragedy of the Ted Cruz Loss in Indiana

The tragedy of the Ted Cruz loss in Indiana cannot be overstated. 

Maybe once in a lifetime you and I might, just might have the chance of voting for a real Christian conservative. The rest will be corrupt establishment demagogues of the very worst kind, bet your heart on it. This election cycle was just that possibility. 

From the very first primary, Iowa, the first words out of Cruz's mouth were "To God be the glory."

The media slandered Cruz ruthlessly. They gave Trump endless hours of coverage. The establishment attacked Cruz, one after another. Evangelical leaders split down the middle between Cruz and Trump, to think, any evangelical could support a man who was on the cover of Playboy, who brags about cheating on his first wife with his second; madness, spiritual blindness! 

We Christians, those of the Appeal to Heaven movement have tirelessly petitioned God, on our knees, weeping bitterly for a turn in the dark course of this nation. And we had dared to believe, that perhaps, just maybe God was making a way in the darkness. But we were wrong. The darkness seems to be too strong. The fools, morons, and immoral hacks too numerous. In fact it seems for every 1 decent human being who understands liberty and the Constitution there are 25 morons who vote for the person they see on the TV most.

This is a tragic day, the loss cannot be truly counted. Not because Ted Cruz is perfect, no, but because of the authentic principles and values that under-girded the campaign. The values of Christianity, the Constitution, religious liberty, the right to life, fiscal conservatism, and civil liberties.

Truly truly, America needed a principled conservative like Ted Cruz, but it's just as true that America deserves a despicable low life, a bloviating immoral demagogue playboy dictator piece of human scum who will destroy whatever remains of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Given the decline of the church, the decline of culture, the wickedness celebrated, the millions of children murdered in the womb... well, Trump is exactly what America deserves.  Trump is a symbol of all we have become as a nation, while Cruz represented (imperfectly) a hope of re-energizing a principled standard of America and her national identity. 

Trump will probably not be president.  Most likely Hillary Clinton will be the next president, since Trump has lost the last 42 out of 50 polls against her. Once elected, Hillary Clinton will stack the Supreme Court with leftists, destroy what remains of the Constitution and shut Christianity out of society. Nice job America, this is not what we needed, but it is truly what we deserved. 

May God have mercy on the few principled Christians remaining, and may God rebuke those who have led us to this disaster. My heart breaks for this nation, my eyes well with tears, & the my spirit ossifies unto bitterness having hoped for a better future and been denied.

I was at the gym when I watched Ted Cruz drop out of the race after his loss in Indiana. And I walked to the gym changing room and cried. Not because I worship Ted Cruz, not at all, he's just a man. A principled conservative, but far from perfect. More so, because for the past 9 months I've dared to believe. I've dared to hope. As so many millions have gone bitter and cynical, turning away from politics, we ‪#‎cruzcrew‬ refused that. We dared to hope that we could help save the Constitution, America, and western civilization from a terrible secular progressive agenda. We fought bravely. We put in hours tweeting, writing letters, handing out fliers, encouraging others, writing articles, going door to door, and sharing blogs. I gave my money, my time, and most importantly: my heart. That is a honorable thing. In a world where so few are willing to stand for anything but their own petty, selfish desires it is an honor to have fought side by side with such principled, brave, courageous, and heroic people as those in the ‪#‎TedCruz‬ campaign. It has been an HONOR!

Thank you friends.  Thank you for being willing to set aside your sadness, and set aside your frustration and set aside your bitterness to step back into the political arena and stand with Ted Cruz.  I'm proud of you.  I'm honored to have stood shoulder to shoulder with you.  Don't give up, please don't.  And don't think your efforts were wasted.  They were not.  Your willingness to take a stand has set an example for future generations.  I'm honored to have stepped up with you.  I wouldn't take back a single day of the fight for our nation.  At least we can say that when our nation was in crisis we stood up and fought for the Constitution.  We fought for the future.  We tried our best.  

The fight continues.  There is still hope.  God is still good.  Keep praying. Keep appealing to heaven.  No matter what happens to America, our sweet sweet home, our future destiny is as citizens of heaven.  

And for those who sat on the sidelines, mouthing pieties, puking out catch lines and watching TV, surest of sure in your moral superiority, that somehow you were better than us by ignoring the political whirlwind, well, may the Lord rebuke you as he sees fit.  Your day will come.  And may every nasty, empty, snarky word you tossed at us, calling us religious fanatics, intolerant, "not being loving like Jesus" or political hacks, be spewed back in your face as a judgment against you.  But that's up to the Lord, all judgment belongs to him.  

God rewards true faith, which produces true fruit, in all realms of life.  For those who have sown skin deep darkness, they will reap the wind.  For those of us who have stood against the night, though it overtake us, we called out the truth, and have saved ourselves, washed in the blood of the Lamb, we took a stand and will see a better tomorrow. 

For the Trumpers out there, may the Lord forgive you, for you know not what you are doing.  

America is special.  The revolution that founded the nation, remarkable.  There has never been anything like America.  No revolution has been so peaceful, so principled, and no founding of a nation so built upon religious thought, moral precepts, and the rights of the individual.  For leftists who puke out nonsense against that statement: your a liar.  There truly has never been a nation like America.  It's sad to see her crumbling under the weight of socialist progressivism on the left and corrupt immoral fascists on the right.  But we continue to believe God will give us the victory, if not today, then in the future, if not then, then in eternity.  

As Ted Cruz said in his concession speech: I love you all. Thank you. 

Amen, goodnight friends.

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