Saturday, November 19, 2016

Dear Liberals: Top 50 Reasons Average Americans Were Angry Enough to Vote for Donald Trump

Is it angry white people that changed the election and yielded the presidency to Donald Trump?  Maybe so.  But it wasn't just white people.  It was Hispanics, women, blacks, and millions of everyday Americans who probably prefer not to be divided up by the color of their skin.  

Why were people so angry? Perhaps we can shed some light on that. For several days after the election the phrase "Dear Liberals" was trending on twitter.  Via this hashtag many Americans spoke to the left regarding why they were so upset.  

I would like to share some examples from the last eight years, regarding why people were so angry. Many of you may be aware of these issues, some of you may not.  With the television media as it is, much of this information does not get through the screen, but is available via the web.  Enjoy (in no particular order.)

1. The mainstream television media has constantly attacked and slandered right wing politicians and causes, while giving left wing politicians and causes aid and comfort, as well as free passes on controversies - If that kind of injustice, and improperly weighted scaling doesn't upset people, what will?

2. The Left's Strident War on North Carolina - The entire state of North Carolina was assaulted by the social justice warrior culture, Hollywood, and even by over 120 nation wide businesses, plus the NBA, NFL, and NCAA for the awful crime of not wanting boys in the girls bathrooms.  If that doesn't upset conservative everyday Americans, what will?

3. The Assault on a Small Bakery in Oregon, who dared to refuse to bake a cake for a gay wedding -  The couple was fined over $135,000 and their appeal was denied.

4. The IRS was caught targeting conservative groups - The media went into full protection mode, and no one was held to account in any way, no one was fired and nothing was done to rectify the situation.  

5. The mainstream media blackout on the Undercover Planned Parenthood Videos - the media refused to cover the videos that showed PP selling the body parts of aborted babies to the highest bidder. In orwellian fashion, a grand jury then indicted the video-maker for attempting to buy baby body parts, no indictment for Planned Parenthood. Such injustice drives anger to the boiling point in the minds of average Americans. 

6. Obama's war on the Little Sisters of the Poor - Something is definitely wrong when the Obama administration is making war on a Catholic charity full of nuns.

7. The Obamacare disaster - It speaks for itself.

8. The Fast and Furious scandal - another scandal that the media apparently had no interest in.

9. Violence against Police Officers - And President Obama's attitude of using the BLM protests to rally his base, which led directly to more violence and bloodshed.  Police officers dying in the streets; it has been quite an astonishing trend.  Truly terrible.

10. Obama's executive orders - The presidency shouldn't have the power to legislate. 

11. Late Night Comedy Shows in the tank for Hillary - could you at least pretend to be impartial?  One thing that is truly aggravating is when partisan politics are blatantly inserted into entertainment programs.

12. Joss Whedon gathering together a gaggle of Hollywood stars to push Hillary Clinton - Just what we need, Hollywood celebrities telling us who to vote for. That doesn't upset middle America, does it?

13. Corruption at the Justice Department - First it was Eric Holder, then it was Loretta Lynch.  Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton on the tarmac.  Loretta Lynch pressured the FBI to refrain from investigating the Clinton Foundation.  Lynch also refused to allow a grand jury in the Clinton email investigation. 

14. Samantha Bee blasting conservatives on national TV - She trashed Ted Cruz, trashed Trump left and right, trashed everyday Americans, and it showed in the election results.  What a nasty hack, and they give her the platform.

15. MSNBC giving the platform to race-baiter Al Sharpton - MSNBC itself is an embarrassment, their pundits are the most severe, biased, nasty leftist hacks imaginable.  Truly infuriating. 

16. The Media calling everything racist - Imagine that 50% of the country don't like being constantly called racist, sexist, bigoted homophobes?  Who knew? 

17. CNN giving a constant platform to communist revolutionary Van Jones - Is it any wonder they call it the Clinton News Network?

18. The Wikileaks Emails showed severe collusion between the media and the Democratic party - It wasn't really that surprising, but it did provide solid proof of what we all knew already.

19. The View hosts - Honestly why does everything have to become a political hit-squad with these people?  Even an entertainment talk show becomes a platform to shoot propaganda to middle aged women?  Bound to make people angry.  

20. The Obama Administration war on religious freedom in the military - read up on this one, it's quite gross.

21. The Supreme Court arbitrarily redefining marriage - Essentially the Supreme Court went full progressive activist on this decision. The helplessness of the country was bizarre, as a majority of 9 justices arbitrarily forced a marriage redefinition decision on all fifty states in the union.  The leftists had failed to pass marriage redefinition measures again and again, but when the goal is to destroy the system, they can find a way somewhere to sneak in and overrule the will of the people.  The anger was huge on this one.  The media provided no outlet for that anger, in all out attack mode on conservative America, blasting anyone who dared disagree.

22. Political correctness in America - If you have an opinion that the elites don't agree with, watch out, because they can and will destroy you personally.

23. The War on Freedom of Speech on College Campuses - The special snowflakes need their safe spaces, right? 

24. The refusal of the media to cover the genocide of Christians in the middle east - It didn't fit their narrative of Islamists under attack by the imperial west.  

25. The entire media establishment constantly insisting that Trump had no chance of winning the election - They were wrong, wrong, wrong. 

26. The New York Times - Period, this leftist hit squad is the very cornerstone of media bias.  And they remain quite unrepentant.  

27. Fact Checkers that Spin for the Left - The latest attempt at propaganda from our friends on the left comes in the form "fact checkers" like Snopes and Politifact who instantly transform leftist talking points into "facts."  Who would be angry about that right?

28. Common Core - Republicans refused to fight it and now most students get to read left wing opinions and New York Times articles.

29. Professors on College campuses pushing socialism and leftism - On tax dollars, for many. Your money teaching the next generation to subvert America.  Why would Americans be mad about that?

30. Refusing to enforce immigration laws - The radical suggestion that laws should be followed meant Americans were supposedly "Islamophobic" and "heartless."  Such lies!

31. Insisting on taking in Refugees by the thousands - There was no way to vet most of these people. 

32. Blaming Radical Islamic Terrorist incidents on "work place violence" and "gun violence." - Why can't we call evil by it's name?

33. Placing Hillary Clinton above the Law - No one is above the law, no one.  Period.

34. President Obama lecturing the American people on civility - The great divider n' chief had a real skill at alinsky tactics.  One thing I won't miss is constantly being lectured by this charlatan. 

35. Not Covering the Wikileaks Emails - And blaming it on the Russians. Seriously? Come on.

36. Portraying the GOP as collapsing - When it's actually the Democrats who seem to be in a free fall.

37. Calling Donald Trump "literally Hitler" - Turns out Hillary had much more in common with the socialist dictator. 

38. Doubling the National Debt - While the media spits their "deficit" talking points.

39. Spinning the numbers on out of work Americans - Not counting those who are "no longer looking for work?"  Interesting perspective.

40.  The Attack on the Benghazi Compound - No support for our fighting men?  What happened?  The media doesn't want to talk about it, they never did.

41. The Iran Nuclear Deal - A disastrous deal, and Dems thought so too, which was revealed in the Podesta email dump.

42. The Obama administration attempting to influence the election in Israel - Obama wanted to try and oust Netanyahu. 

43. House and Senate GOP green-lighting Obama's whole agenda - Despite such intense opposition to the Obama agenda, the House and Senate GOP leadership repeatedly refused to fight on key issues like spending increases, planned parenthood funding, Obamacare, raising the debt ceiling, drafting women, and many other issues. 

44. The Federal government overruling State's Rights time and again - state sovereignty is a key part of how our country operates, but the top down governing of the left has stripped states of key rights.  

45. Activist Judges striking down Voter ID laws - Fraud is a serious issue and it must be dealt with. Yet judges override the law for partisan reasons. 

46. Issuing an order to change the bathroom policies of all public schools - Where is the will of the people in this?  Apparently the Obama administration felt they could change whatever they wanted, bypass Congress, and legislate through the bureaucracy.  That'll make people mad. 

47. The Obama Administration gave away the Internet - They handed it over, without any legislation, once again bypassing Congress, to an international body, leaving open the potential for internet censorship by corrupt regimes like China and Russia.

48. Attempting to make Climate Change Skepticism the New Hate Speech - They wanted to charge those who questioned climate change with a crime.

49. Attempting to Force Christian Hospitals to perform Abortions - Honestly, how did these leftists become such Nazis? 

50. Unrestrained, Strident Arrogance, Contempt, and Talking Down to Average Americans - In television media, in newspapers, academia, Hollywood, late night talk shows, even comedy shows, and of course politics there was a constant environment of dictating terms to everyday Americans.  There was a constant arrogance and contempt for traditional American values.  Conservatives and Christians were openly mocked by comedians, torn apart by media, and charged with crimes by the government.  The anger, it seems, is quite thorough.  And rightly so.  When people are abused, and their rights are violated, when they are mocked and ridiculed, they are to sometimes feel abused.  And they may even rebel.  Like in the case of this last election; A giant middle finger was placed before the media establishment and the elite of the country, in the form of now president-elect Donald Trump.  

This is a short list.  One could make a 250+ list given enough time. I've only scratched the surface here, off the top of my head.  That's how strident and intolerant the powerful have been toward traditional Americans and traditional American values.  Is it any wonder that the people revolted against the current establishment?  Not at all. 

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