Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Donald Trump is the President Elect: It's Time to Rebuild Our Nation on the Basis of Constitutional Americanism

Now it's time to get to work at building a better future. Trump is president-elect, but there is only one king: Jesus Christ. God is sovereign. May his will be done. And may we Christians who care about this nation stay active, and work to hold Trump accountable to the promises he has made to defend religious liberty, personal liberty, the sanctity of life, and our Constitution.

The media in this country had everyone believing that Donald Trump didn't have a chance.  Even Fox News seemed to hint that Trump had very little hope of a victory.   But the American people rose up in record breaking numbers to issue a repudiation to the corrupt progressive agenda.  The pundit class was shocked.  The political class was rocked by the news.  The business class went nuts and started selling their stocks.  The American people had been left twisting in the wind against an agenda that seemed to be pushed despite their sincere opposition.  The anger in this country is volcanic and it was released on election night. 

For me, the frustration has been quite constant.  It's one thing when ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, PBS, NPR, Bloomberg, the Washington Post, and the New York Times trash conservatives and Christians everyday.  That's frustrating enough.  But when suddenly late night entertainment shows do the same thing, and work day and night to undermine a Republican candidate...  When Samantha Bee and Amy Schumer are given a platform to trash conservatives on national television on a weekly basis...  When SNL makes sure their mockeries of the presidential debates are tailored to attack and denigrate the Republican candidate...  When Bill Maher on HBO trashes Trump as a racist and a sexist, when the Young Turks lay out assault after assault, day and night, endlessly... When dozens of celebrities push tooth and nail for Hillary Clinton...  When it's revealed from the Podesta emails dozens of incestuous connections between the Democratic national committee and gigantic mainstream media television news companies... When Americans are called "a basket of deplorables."  When Al Sharpton and Van Jones constantly race bait, and decry half of the country as white racists...  When PBS and NPR receive federal money and use it to spin to the left...  When Politifact and Snopes destroy the truth by claiming to be "fact checking" while they spin to the left and engage in sleazy biased apologetics for the Democratic party...  When the FBI refuses to recommend an indictment when Hillary Clinton clearly broke the law multiple times...  When the Justice department wages war on the state of North Carolina for the radical crime of not wanting boys in the girls bathroom...  When the Supreme Court arbitrarily changes the definition of marriage without the consent of the American people...  When the Obama administration legislates from the executive branch...  When the government refuses to defend the national borders for the purpose of genuflecting to Wallstreet execs who want cheap labor...  When the Justice department pressures the FBI to refrain from investigating the Clinton Foundation...  When Obama wages political battles against the Little Sisters of the Poor...  When religious liberty is viewed by the left as discrimination and hate... When a seemingly universal progressive entertainment media use every bit of their power and influence in partisan measures... When the IRS targets and audits conservative groups and big media refuses to hold them accountable... When scandal after scandal flowing out of the Obama administration is blacked out and uncovered by the media... When videos clearly show Planned Parenthood engaged in selling unborn baby body parts to the highest bidder and the biggest television networks refuse to cover it aside from repeating the talking points of Planned Parenthood... When a grand jury indites the person who made the undercover Planned Parenthood instead of Planned Parenthood itself... When police officers are shot and killed by race rioters and the president stokes the race fires, and more lives are lost in subsequent incidents... When the American people are bombarded on every side by a constant echo chamber of leftist media bias, progressive academia, cultural transformation, social experimentation, an entrenched elite, and an entirely unresponsive bureaucracy and Congress... To quote a great man: "They are to sometimes feel abused.  And they may even rebel."

When all these things come together, when average decent Americans are assaulted by the left without mercy, attacked, mischaracterized, slandered, bullied, pushed around, mocked and ridiculed in the press, and silenced from speaking their minds in the public arena, they are to be rightly frustrated, angry, and ready to make a serious change.   And that's where we are today.  

Donald Trump and the trump train shocked the nation on election night. He will be our 45th president.  This is an important transition in our country and it is a direct refutation of the Obama doctrine, the progressive agenda, obamacare, and the other failed policies of the left.  The people have had enough of being called sexist, racist, misogynistic, bigots for wanting to live in an America of limited government, free markets, under God, with strict adherence to the Constitution.

The media types, politically powerful and moneyed elites don't understand this.  They were puzzling all night.  Karl Rove with his white board trying to figure this out, he couldn't even hint toward the truth.  It's the same with the Wallstreet Journal, USA Today, the Washington Post, and the New York Times.  And the same for all the major leftist networks. These elites don't understand that everyday Americans aren't looking to be ruled by a centralized bureaucracy of pundits, academics, pollsters, consultants, and business mega-moguls.  

These entrenched elites can't understand how the average people of the country can't see the extensiveness of their academic and social genius as they toy with culture, wrack up the debt, and pocket the change for themselves.  

Watching the Fox News hosts puzzle over the election results was really quite hilarious, they of course never failed to prop up Paul Ryan, defend the status quo elites who rubber stamped the entire leftist agenda from 2010 to today, and they certainly couldn't acknowledge that the victory was that of the people.  To them we're just pawns to be used in their games for power, wealth, and control.  

They think we're dumb, but we aren't.  And we showed them that on election day.  How anyone could vote for Hillary Clinton is quite beyond me, but many did.  Yet the night was won by average everyday Americans who are tired of watching their country surrender to a global elite.   

Going forward, we as conservatives and Christians need to stay active in the political arena.  We need to watch Donald Trump, the Congress, and the agenda being put forward.  We need to make sure that the promises that were made to the American people are kept.  This election wasn't really about Donald Trump or even the corruption of the media or the Clintons, it was about the American people taking back the country from Marxist rats.  

We need to insist that Congress and the President do everything they can to push forward pro-life legislation, to end the awful horror of child sacrifice.  

We need to insist that Congress and the President set in stone the protection of religious liberty, conscientious objection, and freedom of conscience. 

We need to insist that Congress and the President put an end to illegal immigration and sanctuary cities.

We need to insist that Congress and the President cut federal spending to absolute minimums to curb the rise of the federal debt.

We need to insist that Congress and the President defend natural marriage as the union between one man and one woman, yes I said it!

We need to insist that Congress and the President fight day and night to amend the Constitution to add term limits for members of Congress and the Supreme Court.  

We need to insist that Congress and the President strengthen the checks and balances between the three branches of government.

We need to insist that Congress and the President reign in the administrative state that rules from the federal level unchecked by the power of the people. 

We need to insist that Congress and the President work to rebuild our military and strengthen our ties with the nation of Israel who is our friend and ally.

These and many other goals must be pushed for by we the American people.  This agenda ultimately will not be accomplished by Donald Trump, but will be accomplished by everyday Americans who stand up and demand these changes be made.  Congress must be targeted by conservatives and the Heritage sentinel movement to demand a truly conservative agenda.  And we will have to fight Trump in areas where his policies are far too culturally liberal and destructive to our economy, such as gender ideology, gay marriage, trade policy, and tariffs.  It won't be easy.  But if it had been Hillary Clinton we would've been lobbying to a brick wall.  The left are authoritarian statists, they crave power and more of it once in power.  With a Republican president, hopefully surrounded by conservatives, we will stand a good chance of leading America in the direction we know is right: One nation under God, guided strictly by the limits of the Constitution, and upheld by a well-informed conscientious majority of Americans, religious, principled, and set on propagating American Judaeo-Christian principles to their children, grandchildren, and to the entire world.

Our prayers changed this election.  But the work is just beginning. Please keep praying. Please be active in your communities.  And communicate with your elected representatives.  Be a voice of hope for a better future for the United States of America.  The door has been opened to hope and change, the Constitutional, American hope and change that we wanted in 2008; but we were conned by a Marxist alinsky ideologue.  Now we can make it right. This is what America meant by change: Constitutional conservatism, free markets, personal freedom, limited government, and the empowerment of the people.  Goodbye Alinsky Marxism, Hello Constitutional Americanism.  We will fight for it.  It's not about Trump, it's about America.

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