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Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump: Who in the World Should I Vote for?

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The big choice is before us, coming up very quickly.  Who should I vote for, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, or someone else?  I think it's important that we address this issue and make a decision.

The choices we have are very flawed.  As we well know, all humanity is deeply flawed.  As Christians we may be tempted to refrain from voting in this election.  That is an abdication of our duty.  We must participate in the election process.  We are to be good stewards of our government system.  In a constitutional republic, we the people are charged with electing our leaders.  So we must participate.  If we don't, we have no reason to believe that America will ever turn around and head in a better direction.

The mainstream media has attempted to sell the narrative to us that Donald Trump is a dangerous candidate.  Is that a reality?  Well, before delving into politics, Donald Trump has run a series of businesses.  Did those businesses prosper?  Yes they did, for the most part.  Donald Trump appears by all inquiry to have followed the laws, to the best of his ability, for the prosperity of his business. Of course Donald Trump has made plenty of mistakes, and has made disgusting comments about women.  But care less about what someone says than what someone does. 

Hillary Clinton on the other hand has been mired in scandals and controversy.  The Clinton Foundation appears to be quite a corrupt organization.  Hillary Clinton also seems to have misused classified information by using a private server.  According to sources within the FBI, the agency believes five different national entities may have accessed classified information.  There are numerous other scandals and issues surrounding Hillary Clinton.  I won't go into any further here.  To learn more, view this documentary.  To learn more about "pay to play" and the Clinton Foundation view this documentary: Clinton Cash.

The media wants us to focus on the personal issues of both candidates.  What concerns me are the policies of each candidate.  What are the policies of each candidate?  Let's have a look.

                    Hillary Clinton  (Democrats)   Donald Trump (GOP)
Economy:   Tax the rich                               Cut taxes for all
Military:      Cut spending                            Increase spending
Marriage:     Pro-Gay marriage                    Pro-Natural Marriage
Abortion:     Unrestricted abortion               100% Pro-Life
Regulations:  More regulation                     Cut regulation
Healthcare:  Obamacare                              Free market healthcare
Immigration:  Open borders                        Border wall
Gender ideology: Pro-LGBT                       Supports-LGBT
Religious Liberty:  Opposes                        Strongly Supports

In the coming election I'll be voting for Donald Trump.  This was a very, very hard decision for me to make.  I think Donald Trump is awful in many regards, and solid in some regards.  But the progressive alinsky agenda of Hillary Clinton terrifies me.  She is corrupt to the core, anyone who can't see that is blind.  Hillary Clinton wrote her senior thesis on Saul Alinsky, the Marxist radical who dedicated his book "Rules for Radicals" to Lucifer.  Yes, it's true.  

The progressive agenda means the continuing assault on the religious institutions of the country.  President Obama has spent his presidency in an all out attack on religious institutions like the Little Sisters of the Poor.  The Obama administration has pushed for gay marriage, and fought tooth and nail to get boys in the girls bathroom based on disturbing gender ideology.  The Obama administration has brought in tens of thousands of syrian refugees, yet despite severe Christian persecution in the middle east only 0.5% of those refugees are Christians!  I don't want more of that, and that's what Hillary Clinton will bring.  Overall, I'm tired of the establishment, the mainstream media, the smarmy, slick left wing politicians and ideologues pushing their agenda on the American people, college campuses, and in our cultural institutions.  I'm tired of moneyed mainstream media elites and "fact checking" websites like Snopes and Politifact that spin to the left just as much as any other left wing news network.  I'm tired of the lies, the cover ups, the corruption in the department of justice, and the numerous scandals flying out of the Obama administration that the media has failed to report.  

Even if all of that weren't true, though it is, the simple fact that Hillary Clinton supports the murder of unborn children, up to and including partial birth abortion, is enough right there. It's disgusting and unconscionable.  For that simple reason, no Christian ought ever vote for a Democrat, unless that Democrat is pro-life and supports natural marriage.  These issues are critical and essential, the cultural Marxism pushing our society toward total depravity is a danger to your children and my children.  I don't want my children and grand-children growing up in a secular society that slaughters unborn children on the altar of convenience, and endorses and encourages marriages that the Bible declares to be sinful.  America is a Christian nation, and the radical Marxist left is pushing us toward a dangerous cliff.  

For that reason I will vote for Donald Trump.  The Republican platform is solid and conservative.  Trump's policies are solid is many key areas.  Hillary Clinton's policies are very clear too: More government, more attacks on religious freedom, more abortion, more regulations, more Obamacare, and more authoritarianism toward average Americans.  I will vote against that agenda on November 8th.   

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