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Found via search located on Flickr. CC 2.0 source by Rego Korosi

Youtube has emerged as a wonderful resource for free video content.  Let's expand our knowledge as Christians in an Information Age.  Take a look at the playlists here:

Lifestyle of Peace Blog YouTube Ministry

Ministry Playlists:

awesome sermons

recovery truth

culturally relevant Christian / Apologetic approach

Christianity in the 21st Century

History/Documentaries in regard to Christianity

Intelligent Design

Intelligent Faith

Lectures, Sermons, and Discussions



Growing, Learning, Building of Christian Faith

Eschatology (Studies of Revelation)


Recommended YouTube Channels:
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Apologia Acts 17:17
C.S. Lewis Institute
Christian Channel
Christianity Reason and Science
Desiring God
Dr. Craig Videos
First Cause Argument
Frank Turek
Liberty University
Mars Hill Church
Moody Bible Institute
Odomtology: 12 Step Recovery
Ratio Christi
Ravi Zacharias International Ministries
Socrates in the City
Sermon Index
Tactical faith
Test of Faith
The Good Christian Music Blog
The Veritas Forum
Theology, Philosophy and Science
The Resurgence
Thriving Churches International
Truth Endures