12 Goals

The ministry of this blog desires to see a massive growth and surge of Christianity across the world.  These are 12 goals that ought to be achieved for the future of the gospel on the planet Earth. 

Hope for these things.  Dream of these things.  Pray for these things.  Build these things.  

Goals, I hope.. 

1. To see Christianity in the West experience a powerful resurgence, and a new great awakening.

2. To see Christian Apologetics become an integral part of small church ministries, especially youth and young adult ministries to arm church members and young people with tools to defend their faith when confronted with materialistic philosophies and evolution in public school and forceful atheism in 99% of universities.  Providing an answer for the truth in our hearts.

3. To see Christians take their faith in Christ seriously, actively experiencing the transformation afforded to them by the Holy Spirit.  A return to holiness.

4. To see evangelism, with the use of apologetics take off in the West.  To see churches taking Jesus' order to make disciples of all nations seriously.  Home missionaries, foreign missionaries, interstate missionaries, evangelism, more evangelism, and going on a daily basis.  Obedience to the great commission.

5. To see the science community begin to accept intelligent design as a reasonable scientific possibility, instead of simply mocked, minimized, and ignored.  And to then teach that possibility in Public schools.  Redeeming science from worldview based bias.

6. To see the Bible and prayer welcomed back into Public schools.  And to see parents actively training up their children in biblical principles and moral truth.  Redeeming the Educational system.

7.  To see churches move radically from beyond their walls and actively serve and enter into the communities around them to show the incredible love of Christ.  And to see Christians living humbly, and serving those less fortunate than them.  Setting the powerful example of humble service.

8. To see the depravity in the western media outlets & public square crippled by a powerful great awakening that returns free people to their roots of Christian morality, justice, restraint, and liberty. To see the Satanic influence removed from media institutions like MTV, Fox, Disney, Holleywood, and the music industry. Redeeming the culture.

9. To see Abortion outlawed as murder.  The genocide must end.  A world that practices child sacrifice is not a moral world.  56 million dead, and counting.  Seeing Christians working as activists. 

10. To see the corruption caused by secret societies come to light, including institutions like the Vatican, the bank of England, the Illuminati, and Freemasonry.  To see the corruption of international bankers and mega corporations come to light.  Revealing the works of the evil one.

11. To see the body of Christ, the Church working as a united force to face the difficult task of showing the love of Christ to a lost world.  To see church leaders forsake selfishness and personal glory to unite their organizations to better face down a rapidly declining world. Bringing about a measure of unity.

12. To see Jesus Christ preached to all nations on the Earth, as well as repentance, and the glorious personality of our Heavenly Father who is forever praised, Amen.  Preaching the Gospel to all Nations.

Christian distribution worldwide source via Wikimedia Commons by TheGreenEditor CC 3.0