Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Dream of the Underground Water Tunnels

Mysterious tunnels through the dark depths. Endless tunnels, waterworks tunnels, bright, yet dark. Filled with water. Like the tunnels underneath a city. I was watching as hundreds and thousands of children, little children waded through the waters.  

They were lost. They had been abandoned. I was horrified when I saw it. Children by the thousands lost, lost in these underground tunnels. They had no one to care for them. They had no one to watch over them. They waded through the waters lost, looking for a way out, looking for the tunnel that led to the bright light. But they were lost.

I was deeply troubled by this dream when I had it.  Other parts came in other dreams.  Then I saw where the children came from. Below these massive cities on the surface, the children were dumped into the tunnels, the waterworks, at the bottom of the buildings. 

It took me years of considering this dream to finally one day understand what it meant.  

I realized one day to my horror, that these millions and millions of lost children, were the aborted babies exterminated by our society, by the world. 

When I was nineteen I recall my girlfriend at the time telling me of a dream she had. She was at the top of a dark gray precipice, holding a dried up fetus in her hand and she tossed it across the ledge, and as she looked down, she saw hundreds of thousands and millions of such fetuses in a giant pile across the landscape as far as the eye could see. She realized at that moment in the dream that they were all aborted babies, stacked up like cordwood in giant piles, endless piles.

How many names, nameless, how many faces, now faceless, piled high on those mounds? How many wandering those watery depths? I know of course that this is not the fate of these children. These children I believe are taken to heaven after they are killed in the womb. But the dream symbolized the forgotten masses, to this day, 1.6 billion is the number worldwide, increasing by the millions each year, the greatest quiet genocide in human history, and what do we do about it?