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A Lifestyle of Peace blog exists with the goal of bringing glory and honor to God almighty. Lifestyleofpeace.com was first created in 2013, after the author received salvation, and desired to create a written record of his journey through the Christian life. 

The blog began as basic explorations of the Christian faith, and emotional reflections on the struggles of living for Jesus in the world. Eventually apologetics and cultural engagement became key topics for the blog, for a while politics and activism took center stage, later philosophy became central, after that theology and sermons became a central focus. The blog continues to develop through the spiritual journey of the author, guided by the Lord. 

Main Approaches
A Lifestyle of Peace blog makes use of apologetics, science, evidence, and history to help show the reasons for the existence of God in affirmation of 1st Peter 3:15.

A Lifestyle of Peace blog affirms the full gospel of Jesus Christ, the reality of the sin problem, the necessary substitutionary atonement of Christ on the cross, and the bodily resurrection three days later. The gospel is best described as saving the sinner from the wrath of God, the fires of hell, and gifting the believer with new life, new hope, and the great hope of eternal life in the new City of God in the New heavens and new Earth.  

A Lifestyle of Peace blog affirms thoroughly the fact that Christianity is a worldview that accurately depicts all of reality. To that end this blog explores the philosophical implications of the Christian worldview in areas like culture, government, art, history, education, psychology, addiction, and so on.  

Lifestyle of Peace blog affirms the authority of the scriptures, the dual nature of Christ, the virgin birth, the Trinity of God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and affirms the need for repentance, regeneration, and continued obedient faith in Christ.  LoF affirms the doctrine of sanctification, holiness before the Lord, the final judgment, and the realities of heaven and hell. LoF affirms marriage as a sacred covenant between husband and wife, and affirms the sanctity of all human life as exceedingly valuable before God. 

The author of this blog prefers to remain anonymous, in the example of the Gospel of John, where John only references himself as "the disciple whom Jesus loved." The author of Lifestlyeofpeace.com references himself as "Friend of Jesus." This is not done to hide his identity, but to keep the glory on God, and away from self. Vain ambition is a deadly sin in the body of Christ. 

If you'd like to learn more about the author please use the contact form on the lower left panel of this blog.

For matters of credibility, the author is an ordained minister since 2019, holding two degrees from Liberty University, and is a current student at Olivet Nazarene University as well. Degrees/education as follows: 
  • Associate of Arts: Interdisciplinary Studies (cum laude) Liberty University
  • Bachelor of Science: Religion & Christian Counseling (magna cum laude) Liberty University
  • Graduate of TSA Seminary Training College Chicago (cum laude)
  • Master of Ministry (M.Min) Olivet Nazarene University (In Progress)
What matters about Lifestyle of Peace blog is the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the salvation that goes out to all humanity. These posts are made that you may believe Jesus is the messiah, and that through believing, you would receive life through Jesus, our Friend, Savior, and Lord.