Questions & Answers

Do you have some questions when considering the Christian worldview? That's good. We all have questions. And God isn't afraid of our questions. He calls us to put our faith and trust in Him, but he doesn't require blind faith. We can have reasonable faith in God. These Q & A articles are not complete answers by any stretch of the imagination. But they will give a taste of some of my own questions and how I sought answers to those questions.

Seeker Questions:
Why Do I Exist? A Quick Look at the Human Life
Does Man Need God in Western Civilization?
The Seven I Am Statements of Jesus: Who is Jesus?
What is a real Spiritual Journey?
Why is Jesus the perfect example to follow?
What should I do if I'm depressed or suicidal?
How do I Heal from Past Struggles?
What's wrong with the Church?
I Think I Might Need God in my Life: What Should I Do?

Apologetics Questions:
Why Do You Believe in God?
Twelve Points that Prove Christianity is True
Are you Jaded with the Church?
Has Christianity been a force for Evil in the World?
Is all Truth Relative?
What is a Scientific Consensus? Does it prove anything?
What are the Facts about God's Existence?
Do all Religions lead to God?
Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?

Questions Christian Have:
Should a Christian fight in a War?
Am I Called to be a Pastor?
How Can I Be Free from all Sin?
What is God's Design for Marriage?
Should Christians be fighting a Culture War?
Should I Tithe 10% to my Church?
What does it mean to Repent?
The Value of Christian Fellowship: Why Gather Together?
How Do I deal with Conflict in a biblical manner?
How Do I learn to Pray Well?
Should Christians be involved in Politics?
Is it Biblical to Fear God?
How Do I Live a Counter Culture Lifestyle?
How does a Single Christian Live Holy in a Sexualized Culture?
How Do I Practically Follow God's Will?
How can the church overcome strife and division?
How to Survive as a Christian in a Post-Christian Culture

Questions about the Bible:
The Bible: Is it trustworthy? Is it the Inspired Word of God?
Seven Objections to the Bible and Seven Reasonable Answers
What is the equation that shows us how to inherit eternal life?
Is the Bible reliable? Is it the Word of God?

Deep Theological/Philosophical Questions:
What will the Eternal City Be Like?
Can One Sin In My Life Lead Me to Hell?
If God loves us Why would He send anyone to Hell?
What will the New Universe be like?
What is the Meaning of the Fall of Man?
What is the truth about Racism?
How do I Counter & Defeat Satan?
What is the Truth about Abortion?
What is Liberal Theology?
Can Christianity survive the new cultural attitudes?
Salvation in Christ Alone: Eternal Security or Conditional Security?
Can I Lose my Salvation?

Mental Health Questions:
How Can Children Heal from Divorce?
How Do I Get Clean from Drugs and Alcohol?
What does it mean to be a Man?
Depression & Meaninglessness: Where is God in the Struggle?
Being a Man of Conviction: Who am I? What do I stand for?
How Do I Win the Battlefield of the Mind?
I'm Depressed: What Should I Do? 

Ministry Questions:
How to Serve as a Leader in Christian Ministry
Encouragement for Church Leaders
How to Minister to the LGBT Community?
Urban Ministry: How Do We Minister to Big Cities Today?
How to Build a Multi-Cultural Church
Evangelism is Everything: Building Evangelism Focus in Ministry

What is...
What is Biblical Love?
What does it mean to have Salvation?
What is God's Character Like?
What is the best way to understand the Gospel?
Who is God really?
What is the meaning and value of Prayer?