Sunday, May 22, 2016

Has Christianity been a force for Evil in the World?

St. Peter preaches in the catacombs, via Wikipedia.

We hear a lot about the negatives of Christianity.  We hear about them constantly actually.  We are those raised by the 1960s cultural revolutionaries.  But is "religion" in the case of Christianity really a source of evil and darkness in human society?  

Far from it friends, far from it.  In fact we've been sold the lie that religion is the source of most war in the world.  That statement of course is completely false.  In fact only about 7% of wars in world history had religious motivations, and after removing Islam the number drops to 3%.  That's just one tid bit.  Do you realize the bloodiest genocides were committed not by Christians, but by atheist regimes?  A few examples include: Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, the Cambodian genocide, and Adolf Hitler.  Blue pill, red pill, that red pill kicking in yet?  You've been lied to by Marxists and naturalists seeking to remake our society in their own image.  The truth is quite different.  Here are some of the positives of Christianity...

Positives of Christianity:
  • The first orphanages were devised by Christians
  • Hospitals were first founded by Christians
  • Hundreds of Charities including The Salvation Army, The Red Cross, St. Jude Children's Research Hospitals, YMCA, Goodwill, World Vision, Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services, Samaritan's Purse, Cross International, the list includes at least 37,000 organizations.
  • Preserving writings during the dark ages in monasteries (And no, Christians didn't cause the dark ages, the dark ages were caused by the fall of the ancient Roman empire and the invading barbarian tribes).
  • Criminals turned saints: Consider the billions who have chosen to live moral lives despite criminal pasts!  I'm included in that group, recall I was once a burgeoning junkie.
  • Abolishing slavery in England (William Wilberforce)
  • Abolishing slavery in the United States (Abraham Lincoln)
  • Temperance movements in the U.S.A. and Europe.
  • Peaceful revolutions (like the American revolution contrasted against the bloody secular french revolution, ala heads will roll)
  • Redeeming broken cultures (like The Salvation Army's work in darkest England during the late 1800s)
  • The birth of science: Galileo, Newton, and Bacon were all Christians.  They all testify that belief in God drew them to search for patterns in nature. 
  • Universities like Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Brown and others were all founded by Christians, as Christian schools. (Later they were quietly conquered by leftists and secular marxists.)
    Compassion International's work in providing sponsoring for children in Africa and Asia.
  • Tens of thousands of homeless shelters provided by Christian groups like the Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, & Lutheran social services.
  • Thousands of treatment centers (ARCs) provided by the Salvation Army for addicts in need of recovery.
  • Twelve step groups like AA, NA, and Celebrate Recovery based many of their precepts on biblical teachings (via Oxford groups).
  • Christianity provides the foundation belief systems that describe all life as holding sacred value. Liberty is deemed an inalienable right, and morality is considered universally applicable.  Darwinism provides no such foundation, only survival of the fittest.
  • Christians have always stood against child sacrifice, even in it's modern day invocation, abortion.
  • The endless tens of thousands of churches that host food pantries, charity events, housing support, and dozens of other ministries to their local communities and in return are thanklessly hated and denigrated as "bigots" and " hateful fundamentalists." 

The list goes on and on.  Christians have done the world so much good, but are constantly mocked and ridiculed.  Christians have stood for truth, morality, and service to the poor in the darkest hours of human history.  Many have fallen short of the standard of Jesus Christ also, that is certainly admitted.  But we must not over look the incredible good done by Christians throughout history.  Do you enjoy this advanced society we live in?  Are you glad for hospitals? Universities?  Are you glad for the moral foundations of the society around you?  Are you grateful for charities and food pantries and homeless shelters?  Thank a Christian!

Portrait of William Wilberforce, who fought slavery in England, via Wikipedia.
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