Other Individual Messages:

Title: Holy Spirit Power: Holiness and freedom from Sin

Title: The Resurrection of Christ: Fact or Fiction?

Title: Serving as Good Soldiers of Jesus Christ

Title: Amazing Grace received through Faith

Title: Testimony at Pilgrimage 2017

Title: Everything is about Jesus

Title: The Future Destiny of Man: The New Heavens and the New Earth
Description: A look at humanity's destiny. We look at the biblical descriptions of paradise, and examine what it will be like to finally be home.

Title: America, A Dream Realized
Description: We discuss the founding battles of the American revolution, natural law, legal positivism, and how America has in many ways been subverted by naturalistic thinking.

Title: Home Sweet Home: Confronting the Fear of Death
Description: A description of the gospel in the context of returning home.

Title: The Twelve Steps: A Christian Process for Healing and Transformation
Description: This message examines four key principles from the twelve steps, and how to apply them for God-driven growth and healing.

Title: God has Hidden Beauty in every corner of the Earth
Description: How the natural world inspires us and what it tells us about God.

Title: Mysteries of the Crucifixion: The 7 Sayings of Christ on the Cross
Description: Jesus uttered seven sayings while he was literally nailed to the cross. What do they mean?  And what do they tell us about our savior?

Title: Who is Jesus? The ID of Jesus
Description: Jesus made seven key "I am" statements in the book of John.  What do they mean and how do they apply to us as His children?

Title: Who is Jesus? The ID of Jesus (second session)
Description: Jesus made seven key "I am" statements in the book of John.  What do they mean and how do they apply to us as His children?

Title: Son Rise Service: He is Risen!
Description: An easter message on the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Title: Remarks at Bernie Check's Funeral
Description: How my grandpa helped change my story by sharing Jesus with me.

Title: Humility which leads to Repentance
Description: How to live a pure and victorious Christian life.

Title: Eulogy at Grandma Monica Steckbauer's funeral
Description: The life of Monica and how she impacted me.

Title: Sociology: The Divine Image, the Family and the Social Order
Description: God set up society in a certain way. This message deals directly with the family and God's design for marriage.

Title: Theology: Who is God? Comprehending an Infinite Creator
Description:To try to understand God is to discover our own limits. We look at who God is and how to understand His depths.

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