Orbital Photo, via Wikimedia commons cc 2.0
Do you hold a truly Christian worldview?  Or has secular thought and post-modern philosophy seaped into your thinking?  Take a quiz to see how much worldly thinking you've adopted.  Click here for the quiz.  Then check out this 10 part series that looks at various aspects of society, theology, and anthropology to learn the aspects of a truly Christian worldview.  Prepare to have the way you see the world shaken! #Changemyview 

A Philosophical Transformation Series
1. What is Truth? A Battle of Worldviews
2. Science & Faith: The Existence of God
3. God's Overarching History: The Big Picture
4: Theology: Understanding God
5: Sociology: The Divine Image, the Family & The Social Order
6: Redemption of Man: The Cross (Paradise Regained)
7: Practicing our Faith: Principles to Live By
8: Government & Law: The United States: A Dream Realized 
9: The Future Destiny of Man: The New Heavens & New Earth
10: Everything is about Jesus