Sunday, May 29, 2016

Comprehending the Truth about America: Presentations on the Censored Truth

If your like me, you've just got to know the truth.  There's something inside you that yearns insatiably for it. Perhaps it is the splinter in the mind Morpheus described to Neo in the Matrix movies.  Something aches in our hearts when we watch Fox News or CNN.  Something beneath the surface twists when we watch the political spin and false narratives.  Something inside cries out: It's the desire to know the truth.

Most any average idiot on the streets is clueless as to what is really going on in this country.  Why?  The mainstream media.  They very effectively perpetrate a false narrative of "progress" and "everything is fine, nothing to see here!"  They carefully censor the truth.  Hollywood pushes the narrative forward as well.  And quite thoroughly, the United States public school system instructs en masse, a revised and edited history of life that has edited out Christianity, edited out certain key facts, and endeavored to portray America as evil and our founders as average joe corrupt dirt bags.  

I knew something was off, my whole life.  I honestly did.  It drove me crazy in school, junior high, high school and on into college.  I imagine much the same happened for you?  Something inside your mind told you something was wrong.  Though the modernity mindset pushed on you in society sold you the idea that everything was basically good and OK, something pulled at your mind.  So you started researching, probably on the internet.  Before that, we were really hopelessly screwed.  The splinter in the mind was thorough before the web and the more the television played, the more acute the splinter became.

Thankfully we have the internet now.  And many of us started researching.  We started to learn about the truth behind the body guard of lies.  But many of us still don't fully understand the reality of what is happening in the United States.  There isn't anything wrong with that.  Some of us focus more so on different areas of study in our search for truth.  We all have different interests, and different desires for knowledge.  Nothing wrong with that!

For me, I dug deep into the political situation.  I wanted to understand that area and I dug into the meaning of life question as well.  Those were my areas of deepest desire for knowledge.  I found out a great deal.  So I'd like to share some presentations, videos of some great minds who can fill you in on certain spheres of truth.  These questions and answers are quite expansive, so we often have to find individuals in various fields, and with various skills to share from varying perspectives.  The perspectives overlap in places, like spheres meshing with other spheres to provide worldview-level truth.  

I hope these presentations will help enlighten you as to the truth of America in the political, cultural, and religious realms.  Enjoy.

1. Dr. D. James Kennedy - The Culture War in America

2. Alan Keyes on God-Ordained Natural Marriage

3. Ben Shapiro on Politics on the American Campus

4. Francis Schaeffer - The Watershed of the Evangelical World

5. Frank Turek - Why Christians Should Be Involved in Politics

6. Os Guinness - Challenging the Darkness: Towards a New Christian Renaissance

7. Dr. Del Tackett- The Truth Project & Christian Education

8. Dr. D. James Kennedy - George Washington the Christian


9. The State of the World

10. Ben Stein - Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed Documentary


Additional Recommended YouTube Videos:
  1. The Real Story of What is Happening in Washington by Ted Cruz
  2. Mark Levin on the Establishment
  3. Dinesh D'Souza on the Political System
  4. Ted Cruz on the Washington Cartel vs. the American People
  5. Ben Carson Speech at Prayer Breakfast
  6. Frank Turek Correct Not Politically Correct

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