Friday, June 3, 2016

An Essay on the Fall of Man in Today's America

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All of information and man conspire to keep us from the truth about life.  They've labored quite thoroughly to keep us from the spiritual, to keep us from the truth about God.  But we see it.  Beyond all the noise, technology, false philosophies, and half-baked theories, we see the truth.  The truth is God is real, and Jesus is alive.  

Yet I must lament for the sorry state of affairs.  No decent person deserves it, though none are decent.  No wicked person deserves it, or is accustomed to it, for we live in a twisted state of affairs.  

A twisted state indeed; What I like to call the tangent universe.  The phrase tangent universe actually comes from the film called "Donnie Darko."  The tangent universe refers to the altered reality that is formed when a jet engine falls into Donnie's bedroom.  The "artifact" comes from outside the system, and thereby changes the fundamental nature of the universe, changing it into the tangent universe.  The tangent universe is highly unstable, in fact it collapses after 28 days.  Donnie's mission is to somehow return the artifact to the static universe before the tangent universe destroys itself, and the human race with it.  

We find ourselves in a similar state of affairs.  Isn't it impressive how within so many films, books, and stories we find reflections of the real overarching saga of man and God?  Much like the reflection off water, we see in ripples, imperfectly the themes of Christ, eternity, and judgment within the sagas of man's imagination.  Is it any surprise that we are so inspired by them and so drawn to them?  

For within each of us is the divine imprint, within each of us is grafted the very splinter of eternity.  That splinter either becomes a hemorrhage or it becomes the meaning of our existence.  There is no middle ground, at least none that can be maintained. 

Tis a bright splinter, engulfed in darkness. Engulfed in the malady of the human race, that thing which is so apparent, yet so hidden, that thing that is so obvious, yet so minimized, so self-evident yet so denied.  

It is the reason God come to Earth was nailed to a cross.  It's the reason Martin Luther King Jr. was shot.  It's the reason Socrates was required to drink the hemlock.  It's the reason good men feel helpless.  It's the reason young girls are bought and sold as sex toys on cruel markets.  It's the reason unborn child are exterminated by the millions, body parts sold for profit.  It's the reason your heart aches, and my heart aches, and the world is so corrupt and broken.  Though so many deny it we must face it, we must face that terrible thing they call "sin."  What does sin mean?  To fall short of doing what is right.  To do wrong.  

Your in the tangent universe.  And the clock is ticking.  What will you do?  Donnie Darko had to learn to defeat the laws of physics and use the power of his mind to send the jet engine back to the static universe.  We have to find Jesus, and find faith in Him.

Reality was once perfect.  It must've been serene, sublime, unbelievably beautiful, shockingly succinct, prone to ecstatic ecstasy, and righteousness.  It must've been particularly nuanced.  Like a painting.  And oh, the presence of God himself walking through the garden!  Living in closeness with the Creator! And living with the animals in harmony. Timeless, at peace with nature and each other.  No need to even be clothed, for the full perfection of life itself leaves nothing needing to be hidden.  Only the truth, perfection, faith and at the highest, love was the center of all things.  It must've been wonderful.  

Did you think life on Earth was suppose to be this way?  Mankind has confused it so greatly, hidden the truth beneath layers of B.S. propagated by experts in many fields, constructing this false reality based on pithy half truths, unscientific nonsense, revisionist history, philosophical contradictions, half-hearted speculation and outright lies; all fueled by an internal hatred for the righteous and a longing, an internal impulse to flee from God, to hate God and to blame God, and to fight with every bit of their energy to snuff out God, to deny God's existence, and to destroy God.  What wicked fools they are, and how they have multiplied in our land.  How they've conquered the media, academia, the sciences, psychology, history, all the disciplines.  Amazing in only a few generations we've been swept aside. 

I didn't know this before.  In fact I was part of the insurrection.  I was a rebel in arms, fighting against the Christian majority.  I sure felt self righteous about it too.  We were gonna show those dumb religious nuts who was boss!  I was a junkie, a selfish freak, a self serving self destructive troll, a bridge troll looking for those whom I could corrupt and looking for any and all ways to feed my base desires.  

There I was in the middle of it.  And eventually that lifestyle could not be sustained.  I began crumbling, and falling apart, and finally... I died.  For a long time I lay there dead, along the river styx, rotting quietly as the toads croaked in the gullies and marshes beside the gushing waters of eternity.

I was dead you see, plugs jammed into arms and legs, into my brain, my heart, body.  The television on repeat jammed into my eyes.  And the lies of the world stuffed into my ears, anti-depressants and prescription medications flooding daily into my mind, salty, sugary processed foods pumping throughout my body.  And the arrogance of modern culture at the forefront.  There I labored for many years, carefully destroying myself, peeling myself apart slowly, driven mad by the splinter and the darkness, and all the lies.  

There I was, my corpse rotting along the riverside.  And lo, Christ walking on the water, shining brightly into the smog and ruinous post-apocalyptic nightmare landscape.  Lo, Christ stepping out into the disaster, nuclear lights upon my face.  I lay not dying, but long dead, hopeless, and rotting along the banks of the river.  There the mysterious risen savior, golden in light and crown of holiness dared taint his hands with my smoldering flesh, and called my flattened two dimensional soul from the ash heap and something eternal lept up inside me.  Christ awoke me from the dead, shined upon me, and I was reborn.  Yes, it's true.  

There I was alive, coughing and spitting, ashes and hunks of rust and death chaffing off my soul.  I looked up into the dark sky, beams of light sneaking through from between the clouds.  And I burst out crying bitterly, realizing what I had been, what I had done, how I had labored to destroy myself and all those around me.  And I cried out.  But I was alive.  

What a dark place I thought to myself, what a terrible state of reality.  Awareness had come, of the truth.  I had been given the mind of Christ, the armor of God.  I had been made a part of the dynamic body of Christ.  I had been stationed and commanded to lead the fight against the hordes of hell.  I had been given a calling by God almighty.  What an honor!  What a privilege!  What an incredible destiny the Lord of the universe had given me...  Wow.  

But I found the body of Christ quite divided.  And quite half asleep in these latter days.  I was quite surprised what I found.  Today the body of Christ, the church, well; it's at least 65% apostate.  And that's the most optimistic projection I have.  In reality it's probably closer to 80%.  All apostate.  Filled to the brim with pornography, dope, sex, worldliness, luke-warm, half hearted imitators of the world.  Willing participants in the evils of this world.  What a terrible thing, a terrible thing indeed!  To see the body of Christ staring at televisions, filled with the viewpoints of the world, supporting socialists, supporting abortion, or simply not caring, not taking a stand on anything; truly standing for nothing!  What a bizarre, contradictory situation.  

Yet Jesus saved me, and he called me to do something.  For there is a remnant, there is a band of loyal followers filtered throughout the cities of this crumbling Earth.  They're out there.  Not out there like Goldstein, but really out there.  

We are those set aside, confused, despairing, crippled, weak yet victorious citizens of heaven.  We dream dreams, see visions, come under spiritual attacks, we sense the very presence of God, and we defy the dead in our own ranks and the dead on the other side laboring so effectively to destroy the last free nation.  It is a fallen state of affairs, but quite normal for a fallen Earth. In fact just the same cycle has been repeating for centuries.  Once again, humanity lost the knowledge of God and in rebellion sought to supplant His laws with their own foolish ideas.

They are quite powerful now in America.  They are quite determined and united.  Our forces in comparison are divided, leaderless, on the defensive, filled with appeasing compromisers, traitors, double agents, and corrupt godless wealth seekers.  Our enemies are powerful, they control the media, they control all the screens in fact, they control most of politics, and they control academia and the bureaucracy.  They labor quite effectively to destroy us, to label us haters and bigots.  Even now they work day and night to draft and pass hate speech laws and enforced "equality" laws to push us into the very corner, and if we dare open our mouths to speak the truth, they will arrest us, fine us, and eventually I'm quite certain, they will look to kill us.  And on that day, when they do try to kill us, they will do so believing they are doing it for the just and right cause of removing from the world "evil bigots" who have no place in the new order of cultural relativism, spiritual inclusiveness, and worldwide peace-tolerance.  They are perhaps the parents of those who will cheer as they slaughter the church of God.  It's true.  And you know it's true.  

These are the heaviest thoughts and the most troubling times.  Most of the church is too busy playing soccer mom and soccer dad to notice.  Most of the church is so much like the world they are blind to the battle.  Much of the church is so completely blind to the realities of this spiritual battle that they fight actively for the other side.  It's true. 

I'm not telling anything new.  There is nothing new under the sun.  The book of martyrs is a long, long book.  And it's final pages have not yet been written.  

Jesus Christ the son of God, the perfect king was nailed to a cross and murdered on this Earth.  How can we think that we should live in partnership with the world?  If we are partnered with the world, what side does that put us on?  Why is the church so silent on "controversial" issues?  They will make any important issue controversial to keep us silent.  And they constantly tell us of this imaginary wall between church and state, demanding that the only people willing to fight for the Constitution and religious freedom have no right to be on the battlefield!  What a particular farce! What a faustian arrangement!  This imaginary wall they talk about is just that, imaginary, the establishment clause has NOTHING to do with separating church and state.  The establishment clause prevents Congress from establishing a particular religious denomination.  And that. is. it. Period.  And nothing else.  The establishment clause has exactly dic to say about whether a child can pray in school or not.  These judges are lawless.  

But what must a God-hating minority do?  They must destroy the laws of the God-fearing nation, then they can subvert and transform it into their socialist utopia, which in reality,will be a fascist dictatorship that destroys the rights of man and sets back civilization a thousand years with nasty ideas that deny human nature and leave a vacuum for monsters to grab power.  And as we all know, communism and socialism always end in genocide.  It's true.

Forgive me for tearing down these modernist delusions.  The quiet American life is an illusion.  Just beneath it are aborted babies, sex trafficking, drug addiction, and a raging war on Christian liberty.  We must not turn away.  We must look and fight these evils before it's too late.  

The clock is ticking after all.  And the tangent universe will be destroyed.  We know that from the scriptures.  God intends to reset the universe and reality itself.  He intends to make all things new.  And right.  I look forward to that.  Because everything is broken today.  This is not how it was suppose to be.  But something happened long ago.  And God let it play out.  He extended it, to give his people time to be reconciled to Him. 

Jesus Christ is alive and well, Lord in heaven.  We will live in a restored universe, a restored Earth, a restored city with God for eternity.  Our job now, in this twilight, is to seek out and help those who would join us at this eternal city.  All this evil, that we struggle with and we struggle against will eventually be destroyed by God.  We must not feel sad when they win time and again, and they do; because in the end we will be victorious.  They will have no inheritance, ours will be beyond anything we can imagine.  It's true.  Deep down, you know it's true.  

Keep fighting friends.  It's tough.  I feel the melancholy.  I'm tired much of the time and often discouraged.  But I keep fighting.  Because I know there is a life greater coming for all of us who trust in Jesus to the very end.  Don't give up now.  We must continue forward.  

Life can be good too.  It's not all bad here.  God gives moments of joy and peace.  And love.  For God is good and He is love. Therefore obey Him in this life, live like Jesus lived.  Study the life of Jesus, exhaustively.  Comprehend the will of God.  The clock is ticking.  The pieces on the board are moving.  Are these the end times?  It's hard to say.  I'm sure many have thought that, and were wrong.  The world wars might've appeared that way or the persecutions or during the crusades or during the cold war.  But none of those events were the final end.  

Is this transformation of America, into an immoral hell hole just another step in history?  Or are we really quite close to the last hours?  It's impossible to say.  We certainly hope it is the last hour, because it's gotten so ugly, so terrible, and our faith is so openly mocked by morons in the media and in Hollywood.  It's heartbreaking.  But Jesus Christ remains King.  Remember that.  Trust in Him.  He will return.  And he will make all things right.  Do his will, and I will try my best to do so also.  

God be with you, in the tangent universe, the fall of man, your center stage friend, this is it! Use your time well, for these moments will be remembered, for better or worse.  God is great. Jesus Christ is Lord. Glory awaits! Go in Peace.

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