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2046: What will America be like in 30 years? Two Futures

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What will America be like in 30 years?  Let's look at two possible futures, in two directions.  The first scenario will depict the best case scenario and represents a general departure from the current course of the nation.  The second scenario represents a very negative situation, within the realm of the possible, which represents the course of the nation if it remains on the course we're currently on.  

The best case scenario:
The year is 2046.  The country had been on a course of tyranny, financial collapse, and secularization.  Thankfully, the country was diverted off that course.  A movement of brave men and women rose up, calling themselves the Constitution movement.  The failed policies of the socialist left had nearly buried America in overwhelming debt, and lawless governance.  But a new generation had come to their senses, and fought a long hard battle to restore an America that stood for liberty, justice, and Godly conduct.  

Historians say that the coalition formed, that successfully retook America was based on four disparate groups: Christians, Conservatives, Libertarians, and Classic Liberals uniting.  

The churches of the times caught fire, and a great awakening began to take shape around 2020.  About ten years later temperance movements began taking shape on university campuses.  

Socialist entities which had infiltrated and conquered the Democratic party were ousted over a long political fight which divided the party for thirty years.  Classic liberals mustered to reclaim their party, and drive out the socialist and marxist influences which had begun to dominate it.  The unions, AFLCIO had been conquered by alinskytes, but American liberals managed to reclaim the labor unions.  The rest followed.

Similarly the Republican party engaged in serious in fighting.  Conservatives, Libertarians, and Tea Partiers gathered together and successfully drove out "the establishment."  This was a long, protracted fight that saw the party nearly collapse.  But eventually the establishment types realized there day was done, and many of them switched parties, becoming leading Democrats in the era ahead.  

Religious Christians reclaimed a strong presence in the culture.  An evangelical intelligentsia moved quietly into academia, the sciences, media, entertainment, and other industries beginning to transform those areas toward morality, faith, virtue, responsibility, and civility.  By 2046 much of media and academia had become increasingly friendly to Christianity, morality, and working to promote religious values.  Chivalry began to accentuate American culture.  Crime decreased to record lows.

Constitutionalists and Conservatives managed to gain a firm majority on the Supreme Court.  Roe V. Wade was overturned.  Abortion was made illegal, and many countries across the world followed suit.  The Obergefell decision was overturned as lawless judicial activism.  A new culture of love and tolerance toward the LGBT community took shape, with churches and communities reaching out to those in need, helping such people to seek mental health assistance, counseling, support, and fellowship in the community.  

In 2029 thirty-nine states ratified an article V convention of states.  At the convention the 17th amendment was abolished, helping the states to begin to check the out of control growth of government.  Many other adjustments were made including term limits for Congress and the Supreme Court.

Hillary Clinton was indicted for violating Federal law, and was imprisoned for 12 years.  Donald Trump served two years in the White House before being indicted on corruption charges, attempting to launder money from the treasure into offshore bank accounts.  He was given 4 years in prison.  Planned Parenthood was defunded in all fifty states, and later fell apart completely after the abolition of abortion (child extermination it came to be known as).

The old media began to die out and fade away.  Leftist propaganda networks like CNN, NBC, ABC, The New York Times, and the Washington Post all went out of business or were largely depleting to non-entities.  Journalists and pundits from those networks were unable to find work in the new media, and many took jobs as lobbyists.  

The new media began to grow through the web, around entities like Breitbart, The Daily Wire, The Heritage Foundation, Conservative Review, National Review, Red State, and other publications.  The Daily Show was cancelled, and a conservative comedy show hosted by Steven Crowder and Andrew Klavan gained popularity on Cable television.  

Five consecutive conservative administrations served in the White House, men and women like Ted Cruz, Mark Levin, Mike Lee, Alan Keyes, Carly Fiorina, Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin, Justin Amash, Jim DeMint, and Ben Sasse were prominent in those administrations. 

Prayer was legalized in public schools.  Vouchers programs gained strength and widespread acceptance.  Bible classes became increasingly common in public schools, though such classes were electives and not forced on any students who didn't want to participate.  But faith was recognized as a valid part of life and education.  The idea of forcing Christianity from the public square, from education and other parts of life was increasingly rejected by society.  Socialist and communist influences felt more and more out of place in America, and were forced from the country overall, most of them heading to Europe where they felt more at home. 

The role of government changed over those years.  Billions of dollars in out of control spending was cut.  Many federal agencies were shut down or privatized.  Medicare and medicaid were privatized.  Federal land was sold on the market to help pay down the debt, though national parks remained Federal property.  By 2046 the national debt had been dropped from 20 trillion to 4.5 trillion.  

Paul Ryan and John Boehner, including most of the GOP establishment types were voted out of office, and in 2046, such people are held up as examples of irresponsibility and financial insanity.  Classes are taught in schools and college universities on the failures of previous generations, and the self serving attitudes they held that almost bankrupted and destroyed the nation.  

The future was bright, the progressives had been routed, and external enemies were kept in check by a strong military and economic strength.  

The worst case scenario:
The year is 2046.  Ameritopia they had hoped for, the progressives and the socialists.  Unfortunately it didn't work out like that.  Today, 2046, the debt is over 153 trillion dollars.  The dollar is on the verge of being replaced as the world reserve currency.  China owns over 75% of our debt.  Many "fanatics" as the media calls them, believe China is currently dictating many policy efforts in Washington D.C.  

Political correctness is stronger than ever in America.  Those with dissenting views are silenced and vilified by the television media.  The character of America has largely been reshaped by the new progressive majority.  Marriage has been redefined in several new ways, to include multiple wives, multiple husbands, and various other associations.  Increasingly there is a push in psychology, gender studies, and human health to recategorize pedophilia as a legitimate sexual orientation.  Many in the media and LGBTQIAAPIRRIDOM movement are increasingly sympathetic to the poor pedophiles and their struggle for acceptance. Abortion is legal up to 3 months after birth. Hate speech laws have made it illegal to question gender ideology, gay marriage, climate science, abortion law, progressive historical adjustments, racism, white privilege, or socialism.  Those who speak out are fined, jailed, and held up to scorn by the mainstream media.

China has taken complete control of the south china sea, the Philippines, Australia, India, and Japan.  U.S. foreign policy has been to appease, apologize for, and back away from these confrontations.  Russia has increasingly gained power, annexing some of eastern Europe.  Radical Islamists successfully established a seven nation caliphate in the middle east. President Hillary Clinton applauded the development, and personally attended the festivities for the official establishment of the new nation.  Increasingly western Europe has been colonized and transformed by Muslim influences.  Sharia law has been established in part and full in several European nations.  

The United States has become an increasingly authoritarian state.  Liberty and freedom are no longer cherished by the population.  Christianity has been rendered nearly extinct in the new America.  Churches lost their tax-exempt status in 2034.  Increasingly anyone who share their faith freely in the public square found themselves fired from their jobs, or brought into court for violations of "separation of church and state."  Several new amendments to the Constitution added this phrase to the document, forcing walls of separation which effectively blocked Christians from all public expressions of faith.  Pastors and church leaders are required in the U.S.A. to endorse gay marriage and abortion.  All pastors and priests must consent to perform gay marriages at their facilities free of charge, or face a fine of $80,000 and no less than two years in federal prison.  Increasingly conservative organizations have been forced out of existence, facing endless audits from the IRS and political attacks from the mainstream media.

Crime rates are extremely high.  Hollywood has become so disturbing even some actors and directors are calling for more moderation regarding sex, violence, and evil depictions in film and tv series.  Teen pregnancy is higher than ever.  Death panels now have the ability to decide whether senior citizens warrant living past 90 years old.  Statues of Saul Alinsky, Karl Marx, Joseph Stalin, and Satan have been placed on sites in Washington D.C.  "Fanatics" who have decried these statues as unamerican were charged with bigotry and imprisoned.

The collapse of the dollar is expected within the next 10 years, but no one talks about it on the television media.  The official unemployment rate is listed at 9% but when factoring in various unlisted groups, the real rate is near 50%.  The economy is in shambles, but the media never talks about it.  There is an increasing genocide against Christians in the middle east, but the media never says a word about it.  

Many Christians and conservatives huddle in basements and backwater villages hoping and praying for the end of this new dark America.  But eventually the progressives hope they can round up these dissenters, place them in re-education camps, and conform them to the new orthodoxy of equality and tolerance.  

2016 State of the Union address
Two possible futures. Far fetched? Maybe yes. Maybe no. Our actions, our prayers, and our choices will determine which road we walk down. Make no mistake, the dangers are quite real. The efforts to change America, quite sincere. The time to stand is now. Do something today, not tomorrow, today. God be with you always.

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