Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Brexit is the Expression of Man's Love of Liberty

"And there was war in heaven." -Revelation 12:7

The men and women of America are rejoicing at the sight of Great Britain taking back her sovereignty. The European Union is an unwieldy giant.  Many have come to see the EU as tyrannical in regulation, socialist in bent, folded nicely in the modern garb of civility and progress.  That garb had been quite impenetrable.  It seemed man had moved past the need for nation states and free markets.  We couldn't see the truth.  For the longest time we had no idea of the multiplying problems with the "new deal." But with the advent of new media, increasingly Americans are in the know.

Europe is bankrupt.  Nearly every country in the EU has debt in excess of it's total GDP.  The immigration surge has led to increased crime, terrorist attacks, and rape.  All of these things are invisible to the mainstream television media.  They can't take a moment's notice, because it might invalidate their politically correct secular agenda.  But it's all true.  And the truth has a way of cutting through the darkness.

Increasingly, though painfully slowly modern man is waking up to the facts.  Western man is realizing: The shared ideas of the past weren't so backward and foolish.  They were in fact quite wise and took into account the need to check the selfishness and fallen nature of man.  That's why checks and balances were so necessary to our national government.  Our founders understood from the Judaeo-Christian perspective, that man is fallen and there must be barriers to check ambition and overreach.  Increasingly western man is realizing they'd left religious faith behind in haste, rushing forward into a globalist world.  It was just at this late moment that many realized that western man hadn't really changed or become fully good.  They realized the old selfishness and the old tyranny were still quite present in the new governments of the global world.  And western man had been bankrupted on a liberal secularism which had been found grossly wanting.

So when an unchecked oligarchy in Brussels stepped upon the sovereign rights of Britain's finest, well, the leftist media rhetoric only went so far: 48% so far.  But 52% of the British people realized that the media rhetoric and the political correctness didn't match with reality.  So they voted for something all the experts told them would lead to chaos and destruction.  The tyranny of the experts failed, ultimately.  Increasingly we realize today that the experts are wrong just as often as they are right.  Ultimately it goes down to opinions and rhetoric.  What they call facts, aren't always or even often facts. 

It was like we, western man had been lulled to sleep by the lullaby of modernity.  We were slightly drunk, perhaps a bit tipsy on the idea of the ultimate goodness of man.  We stared upon all the fancy gadgets and gizmos, all the lovely technology, the abundant food and wealth, and we seemed to forget that man is not basically good, but that man is basically not good.  We forgot that capitalism and our government structures, and our moral principles were all founded and set up to temper man's ambitious self interested attitude.  We forgot that humanity is safer when forced into honest barter, honest trade, and honest governance based on the ability of branches and entities to keep one another in check.  We forgot that wars aren't a thing of the past.  The list goes on: we were lulled to sleep by a tunnel vision narrative perpetrated in academia, the sciences, the media, and Hollywood that edited out the truth.

Modern man let go of facts recently and began embracing feelings.  It became more and more about feelings, and less and less about logic and facts.  The rhetoric and political correctness kept many of us quiet, very quiet in fact, because we feared being labeled as racist, homophobic, bigoted, or misogynistic.  But as the "feelies" took over, we saw that facts were being tossed out the window.  We saw the national debt skyrocketing.  We saw dangerous changes being made to marriage, gender, education, and even foreign policy and border security.  

Yet it seemed for the past ten years whether in America or Britain, the progressives had captured the hearts and minds of the general public.  The average man sitting in front of the TV had bought into the ideology.  Young people had been taught and integrated into the new ideology.  

The news media did a fabulous job of hiding the lies, controversies, and outrages of the bureaucracy.  But just beneath the surface is a growing army of angry men and women, tired of being demonized by the media, tired of being labeled as haters, and tired of having their opinions minimized and shut out from public discussion.  A lying media protecting one side of the debate and demonizing the other is certainly prone to trigger anger.  So is political correctness.  This is righteous indignation, a visceral sense that blatant injustice is taking place.  Before the internet it was just a deep quaking of the heart while watching the evening news.  Today, it's a communal quaking, among groups and people and movements aimed at the mainstream media, the Alinsky left, the socialist relativist naturalist academia complex, the anti-God science orthodoxy of the Darwinian establishment, and other disparate parts of this modern matrix.  

In the bright shining light of the garden of the America ago, we were a Christian nation; not perfect, but prosperous. Long ago in the roars of World War II, bombs falling in the distance, a snake entered the garden.  That snake was the Frankfurt school, fleeing the Nazis in Germany.  The Frankfurt school began developing connections and pushing forward the ideas of Marcuse and Marx.  But they couldn't implement their progressive socialist agenda with the playbooks of Marcuse and Marx.  Then came along a rat, a second snake in the garden, Saul Alinsky and his hideously genius "Rules for Radicals."  They had found the recipe to destroy America and implement their agenda.  Today they've conquered most of America's social institutions, they've turned out the conservatives, the enlightenment types, and religious types and run them out of town.  The same staffs that were open to the ideas of these progressives, and allowed them to share their views have now found themselves shunned and blocked from participation.  We've been locked out of own nation's institutions.

We need to wake up to what has happened.  And we need to reclaim our country, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  God is real.  It's true. And he is at work in America.  His Spirit remains.  But we have to do our part.  How can this be done?  By way of the enlightenment and by way of great awakening.  These two forces swelled back and forth in American history to drive the nation forward in times of struggle.  The enlightenment on the left and the religious on the right, we were the eagle that led the nation forward.  But now on both sides, left and right, we've found ourselves infiltrated and overrun with formidable enemies.  We slept while they conquered.  

The same happened in Britain.  In fact it happened all across Europe.  So what's the problem?  Why haven't they completely taken over and driven us out all together?  Because their ideas don't work.  Their policies are a mess and they destroy nations.  The Marxists could never admit that every time their systems were tried, it led to genocide and/or economic collapse.  Today those policies are destroying America and destroying Europe. They decimated Venezuela, drove Puerto Rico into economic collapse, and they are destroying Greece, Spain, and the rest of Europe.

The first big turning point is that Britain has said: "Enough, no more."  The British people have comprehended that the politically correct nonsense of the progressives is empty.  They've realized that multiculturalism is a failure.  They've realized that cultural relativism is a myth and a rather obvious myth at that.  They are tired of being lectured by the arrogant hypocritical left.  So they've decided to be free.  This is a first big step in a new direction.  

We should continue to fight in the United States, for our liberty, against the Alinsky left and their utopian delusions.  Because we know those ideas destroy.  Critical theory is all about destruction.  The fatal flaw of Alinsky, Marx, and Marcuse is that they spend so much time tearing down, they have nothing to build up.  They search for a utopian future that fails to comprehend the nature of humanity.  It is a delusion, a failure, and a lie.  They cannot build.  But we can build.  

We need to build past them, not going back to the past, but thrusting ourselves past them into the future.  How?  Left hook, a new American enlightenment based around the source ideas of America, dating back to ancient Greece and the ancient Roman empire.  And right hook, a new great awakening of the Christianity that transformed the world throughout the ages.  We'll leave the alinsky progressives in the dust, failed, pathetic and utterly bankrupt.

Our ancestors built great nations in America and the United Kingdom.  They were builders, dogged, relentless and free.  These empires worked.  It took the big government ideas of leftist movements to begin to circumvent and destroy both.  Great Britain like the United States must move forward into robust Christianity, federalist government, free market economics, and a new morally motivated culture with strong values and stronger families.  Those keys have always worked and they will continue to work in the future. 

Why do we allow these leftist hacks to destroy everything with their faustian "progress"?  Their progress is destroying everything!  Their redefinition of all things is a lie.  Their agenda is about money and power.  Their rhetoric doesn't match with the facts.  And their authoritarianism, their bullying and violence toward constitutionalism, federalism, Christianity, Judaism, and conservatism violates their own supposed standard of "love and tolerance."  In fact, these leftist Alinskyte progressives are the most hateful, authoritarian, and valueless hacks imaginable.  They are the epitome of intolerance and hatred, yet like true Alinskytes they throw those exact terms at their enemies. 

We in Great Britain and America need to understand the vast framework of the progressives.  We need to understand them, and we need to defeat them.  Why?  Because they are destroying America and they are destroying Europe.  These nations are the beacon of the world, we are the future of the planet, of the Earth; we must stand together and reject with one voice these evil policies being thrown at us from every angle.  

The forces arrayed against us our many.  We cheer so loudly for victories like Brexit because these victories are sadly the exception and not the rule.  We need to make victories like Brexit the rule rather than the exception.  We have complicit old guards in the GOP and so do the conservatives in Britain.  It's time to remove those old adages, those whipped dogs, catering to the leftist agenda, and drive forward to the future, in the spirit of Margaret Thatcher and in the spirit of Ronald Reagan.  

God is good.  He will grant us the victory.  If we pray and if we take action and if we believe, well, we can do anything.  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, and so can you.  Tell the new story, tell and retell the new narrative, our narrative, which is the truth and it is this: The people are rising up and we're coming for our freedom.  

"American Eagle" on the U.S. Embassy in London via Wikimedia
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