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The Heritage Foundation - this is my favorite conservative organization, they are the best.  Please support them, because our nation is in crisis.

Heritage Action - this is the action side of Heritage, mobilizing a grassroots army through the Sentinel program.  Definitely become a Sentinel if you can!

Alliance Defending Freedom - This is the best religious freedom organization. Please, please, please support them financially and share their articles!

Liberty Counsel - these folks are the best.  They are brave as lions in defense of religious liberty.  Support them! 

Prager University - a free place to learn about the world from a conservative perspective.  

Judicial Watch - this is a great watchdog for corruption

The Center for Medical Progress - is a group of citizen journalists dedicated to monitoring and reporting on medical ethics and advances.

The Friedman Foundation - advocating for vouchers for school choice.

The Mises Institute - an institute founded in 1982 dedicated to educating the public on the value of free market economics.

Campaign for Liberty - A political organization that supports personal liberty in the USA.

Freedom Works - a wonderful organization supporting liberty, lower taxes, and less government.

Media Research Center - an institute exposing and neutralizing media bias. 

The Cato Institute - an organization that I support, propagating an ideology of libertarianism. 

Young Americans for Liberty - A political organization in support of personal liberty.

The Ron Paul Institute - an organization dedicated to promoting free market economics, peace, prosperity, and liberty.

Liberty Institute - An organization that actively supports religious liberty, I'm a firm supporter of Liberty Institute.

ACLJ  - The ACLJ is a religious liberties ministry that advocates for religious freedom in the USA.