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Compassion International - is a charity that is very highly rated.  They serve children in countries all over the world.  I highly recommend supporting this charity if you can!

Abolish Human Abortion - Join the movement to abolish human abortion, through abolitionist societies across the USA

Alliance Defending Freedom - An organization focused on supporting religious liberties in the United States 

The Salvation Army - I work for a small Salvation Army corps. I deeply believe in the mission of the Salvation Army. They were founded in 1865 by William Booth. The Salvation Army's Wesleyan holiness theology leads to a great deal of service and radical action to meet needs and introduce people to Christ. The SA practice what they preach. They do exactly what Christ instructed, serve the poor and preach the word.

National Pro Life Alliance - Join the pro life alliance - Help support the persecuted church in foreign countries by taking action through petitions and media campaigns

Hope for the Sold - a charity to raise awareness of human sex trafficking. 

Liberty Institute - An organization that actively supports religious liberty, I'm a firm supporter of Liberty Institute

ACLJ  - The ACLJ is a religious liberties ministry that advocates for religious freedom in the USA.

Focus on the Family - A wonderful ministry in support of the family.

Jews for Jesus - Many Jewish people love Jesus and are dedicated to bringing God's chosen people, the Jews, to saving knowledge of Christ Jesus.