Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Battle for the Soul of America: Progressivism vs. Americanism

Gondolin, via Wikimedia Commons
Time and again humanity on this Earth comes to the brink of collapse.  We live in a world where there is a rather large pit of darkness.  And many times a century from this pit flows a mammoth flood of evil, in many a form, threatening to crush civilization.  

Our present era is no different.   First our ancestors faced down Germany in the 1st and 2nd world wars.  Then came threat of totalitarian communism and genocide flowing out of the Soviet Union.  In the 60s and 70s came the threat of rabid secularism and the "progress" agenda.  Today perhaps the greatest threat we face is the threat of organized, entrenched, institutionalized cultural Marxism which has been functioning for some time now, and is now moving into the production phase, having conquered the educational system in public schools and colleges, they are now turning out "progressive" revolutionaries by the hundreds of thousands.  

This is nothing new.  Humanity has faced this threat time and again by those who, driven mad in the zeal to create a fictional utopian future, and perhaps more so, those with a rage against the religious and traditional values of a society, rally in contrarianism and critical theory to rip down everything around them in their arrogance and vengeful anger against a moral and religious order that offends their debased relativistic naturalist dogmas.

Most people are not aware of this.  Most especially the young are filtered into the superstructure of indoctrination into this worldview system never understanding that those who seek to subvert and supplant the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and moral underpinnings of the security of our society are building a "progress" agenda effectively placed firmly on mid-air, that is, vague opinion, suspect scientific studies that may or may not be biased, feelings, emotions, and "whatever feels right" at the moment to those who control this hegemony. 

The narrative is of constant "progress."  Yet progress is not what we see with our eyes or hear with our ears.  If it weren't for the internet, radio, and new media very few would be able to connect progressivism to the disappointments we see and hear. Yet new media has scored some huge victories.  It was almost as if thirty six star fighters, X-wings and Y-wings in the form of new media, attacked the death star of the mainstream media, with seemingly little hope of victory.  The battle ensued, and one by one the mainstream media seemed to be defeating the new media with a constant stream of propaganda.  Yet with moments remaining, a few starfighters left charging the trench, and those two proton torpedoes were fired.  Yet whoever it was at those controls shut down their targeting computer.  And they trusted in God to take control in that moment and lead things in a new direction.  Amazingly, the death star exploded in brilliant fire and destruction.  The enemy had been vanquished, yet not defeated.  

Ultimately, it was not the slick messaging, or amazing strategic skills of new media sites or podcasts or the Trump campaign, ultimately it was God almighty who effected a victory.  Does this mean Trump is God's man?  Not at all.  I have no idea how that all works.  But I am certain that God is always at work in the world.  

We should not be surprised at the incredible struggle we face on a national level.  If I were in charge of the kingdom of Satan on Earth during the 21st century my first and only target would be the United State of America.  Without America China and Russia could easily plunge the world into authoritarianism and darkness.  Without America the great evils in the middle east could run amuck upon Europe and Africa with little threat of reprisals.  Without America there would be no "good guys" around the bend who could sweep in deus ex machina style to save the day at the last moment.  There would be no good guys left, just the darkness.  So it's no wonder that Satan and his kingdom seek to rip down America with all manner of chaos.  

We as the church of Jesus Christ, growing and prevailing throughout the last two thousand years of history, are much like the white city in the Lord of the Rings universe.  Gondor the white city is supported and protected by the elves, representative of God's angels and spiritual forces that guide the church and protect it.  Gondor's realm is charged with constantly checking the darkness.  There is no way to march into Mordor and finally defeat it.  It's always there, a craggy kingdom of fire and darkness that occasionally spews out orcs and evil beasts by the tens of thousands to destroy the kingdoms of men.  Time and again, Gondor must rally her armies, march upon the gates of darkness and crush evil as it threatens to pour itself upon middle earth.  

Yet we find ourselves in a situation much like middle earth.  The elves are leaving these lands.  Much like Christianity has begun to decline in the United States and dissolve across Europe, yet it seems to be growing by leaps and bounds in Africa and Asia.  Gondor, the church has a severe failure of leadership.  The church is molding under corrupt leaders who exalt themselves and ruin the witness of millions of sincere believers.  They turn out ghost written books by the thousands, bank off the faith of sincere believers to enrich themselves, and constantly expose the Christian worldview in the press to insult and injury via sex scandals and corruption.  

Yet Gandalf the White, the Holy Spirit rides from city to city rallying the kingdoms of men to stand against this new darkness flowing out of Mordor.  

The church of Christ is rallying on Earth.  The first signs of energy and enthusiasm of showing, despite the failures of so many charlatans.  Ultimately the church is seeking assistance from Rohan, the horseriders, the conservatives and tea party movement.  Rallying together, these two kingdoms are seeking to march against the forces of moral relativism, progressivism, the militant secularists, democratic socialists, and corrupt cultural Marxists. 

The white city burns, the white tree of Minas Tirith, the tree of liberty is aflame as the cultural Marxists attempt to destroy Gundor from within.  Yet the conservatives and traditionalists are rallying for the cause of liberty, to turn the tide of darkness.  

Can we march upon the black gates?  Can we drive our forces into the heart of darkness, to wage the battle of the last alliance?  Only time will tell. We're each born into this generation for a specific purpose.  If you find yourself aptly able to answer the challenges of your day, rest assured that is no coincidence.  We're each shaped and formed to play our part in the great saga of the human race.  We're all set forth by God, given this divine gift of choice, free will.  Make your choices, and make them good ones.  Your not a victim.  Soldiers to defend the White City are needed now, today.  I hope you'll be one of them.  We can challenge the darkness and strategically wage battle against it, in the realm of ideas, or we can sit on the sidelines, and figure others will fight it for us.  But there are no others.  Just us.  Our choices will determine the future, if we rally to fight it, we will be victorious, if we give up and sit on the sidelines, we will be defeated and driven out, and we'll watch from the ditches as the cities burn to the ground.  This is of course no exaggeration, any historian knows this has happened time and again in human history and the history of empire.  

Today, seek our Lord.  Pray for knowledge of His will for you and the power to carry that will out.  Take up your sword and shield and rally with the forces of light against the darkness.  It's up to you and the tide is beginning to turn.  Take a stand, and you can make a difference.  The great civilization is ours to defend or ours to lose.  Choose wisely. 

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