Saturday, February 13, 2016

Evangelicals, Libertarians, Tea Party: Your Country Needs You

Washington at Princeton
A few times in a lifetime you may have the chance to support a candidate who actually means what he says.  And perhaps once in lifetime you'll have the chance to vote for a principled individual who actually has a chance of claiming office.  Congratulations everyone, today is your day.  And Ted Cruz is the man.  

Ted Cruz, the hispanic-American Senator who has made it his mission to take on the corruption in Washington D.C.  He has done so. He has fought a losing battle against the K-street lobbyists and their shills in the Senate.  And he needs our help.

Ted Cruz is a politician that actually means what he says.  he actually fights for the people.  It's something unheard of in our time.  It's expected, 100% of the time that despite what any and every politician will say, it's universally understood that they are BSing us and will do whatever they please once in office.  

The mere suggestion of an honest politician, a man seeking office who actually has character is something the media and establishment mock and ridicule as a sort of passe' possibility.  It's a possibility the lying, agenda-driven media would mock and shame as a person who is an "ideological purist."  Why?  Because they actually mean what they say, and stand up for the truth.  Telling the truth in Washington is the highest sin.  It will not be tolerated by the establishment or their buddies in the television media.

Something seems desperately wrong about that to average Americans, especially those with religious beliefs, with character and principles they hold dear.  People like you and me can't understand the media, the GOP establishment and their way of doing business.  And they never will understand, they can't, because to understand they would first have to comprehend character, honor, dignity, and morality.  They don't understand those values, what they understand is self-preservation at any cost, big money, and back room deals in smoke filled rooms.

They are the political class, kept in perpetual power by their cronies on K-street, the big lobbyists, and prevented eternally from exposure, being checked-and-balanced by the people, by the gatekeeper mainstream media, who so effectively keep the people in the dark and focused on celebrity gossip, the latest trends, and irrelevant concerns spun for the gain of the progressive agenda.

In a system of checks and balances, it takes a lot to circumvent such a system.  But they've managed to do so.  They've blocked the people from checking Washington through the television media screen of lies.  They've prevented Congress from checking big business corruption through bribery and lobbying on K-street.  And they've scrambled the Supreme Court's ability to check unjust laws through judicial activist judges.  

Washington is broken.  It's an ugly thing.  But let me tell you something: In Ted Cruz we have a man who is really willing to stand up to this bi-partisan corruption.  I know, your skeptical, but hear me out.

Ted Cruz could be our next president.  Many of us, myself included, have never had the opportunity of voting for a principled conservative in a presidential election.  We've had the corrupt Mitt Romney.  We've had centrist neocon John McCain.  We've had Bob Dole.  And that's about it.  On the other side, Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Al Gore, and Barack Obama.  What a disaster!  

Many of you, most of you that I speak to regularly are burnt out on politics.  You can't stand politics.  It makes you so angry you just want to give up.  So you shun politics.  

I'm asking you to step forward.  I'm asking you to participate.  I'm asking you to step forward, one by one, until we're lined up on the line.  I want us lined up, in ranks, to stand for the Christian worldview in the political arena.  This is not an easy thing to do.  This is not a fun thing to do.  But it must be done.  And being burnt out, frustrated, sad, and pessimistic... well, those aren't excuses reasonable enough for your to abdicate your duty to be salt and light to this world.  You don't have any choice in this.  You have to step forward.  I'm telling you to step forward, for the sake of your country, for the sake of your children, for the sake of religious liberty, and out of respect for your God.  God asks us to participate meaningfully.  He asks us to obey the governing authorities (Romans 13).  In a democratic republic obeying the authorities means participating in the government as a good steward.  In a dictatorship that would not be part of the requirement.  In a democracy it most certainly is.  Your tasked to elect Godly leaders because the convening authority ultimately rests on the individual.
Now that I've gotten on my soap box and preached, let me step down and tell you about Ted Cruz.  

Let me say this though: I'm not saying you have to vote for Ted Cruz.  I am saying you need to vote though.  You need to vote in your local primary or caucus.  And you need to vote again in the general election.  So get on Google and look up the dates and your voting location.  

I'm also asking you to pray for our nation, for our leadership, and for our culture.  I'm asking you to pray daily.  But I'm also asking you to take action.

Why am I supporting Ted Cruz?  I believe he really means what he says and will actually do what he said he would do once in office.  

Brass tacks, based on his voting record Ted Cruz receives the following scores from Constitutional organizations:

Heritage Action: 100% (click here to view)
Conservative Review: 97% (click here to view)
Freedom Works: 98% (click here to view

He votes with his principles.  He votes with the Constitution.  He tells the truth.  He's not like other politicians.  He's the real deal.  He really believes in his office and what he does.  

Ted Cruz is a firm supporter of the 2nd Amendment and the right to bear arms.

Ted Cruz is a firm supporter of school choice.

Ted Cruz is a firm defender of the right to life and he has fought to take tax payer dollars from planned parenthood.

Ted Cruz is a strong supporter of natural marriage, the union of one man and one woman.

Ted Cruz is a firm defender of state's rights and has argued before the Supreme Court in defense of state's rights.

Ted Cruz is a fiscal conservative and will cut out of control spending in Washington.

Ted Cruz is a strong defender of the military and veterans.

Ted Cruz believes in a robust foreign policy.  He wants to strengthen the military and deal with ISIS.  But Ted Cruz is not a hawk neocon imperialist nation builder.  Ted Cruz's foreign policy is a happy medium between Obama's disengagement and George. W Bush's aggressive nation building.  

Ted Cruz is a firm, vocal supporter of religious liberty.  This is vital about Ted Cruz.  While virtually all the other candidates have been silent on religious liberty, Ted Cruz hosted a rally in defense of religious liberty.  

Ted Cruz will appoint strong Constitutionalists to the Supreme Court.  We have a lawless Supreme Court right now.  Think of the decisions that have been handed down, Roe V. Wade legalizing abortion, and now Obergefell v. Hodges legalizing same sex marriage.  We are only one justice away from a liberal majority Supreme Court.  And this isn't even about left vs. right this is about appointing judges who will look at the law and determine the correct ruling, not political ideology.

Ted Cruz is a strong supporter of personal liberty and has stood along side Rand Paul time and again to stop warrant-less wiretapping of Americans.  

Ted Cruz is the strongest candidate by evidence of record who will stand against amnesty, secure the border, and put an end to sanctuary cities.  This kind of lawlessness is not compassionate, it's foolishness, and Ted Cruz will see that our laws are properly enforced.

Ted Cruz believes in supporting and protecting Israel from her foreign enemies.

Ted Cruz is a supporter of audit the Fed and would help work to end the Fed.

Ted Cruz believes the war on drugs has been a failure and would leave decisions on such issues to the states where those decisions belong.

Ted Cruz believes in free markets and empowering the private sector to create jobs.

Ted Cruz believes in a simple flat tax and he would end the IRS.

Ted Cruz would end the department of education and allow much more local autonomy when it comes to education.

Now that you've had the chance to learn more about Ted Cruz's views on key issues, I'd like to encourage you to view some of these presentations on Youtube of him speaking.  You can get a good feel for his positions that way.  Here are some excellent videos:

1. The Real Story of What is Happening in Washington 
2. Presidential Forum on Faith and Freedom
3. The People vs. the Washington Cartel
4. Rally for Religious Liberty
5. Town Hall, South Carolina

I would also encourage you to read his book: "A Time for Truth" by Ted Cruz.  I've been listening to it on audiobook and I've been very impressed so far.  

Now assuming you find that Ted Cruz is a candidate you can support, then there are several things you can do:

1. Pray everyday.  Pray for the campaign.  Pray for our nation.  Pray God would raise up godly men and women to lead our nation in Congress.  Pray on the issues, and pray against the enemy.

2. Get involved and sign up to volunteer at  They can set you up with your state and local leaders to make phone calls, knock on doors, and interact on social media.

3. If your like me and love to engage on social media, then start sharing pictures, video links, articles, and Ted Cruz content.  I constantly share on social media and it has a very real impact. Visit some of these Facebook groups: Second Amendment Supporters for Ted Cruz, Ted Cruz 2016 - People's Choice, and Ted Cruz Meme Group.

4. Talk to your friends, coworkers, church members, and family.  Share the message of liberty, small government, and economic freedom.

5. Make sure your registered to vote in your local primary, make sure you know the date and your local polling area.  Vote in the primary/caucus and vote again in the general presidential election.  And vote your values.  

Thank you for taking the time to read.  We're a pivotal moment in our history as a nation.  This could really go either way.  It's up to me and you to see that our nation has a future.  Yet, it's that dire of a situation.  We've got over 19 trillion dollars in debt, being piled on the backs of young people, our future.  We've got a public education system that turns out children that don't even understand basic logic.  We've got a generation of young people who now consider themselves socialists, and are supporting Bernie Sanders.  We've got colleges teaching young people they have the right to not be offended by anything.  We've got a mainstream media and Hollywood full of depravity, sexual sin, greed, and consumerism.  We've got a Congress in the back-pocket of lobbyists and special interest groups where on one side we have a progressive movement seeking to fundamentally transform America into a socialist equality LGBT utopia and the other side that is so corrupt, greedy, and broken that all they care about is enriching themselves and holding onto power.  

But I'm seeing something very special taking place.  In Congress we see the Freedom Caucus and the Appeal to Heaven caucus.  We see Tea Party candidates and Libertarian candidates rising up and beginning to cross swords with the establishment shills and corrupt moneyed politicians.  We're seeing leaders like Justin Amash and Mike Lee emerging.  We're seeing leaders like Rand Paul, Jeff Sessions, and Trey Gowdy beginning to challenge the status quo on key issues.  And now we're seeing evangelicals, libertarians, reagan democrats, and tea partiers beginning to coalesce around the Ted Cruz for President campaign.  This hasn't happened since the Reagan administration.  This is our moment, and I'm asking you to be a part of it now.  Not later, now!  This is our chance.  We have to fight with every breath we have, day and night, prayerfully and powerfully to reclaim our nation at this pivotal juncture.  Take a stand my friends, take a stand now, today, because your country needs you.  God bless you all, amen. 

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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Why Do You Believe in God?

"Black Hole" NASA, via Wikimedia Images
If someone asks me, "Why do you believe in God?" I don't necessarily say "I just have faith."
Many might say that. But for someone who asks that question, I need to know how to defend my faith. So my response is this:
I think it's very reasonable to believe in God. Let me tell you why:
1. The universe exists and it must have a cause, everything that begins to exist has a cause.  The universe began to exist. Evolution can't create, neither can science. The universe needs a first cause that is timeless, outside the system and infinitely powerful.  God is the logical first cause (cosmological argument)
2. The universe is finely tuned, there is order in the universe at work that allows for planets, stars and galaxies. There are laws in the universe, constants like gravity, relativity, and so on. It's reasonable that when we find mathematical laws and cosmological laws in the universe, that there is a powerful being that created those systems (argument from design)
3. Within the human cell we find massive amounts of information. When we look at the human eye, we see a system so incredibly complicated that it could never come about by chance. When scientists look into the human body they see a complex yet harmonious system of machinery. We see cells and tissue, and DNA and systems that all function as one, and are irreducibly complex. (specified complexity, irreducibly complexity).
4. The human mind intuitively knows that there is good and evil, right and wrong, good and bad. Objective moral laws exist, they are universal. If objective morals exist, then an objective moral law giver must exist, therefore God exists. (moral argument)

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Monday, February 1, 2016

A Three-Fold Battle Plan to Redeem Western Civilization

The Storming of San Sebastian
Approaching Omaha
Your looking out upon a smoking, ruined battlefield.  The battle is a battle for the ideas of a society.  You and your men, clad in green, clutching rifles in the trenches are viewing three approaches.  These three approaches lead to three strongholds.  These strongholds are pouring out fire on your troops, devastating your ranks.  There is no way to bypass these strongholds, though some are trying, and taking heavy losses.  Your job as the company commander is to somehow topple these impenetrable redoubts.  What do you do?  The future of your nation is at stake.  

I see three targets, and they are the church, the culture, and the government.  Victory in these arenas has to do with inspiring a generation, renewing culture, driving toward authenticity, reviving dead institutions, and shattering the lies of the spiritual forces in high places.  Ultimately, it's about the truth.  

It can't be emphasized enough that the only way we have even a chance at victory is if we can start these movements among young people.  I'm a young person.  True change will necessarily require the movement to be based in youth and young adults.  They are the future. 

There are three strands I see.  I see three movements that need to be cultivated.  And I'm not going to so much discuss the negative aspect as much as discuss the solutions to the problems.  We can see the redoubts.  What we need is a battle plan. 

I'm just one man.  I'm just a guy. But I believe we can do special things, in God's power.  Thankfully that is a truth of life. 

These are the three directions, to help energize a redeemed humanity, fighting in the battlefield of ideas:

1. Bring Young People to Christ & Help embolden the Church to Stand firmly for the Truth - (A Lifestyle of Peace)
The goal: Young people have been deceived to think that Christianity is false.  This is done through a large network of lies and misrepresentations of the gospel.  Step one is to share the gospel with young people in a way they can understand, without compromising the message.  Secondly, we've got to encourage the body of Christ to stand for the truth of the scriptures.  There is widespread apostasy, and a thousand lines of division.  Uniting the body of Christ is key.  Then we can move in one direction to retake cultures and societies before the decay of western civilization reaches beyond the brink of no return.

Ultimately this must be accomplished in, by, and through young people.  And ultimately it means waking the church from sleep.

Links to Relevant Organizations: Liberty University, Biola University, Not a Fan,Youth for Christ , Cru , Converge International , Focus on the Family

2. Engage in the culture, disrupt the mainstream media narrative, encourage a movement of intelligent Christians who can infiltrate and reclaim vital cultural institutions that control public opinion -(Evangelical Intelligentsia)
The goal: Transform culture. Culture has become depraved.  Lies now rule in nearly every field: in the sciences, much of education, media, and social work.  The solution to this situation is found in evangelical intelligentsia, a movement of Christ-centered individuals who will rise up to infiltrate and drive vital social institutions back toward the Christian worldview.  The method is through the gospel and apologetics.  It is a Christ centered movement of scientists, politicians, social workers, teachers, professors, actors, directors, writers, musicians, psychologists, administrators, and the like, working to shift the course of culture from depravity to morality and religious thought.

Links to Relevant Organizations: Discovery Institute ,Answers in Genesis ,Cross Examined ,Reasonable Faith ,Applied Apologetics ,Ratio Christi  ,, Got Questions , Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

3. Develop a movement of Christian political activists to help drive the corruption from government and restore a government based on natural law, that God is sovereign over the nation - (An Appeal to Heaven)
The goal: To help drive the body of Christ toward real, meaningful participation in the government of the United States.  Secondly, the goal is to help unite Appeal to Heaven Christians with libertarians, Reagan conservatives, Ron Paul revolutionaries, the tea party, and the remnants of the JFK-era/Reagan Democrats to drive government policy away from extreme debt, bloated government, abortion, authoritarian over-reach, redefinition of marriage, and many of the facets of the progressive-socialist agenda.  The method begins very simply: Appeal to heaven, cry out to God in prayer on behalf of the nation.  The method continues through dedicated, dogged, long term political activism on an individual basis.  It can't be based victory over a few years, but over decades and eras of time.  The rot is extreme, and it will take dedicated hard work on a long term basis.

Links to Relevant Organizations: Appeal to Heaven, The Center for Medical Progress ,The Friedman Foundation ,The Mises Institute , Campaign for Liberty , Freedom Works , The Heritage Foundation , Media Research Center , The Cato Institute , Young Americans for Liberty,  Prager University ,The Ron Paul Institute  , Liberty Institute 

The victory of these three goals to subvert the subversion of our nation are each built upon one another.  The body of Christ must be energized, then the body of Christ can meaningfully change culture and supplant the secular institutions that now rule and manipulate our culture and media.  Once the body of Christ is energized, then Christians in dedicated fields can begin to meaningfully transform social institutions.  Ultimately political changes are meaningless and doomed to long term failure unless Constitutionalists and Christians reclaim cultural institutions like the universities, public schools, sciences, mainstream media, Hollywood, the music industry, and social work.  Too many conservative activists participate only in the 3rd field, while neglecting the 1st and 2nd.  Too many Christians participate in the 1st field and neglect the other two.  And many Christians are activists in the field of culture, but neglect the body of Christ and the political arena.  

We can see the three forts in the distance.  We can see the battle slowly turning against us.  We have to act fast.  We have to direct our attention to these targets and take them head on.  Does it seem impossible?  Won't their guns rip us to shreds?  There will certainly be great costs.  But you'd be amazed, just amazed by what God will do with mighty efforts by a few outnumbered against an enemy that seems impossibly strong.  It's at just those kinds of moments when God will act on behalf of those who take it upon themselves to stand up for the truth.  

We as American Christians are known for being renaissance types, able to dabble into multiple disciplines.  I suggest we do so, in these three areas.  If we dedicate ourselves doggedly to energize the church, redeem culture, and participate in our government we can certainly change the course of history for our nation and western civilization all together.  

The situation is more dire than you might realize.  I've done the research.  You'd be amazed how corruption and depravity have managed to become the new normal.  But it's not over yet.  There is still hope.  I see a new generation rising up, who will change everything.  I see young people willing to stand for Christian truth and American values.  I see a new great awakening on the horizon.  

Maybe some of you think it's impossible.  Maybe some of you are thinking; These strongholds are too powerful.  These institutions and ideas are too entrenched, they're too ingrained.  Let me ask you: Did David think he could defeat Goliath in his own power?  Of course not.  He knew God was with him.  It made him as bold as a lion.  We need to be as bold as lions too. Did Gideon win the day against the Midianites because he had overwhelming numbers?  No, he won the day because God saw him taking bold action and blessed it.  Did Joshua capture Jericho by blasting the walls with catapult and fire?  No he didn't.  He obeyed the Lord, honored his commands, and the walls were brought down for him.  The word of God says very clearly: You have divine power to demolish strongholds (II Corinthians 10:4).

God will take our efforts on these three impossible challenges and bless them with victory.  Why? Because God loves zeal-filled boldness in the face of overwhelming odds.  It is at just those moments when he blesses those who humble themselves before him with a victory they could've never achieved on their own.  So believe!  Believe in him!  Believe he is with you in this task!  If God is for us, who can really be against us?  No one.  

Let's set these goals and make them happen, not over a few short years, but over the long term.  May God be glorified through our efforts, and appealed to for our victory.  Amen. 

 Note: In no way am I encouraging any kind of violent action, peaceful protest and strict non-violence are key to our cause.  The combat references are analogies, comparisons to struggles and victories from history.

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Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Odd Christian Voyage

Being a Christian is an odd voyage. You might be tempted to think that it's some sort of constant high.  You might picture a scene where I'm sitting in the meadow with Jesus and his presence is prescient and joyous. There are certainly moments like that and experiences like that. But more often, it's much like life was before. It's tough, there are certain low spots and dark nights of the soul. There are moments when Jesus seems far away. There are moments when worship itself seems impossible. There are times when I feel decidedly uninspired at church or during prayer. Yet there are other times when church is a time of shocking closeness with God. There are times when I'm filled with the peace and joy of Christ for days on end. There are times when prayer fills me to the brim and I know for certain I've communed with the Almighty. But it's not constant. There are ups and downs. Life is still life, and yes, it still sucks at times. Many a time I have to remind myself that Jesus Christ is indeed my savior, when I feel out and alone, frustrated with a seemingly eternal frown on my face. The battle continues, because within I have been reborn, purchased by the brutal sacrifice of the death of God on the cross, this terrible slaying of Jesus Christ. And thanks to his victory over death, his resurrection, I'm a new man. Yet until the return of the King of Kings Jesus Christ I'm left with a "sinful nature" a tendency to default back to selfishness, self pity, and fear. So I patiently wait for the coming of Christ, and yearn for it, to be freed from this final bondage to the desires of the flesh. Then, eternal life in complete righteousness in the full presence of the majesty of God himself.

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