Saturday, August 27, 2016

Rediscovering Lost Values, Political Engagement, and Overcoming Cruz Crew Discouragement

As a Christian, this election sucks.  This isn't a new trend unfortunately.  Whether it's Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, or John McCain, we're left with options that aren't appealing.  Hillary Clinton is despicable, obviously.  She must be the most corrupt person to ever run for president.  Donald Trump is almost as bad.  What's sad is that we had the option of a principled conservative Christian. Of course I'm speaking of Ted Cruz.  We were very close too.  But Fox News helped push Trump over the top.  There were many others factors as well, but the ignorance and hatred of our own people ultimately finished us off.

It's very depressing.  It leaves Christians wondering if God is in the process of "judging" America.  It makes us want to disengage.  But that is the one thing we must not do.  

Too many decent Americans have disengaged, because they're burnt out.  I understand how they feel.  I really do. But stepping out is not the answer.  They've turned over the country to the worst of the worst.  They don't want to deal with the mess.  That's very selfish.  And it's an abdication of their duty as citizens. 

They want us disengaged.  Don't give that to them.  Stay active.  Take vacations when you need to.  Take sabbaticals and set it aside for a few weeks, or a few months, but always come back to the fray.  We need decent people who are taking an interest in the political sphere.  We need you to man up and do your duty, even when it's hard. 

In 2016, well, it's very difficult.  We're left with the difficult choice of Satan vs. the anti-christ.  I'm really hoping for a better future for our country.  I'm really hoping and believing that things are going to turn around in a big way.  It starts today. 

Am I going to vote for Donald Trump?  I still don't know.  I can't vote for Hillary Clinton, she is anti-religious liberty, anti-guns, and pro-abortion.  She is a radical progressive with serious Marxist tendencies.  She is brutally corrupt to the core.  I've never seen anything like it.  If there were any justice in our legal system Hillary Clinton would've been indicted for violating the Espionage Act.  It's so obvious it hurts.  But apparently in the Obama era, Democrats like Hillary Clinton are immune to the law.

What about third party candidates?  Well, I can't vote for Jill Stein obviously, the Green Party is extreme left socialist big government advocates.  I also can't vote for Gary Johnson the libertarian candidate.  I have a lot in common with libertarians, I call myself a conservative libertarian.  Sadly Gary Johnson is the worst libertarian ever.  Gary Johnson is really just a liberal, a Democrat in libertarian's clothing.  Gary Johnson is pro-abortion, anti-religious liberty, anti-gun, and he thinks a carbon tax is a good idea.  In addition, while Gary Johnson was governor of New Mexico he was a big spender, increasing the debt from 3 billion to over 7 billion dollars.  He's no libertarian, not at all.  

I may have to pull the lever for Donald Trump, because Hillary's America terrifies me.  I don't know that America can survive another four years of the Obama progressive agenda.   

In all likelihood Donald Trump will be destroyed by Hillary Clinton in the general election.  He's way down in the polls.  This means the next four years will be about assembling a coalition of young people who can and will stand for Constitutional values and Christian ethics in the public sphere.  We need young people, we need old people, we never everyone we can get to sign on and fight to make a difference over the next few years.  One of the best ways you can begin to do that is by applying to become a Heritage Action Sentinel.  This is a volunteer opportunity to help hold your political leaders accountable.  It's a way for you to hone and multiply the effects of your political activism. The Heritage Foundation is the best political organization I've ever been a part of.  Definitely check it out and get involved.  

Especially if your a young person, get involved, stay involved, but don't get obsessed.  I've become politically obsessed in the past and I burn out.  Then I want to disengage.  Moderate yourself, don't overload yourself.  Keep it as part of your weekly routine, but don't make it the centerpiece of your life.  We can easily become discouraged and demoralized if we take in too much, too fast and too often.  

Our greatest adversary is the mainstream media.  They control the narrative, and their megaphones reach the masses.  The biggest problem we face is that our message doesn't get out.  Our worldview, Christianity, conservatism, and constitutionalism never reach the general public.  The internet has provided a megaphone for a growing conservative movement, but the mass general public still mainly get their worldview from the television.  And the television is a progressive hellhole.  We have to look to find new ways to reach the average American.  We have to reach young people especially, because young people are the future.  
Old people, well, they blew it.  They presided over the demise of American values and the demise of Christianity.  Now they run megachurches and run the country and read your blogs, take your ideas and use them to keep themselves in power, so they can spend away your future, bank off your faith, and keep you down at the bottom.  

We, young people, are the last hope.  We have to do it differently than our parents and grandparents.  Unfortunately many of us are even more disengaged and distracted than them.  Our ancestors were so distracted by the new technology and the new television media that they fell asleep while criminals captured the country and began to transform it into a secular big government dump.  In the same way the religious foundations of the country, the big cities, of the small towns began to be supplanted by new modernizations, by rising pleasures, and the churches began to crumble as self-centered focus took the place of God-centered worship.  

We have to rediscover our own lost values.  We have to rediscover true Christianity.  We have to rediscover the principles of free markets, limited government, and personal responsibility.  We have to rediscover morality, values, principles, heroes, dignity, and personal honor.   

Ultimately if we become who we want the country to be and learn to spread that message via revolutionary mass movements, then we'll retake the country through the fire and zeal of the truth.  If we know the truth and live the truth, the truth has set us free and will set our fellows free as well.  God is good, and things can change very quickly.  Jesus Christ is Lord and he will build his kingdom.  May His work be done through us.   

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

God of Love, God of Justice: A Future Heaven, a Future Hell

Source via Flickr by rabesphoto
“There are only two kinds of people in the end: those who say to God, "Thy will be done," and those to whom God says, in the end, "Thy will be done." All that are in Hell, choose it. Without that self-choice there could be no Hell. No soul that seriously and constantly desires joy will ever miss it. Those who seek find. Those who knock it is opened.”
C.S. Lewis, The Great Divorce

God's works are many in the world and of particular beauty.  Yet there is also the proclivity of man toward evil.  God allows for free will, which opens the doors to almost any possibility.  Which explains why the world is so messed up.  Humanity decided to turn from God, and play God.  

Life is best lived with God at the center of all things.  We can tend to treat God as an auxiliary to our plans and desires.  That is not the way it is suppose to be.  God should be the very center.  If life is the road and we're the car, God should be the engine.  If your life is a city, God ought be the center square, the city hall, the centerpiece of all operations.  

Too often we, myself included tend to relegate God to errand boy status.  Or watcher status.  Or perhaps advisor status.  Or order taker status.  God is much greater than that.  He runs the whole show.  Our job is to seek out His will, in a very real and practical sense.  What is my calling Lord?  What do you want me to do with my life?  What goals would you have me pursue?  These should be our daily questions to our Maker.

He leads us, subtly at times.  And more forcefully at other times.   A friend of mine told me of how he had been a duplicitous cheat, liar, and raving alcoholic for many years.  He told me something peculiar.  He said God gave him a vision of hell, which prompted large changes in his life.  Normally I would be quite skeptical of such an account.  Yet I was surprised and impressed by his simple sincerity.  He told me he found himself in total darkness.  He tried to blink his eyes, but all he saw was darkness.  He told me it wasn't really like he was seeing it, it was like he couldn't see.  He tried to look down at his body and saw only blackness.  He felt distant.  He tried to cry out but he couldn't speak a word.  He tried to breathe but their was no air.  It was so terrible he was awfully scared, tried to weep, tried to scream, but nothing would come out. Then he came to again.  He looked around stunned.  And later he came to the conclusion that this had been a vision from God of what hell would be like.

Now we've all heard of the bestselling books and accounts of hell, and people have described seeing demons torturing them and such things.  Of course that isn't biblical, demons aren't in any positions of authority in hell, they are simple prisoners of this place, which is a place of the lack of the presence of God.  We think of burning fires, red lit tunnels and dark rocks, and devils in red spandex suits, but those things aren't really biblical.  What is biblical is that this "hell" is a place of disconnection from God; A place completely outside the sovereign presence of God.  

This account got me thinking.  And it brought back several memories of mine from before I was saved.  I realized that I'd had a similar experience about ten years ago.  I had been sitting in my room, and I'm not sure if I had been napping or what, but I had just that kind of experience.  Everything was dark, and I couldn't talk, I couldn't scream, I couldn't cry though I desperately wanted to.  I felt the agony of this emptiness, of being totally alone. I remember trying to life my hand up to eyes to tree to see.  But there was nothing there.  I had no hand, just a phantom attempt at movement. It went on for I don't know how long and then I came out of it.  I didn't react with a change of heart and life like my friend did, but the experience matched near identically.  

It's been on my mind ever since.  Let me say immediately that I trust the word of God and the word of God only.  Visions, dreams, and experiences like these should be viewed skeptically.  But if these experiences do line up with scripture, then they can at least be discussed and taken into account.  

It's something to consider.  We often don't like talking about hell.  Maybe we're afraid that we'll be considered "fear mongers" and so on and so forth.  I do believe the love of God and the grace of Christ are primary motivators toward reception of the gospel.  But I think equally so is a healthy reverent fear of God, and a knowledge of hell.  Hell is after all, completely real if we take the OT and NT to be the inspired word of God.  And I do.  The Bible is 100% inerrant and true.  

What a fate indeed for many to find themselves eternally disconnected from God! It is a fearful, shocking thing indeed.  Yet God is in charge. God is sovereign over all things.  We have to remember that.  Yet he also allows for free choices, all the way back to the first free choices made by perfect man and woman.

This free choice began in a perfect world, in a perfect garden.  There were hundreds of fruit trees in the garden of Eden.  There was only one that was forbidden to be eaten from.  All Adam and Eve had to do was avoid that one tree.  And they failed to do so.  Now today we are in a converse inversion of that scenario; we are surrounded by hundreds of trees that should not be eaten from, and only one, the Christ tree will save us. This Christ-fruit is oft hidden from many and sometimes quite hard to find. But to those who truly seek after it, they find the Christ-tree.  And they eat from this tree and find eternal life.  

Reality will be renewed again, the universe and the Earth, after the door to salvation is closed.  Some will join God almighty in the eternal kingdom at the city of New Jerusalem.  If your like me, a born again believer and follower of the King of Kings, the Lord Jesus Christ then we have the most wonderful possible future awaiting us.  It is so incredible, so wonderful, so perfect that it's written that “No eye has seen, no ear has heard and no one’s heart has imagined all the things that God has prepared for those who love him” (2 Cor 2:9 CJB).  For those who have rejected the son and turned their hearts and minds from the obviousness of the existence of God in nature and life, they will be removed permanently from the presence of God. They will be sent from the presence of God, to eternal darkness.  

Hell, if that is what my friend and I experienced, is a terrible, terrible place to end up.  It is a place where the presence of God is missing.  But isn't God just to send those who hated him and ignored him their entire lives to a place where he is not?  

If your husband were abusive, rebellious and hateful would you not divorce him and escape from His presence?  And the same with your wife?  Or a friend, boss, or coworker?  And what about the corrupt reign of nations like North Korea or China?  Wouldn't those peoples give almost anything to escape from the presence of such hate and evil? Of course they would. They would flee and never return.  And so it is just that God removes from his presence those who refuse his love and spit in his face hatefully, disobeying all his laws, that are meant to bless them, and harming his other children through their perverse actions.  

It isn't an easy reality to swallow.  It offends our modern sensibilities.  But the truth is we're all happy when justice wins out.  God is a God of love firstly.  But God is also a God of justice. I'm glad that God is so good that he protects us, and will set things right from this world gone mad.

Many in the media would probably say this is a "dark outlook" on life.  Or that this is "negative."  Yet the facts show that this is in fact a very dark and corrupt world.  Even in America, we see it everyday.  So we must accept God's justice along with his love, if we really want to live in a better world.  

In closing I want to say this, to those who are still outside the cross of Jesus Christ: One day the door to eternal life is going to be closed permanently. God is giving a great deal of time for as many as possible to come and receive cleansing through Jesus Christ the savior he has provided. But the clock is ticking. God will bring into judgment the human race for the many wrong doings that have caused so much poverty, struggle, and chaos on Earth. Join a church now, today, gain access to the savior through the word of God. Don't wait, begin that journey today. Jesus is open to any and all. Call out to him!

Many are saying the end is quite near.  The weirdos on the outskirts have been saying that for many, many years.  But more so than ever I'm noticing people I highly respect are beginning to say the same thing.  They could be right, I don't know for certain.  The point is, we don't know.  But we do know the return of Christ will be sudden.  We do know we've awaited his return for almost 2,000 years now.  My request is that you make sure you are ready for that day.  For the elect, dig in deep, make your fox holes deep and strong.  Stay awake by remaining thoroughly active in the various ministries of the Christian faith, the practice of daily prayer, and the constant study of the word of God.  If you are yet unsaved, don't delay, join a good church and set off on that journey to meet Christ.  The window of opportunity will only be open so long, then it will close forever.  God is good.  He is love.  He is just.  May he be praised forever, amen. 

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

How to Pray Authentically: The Four Position Prayer

When I first became a part of the family of Christ I was pretty clueless.  I had no idea what it meant to be a Christian, I had no idea how to study the Bible, and I didn't really know how to pray.  

I've read several books about prayer.  And often times I find myself, after reading hundreds of paging, coming out still knowing virtually nothing about prayer.  So let's just cut right to the chase.  I did all this study, learned very little, so I decided that I needed to come up with my own method of prayer.

Prayer is insanely important to the Christian life.  If you aren't praying at least once a day it's hard to say that your even a Christian.  Prayer is like breathing to a Christian.  If you aren't praying, your suffocating or dead.  Plain and simple.  No excuses.  It's true.  

In the mornings I do two quick devotional readings.  A devotional is just a book with a reading for every day of the year.  There are tons of them out there.  I like Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.  And I also do Taking Time to Be Holy by Samuel Logan Brengle (Salvation Army devotional).  A great devotional is called Our Daily Bread, I always read that one at my nursing home Bible study.  It's free.  

I also do a short prayer in the mornings after my two devotionals.  Mornings are not my favorite thing.  I have trouble walking, eating, and breathing in the mornings.  I am not a morning person, and the world is run by morning people.  Very sad.  Anyway, I keep it short and sweet in the morning.  

My big prayer is at night right before I go to bed.  I call it the four position prayer.  Here's how it works:

First step, take out your hymn book.  I have a Salvation Army song book.  You could use a Baptist hymn book, a Catholic hymn book, or any number of song books from various denominations.  If you don't have one, head over to a Goodwill or thrift store, you'll probably be able to find one.  Also, there are tons of hymns available including the Salvation Army hymn book available via apps and such.

Leave your night light on for this part.  And you pick 1-3 hymns and simply pray them to God, reading them over and projecting them as praise toward heaven.  Very simply, very effective.  I'm usually sitting on the floor Indian-style when I do this one.

Step two, take out your Bible.  If you don't have a Bible, well, your in worse shape then I thought.  Take out your Bible, and open it to the psalms.  Pick 1-3 psalms and pray them to God.  Use them as praise to heaven.  I usually go to psalms, but you can pray many parts of the Bible. Experiment with what works for you.  Leave the night light on for this part, or the Bible might be hard to read.  You can kneel as you pray in an upright kneeling position with the Bible on the floor in front of you.  

Step three, turn off the night light and in total darkness go on your knees and place your head an inch or two from the ground.  From this position pray to God the "Our Father" prayer.  Do not just "say" the Our Father.  Slowly go through it, line by line, emphasizing the various aspects of the prayer.  Make sure your expressing the meaning in your soul and mind as you pray it.  I was raised Catholic, and we would say it so often, it wasn't really a prayer, just a monotonous mumbling of sorts.  Really pray it.  

After the "Our Father" then pray the Serenity prayer.  I pray the short version, but if you want you can pray the long version.  The short is: "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can't change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."  Google for the longer version, both are great.  After the serenity prayer I tend to pray a quick prayer for tomorrow: "God grant me the serenity to love their best and never fear their worst."  This prayer is good when you may have to deal with difficult coworkers, or obnoxious customers or family members that rub you the wrong way.  

Step three concludes with some thank yous, usually just "thank you for this day."  And "thank you for your love."  And "thank you for something nice that happened today."  Or "thank you for the struggles today, because I know they're maturing me into the man you want me to be."

Step four.  Move from the kneeling position and lay flat on your back, on the floor, and place your hands folded over your chest/stomach.  Position four is your confessional time.  This is when you really talk real to God.  Be totally honest about how your feeling and what's going on in your life.  It's best to do this in total darkness.  Confess your struggles.  Make your requests to God in this position.  If your angry, yell and scream.  If your upset, cry.  If your questioning, ask God some questions.  But always conclude your statements with "Never the less Lord, your will be done and not mine."  And if your having a real struggle and your really suffering then pray "God, you give and you take away, but never the less, blessed and holy is your name."  This is a way of saying "Lord I don't understand what's going on with all this, but I trust you and I refuse to blame you and I refuse to suggest that you might be doing something wrong, because you are always holy." Job did the same.  Pray for your family.  Pray for your friends.  Pray for the lost.  Pray for the world.  

[Optional Step 5] Sometimes I will also include the five finger prayer either while I'm laying on my back, or I will sit up back in an indian style sitting position on the floor.  And I'll do the five finger prayer.  If you'd like to include that in your prayer, it's a very nifty prayer.  It's kind of hard for me to lose my hand.  It tends to always be there.  So I look at my hand:

Thumb: Pray for those closest to you, like family and close friends.

Pointer finger: Pray for your spiritual leaders.  So pray for your pastors, pray for your counselors and pray for anyone who mentors you.

Middle finger: It's the tallest finger, so pray for those in authority.  This would be prayers for political leaders, for local governmental leaders, for Congress, the Supreme Court, and the President.

Ring finger: This is your weakest finger: Use this finger to pray for the weak and the struggling.  I usually pray for drug addicts, alcoholics, the depressed, the disabled, the lost and the sick.

Pinkie: Lastly, pray for yourself and your needs.    

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Dear Emily: About Life, Death, Depression and Euthanasia

Dear Emily,

Hi. I'm Justin. I read about your story on the internet.  And I'm quite interested.  I tried to find you online so I could try to talk to you. On social media and such. But I wasn't able to do so.  I'm writing this blog post in the hope that perhaps somehow you'll see it.  

I'm quite interested in your case, and your desire to die, because you see... I've had much the same problem.  In fact I've tried to kill myself several times in the past.  

I've fought depression my entire life you see.  I'm not sure why.  It just always seemed to be there.  I've been hospitalized several times in connection to this.  I've seen dozens of counselors.  I've gone through treatment programs, in patient, outpatient, blah blah blah.  For years this went on.  My life kept getting worse and worse.

I used to lay in roads to kill myself.  For some reason no car would ever come.  I stood in the highway once.  A car almost hit me.  

I've been to the darkest places imaginable, inside my own mind.  And I've felt the horror of the unending battle.  And the day filled with gloom.  The gray scale life, day in and day out, never ending.  

Today I still battle the depression.  But life is good today.  And I'd like to tell you about what changed my life.  

You said that it felt as though there were a monster inside your rib cage.  And it was always there.  What I'm about to tell you won't remove the monster. But it will put that monster in a cage.  

Do you believe in God Emily?  Have you ever explored down that eminent road?  No counselor will tell you about it.  They never told me.  No mental hospital will hand you a Bible.  No doctor will suggest a spiritual road.  Why?  I suppose perhaps they can't or their profession comes from a different worldview.  But ultimately the question must be asked: Is God real?

Don't you see Emily, if there is no God, and you and I are simply evolved pond scum then it would be entirely reasonable to have a needle stuck in your arm and have your life ended?  If we're just accidentally here, on Earth, then it doesn't really matter.  But if there is actually life after death, then it does matter.  Everything matters, every choice matters.  

If there is nothing, just the great blank darkness, then I can fully understand euthanasia.  But the truth is, there is hope.  There is life after the grave.  God is real.

Much of the western world has turned from such beliefs.  Why? I'm not sure really.  But I grew being trained in religious faith, in the United States, but I rejected it.  

I watched the documentary about you, and you were asked about death.  And you said, "I'm not religious."  And you said that you think of death as something to do with personal peace, related to your personal experience of peace.  My blog is called a lifestyle of peace.  I recall at that moment in the documentary, the sky went from overcast, to sunny, and light shined down on you.

You said "I'm not religious."  Why not try this Christian road?  That's what happened to me.  My family was praying for me.  I was all kinds of lost.  Got involved in drugs.  All sorts of terrible things.  And they were praying for me.  I started carrying a Bible around with me, reading from it.  I thought, maybe there is hope here.  Many say there is.  Could they all be wrong?  

If God is really real.  And he has revealed himself through Jesus Christ, and his word, then it's exactly what your missing. If we need Jesus to cause us to be born again, and we're broken and empty until that happens, then Jesus is exactly who you need.  A living Jesus. 

So Emily, could you give it a try?  Could you begin a spiritual journey and ask God: Are you real?  Jesus are you really alive, are you really who you say you are in the Bible?  Jesus would you reveal yourself to me?  

You've tried everything else, right?  You've even applied and been accepted to be euthanized.  But something kept you from it.  Something inside stopped you.  I believe that something that stopped you is God.  Begin that journey.  Try it out at least.  There is nothing left to lose, when you've already lost everything.  Right?  I know.  I did lose it all.  And I went to rock bottom.  It was there I realized something.  

I realized: Maybe, just maybe Jesus Christ can help me.  I've done all the drugs.  I've tried all the medications.  I've been to the hospitals, seen the counselors, read the books.  But maybe, just maybe God is real.  And he's really out there.  And he really cares about me.  I recall at rock bottom, in the opaque darkness I cried out, cried out with all my might, in tears, in bitterness, in despair: JESUS HELP ME JESUS SAVE ME PLEASE, please.. please.. please.  And my life changed.  The monster got locked in a cage.  The battle wasn't over.  But suddenly, joy was possible.  I could feel again.  And I was alive.  The darkness no longer had me.  I had come into the light. 

Could it change you too Emily?  Could it mend up your broken heart?  Could Jesus really be the light to ignite in your darkness?  I'm betting He could.  There is nothing left to lose.  There is nowhere else to go my friend.  You might as well seek him.  Ask him to reveal himself to you.  Carry a Bible around with you and read from it.  Do as I did.  Call out to Jesus.

I'll be praying for you.  As my family prayed for me.  I hope I will get a chance to talk to you about these things.  Take care my friend.  I know how you feel. I've been where you've been.  


Justin Steckbauer