Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Poem to my Father

I was thinking Father,
That this dream is like a nightmare
A wilderness of endless green trees
Reminders of what was meant to be
Tall sky scrapers, street lights and urban fortifications
Monuments to humanity, and it's vain attempts to survive with you
A planet gone wrong, hurdling toward destruction
One thing holding it up, that's you Father
Dead souls, with empty eyes then glowing bright
As the Titanic sinks around them
Diving off in trust that the cold waters won't touch them
Rising up into the night sky
Saved from destruction

I was thinking Father,
That you're always with me
Especially when I can't feel it completely
A creation you made, but then why aren't you more present to me?
I can imagine you with me
Through a glass, dimly
But it's not making sense to me
Reality of the moment is so imposing
You're out there aren't you?
There you are, I can see you
Through the words of your explanation
In the tree branches
In the net of stars hung over the fallen landscape
There to remind humanity
There's more to this puzzle
More to this corrupt planet of misery

I was thinking Father,
That you always have what I need
You've always got what I crave
You reach out
But make me do the walking
You humble my heart brutally
But give me peace later on
You speak to me in wisps of forgotten song lyrics
You speak to me through the computer
And car radio, you proclaim just enough for me to notice
But not enough to see

You demand intense loyalty
And demand that I trust what you do
That I trust completely in you
You forge faith in my corrupt heart and soul
To push me into your gift of eternal life
Hanging there before me, stubborn
Too foolish to simply receive it
You right my mind, drop it on me like a ton of bricks
And rise my spirit from the sinful dead ashes.