Monday, October 28, 2013

Testimony of Christian Author Jim Hughes

How do you share in a short testimonial all that the Lord has done for you and what He means to  you?  I can only share a few highlights of a life lived by faith  and not be sight.

I was raised in the church, but didn’t really give my heart totally to the Lord until I was 18.  I was in a revival meeting at church and the Lord really got hold of my heart.  It was there, at an altar of prayer, that I fully gave myself to the Lord.  Within two years He had called me into Christian ministry.  If I had known at the time what all I was getting myself into, I may not have been so quick to say, “Yes!”.  It was again at a revival meeting on campus at college that the Lord led me into pastoral ministry.

Although I did not know it at the time, I met my wife on the college campus.  Through God’s wondrous ways, we got together and were married in 1973.  I still often pinch myself in amazement that she saw in me things she wanted for a life partner. 

Most of my 40+ years of ministry has been in a bi-vocational capacity.  We have been blessed with two adult children who are married and a son still living at home and two granddaughters.  Although I am officially “retired” I find myself busier than I have ever been.  We home school our son at home, babysit our granddaughters, and I have written a book on Christian marriage that I try to market.  It amazes me the variety of ways the Lord allows me to serve Him through the book.

Most of all, I want to express my love and passion for the Lord.  Jesus is everything to me.  I am overwhelmed by this life of grace I am privileged to live.  I love to read through the Word as part of my daily devotions and would highly recommend it for everyone.  After all these years, I still find the Word speaks to me in new and fresh ways constantly.  I find the more I am into the Word, the stronger my love for Christ is.  I died to live and live to die.  I can’t wait to see my Jesus face-to-face!

My book can be purchased through Amazon books (, Tate Publishing and Enterprises, Barnes and Noble, etc.