Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Philosophy, Science, Logic, and History: Presentations on the truth of Christianity from Multiple Disciplines

"If Christians could be trained to to provide solid evidence for what they believe and good answers to unbelievers’ questions and objections, then the perception of Christians would slowly change. Christians would be seen as thoughtful people to be taken seriously rather than as emotional fanatics or buffoons. The gospel would be a real alternative for people to embrace."
–William Lane Craig, On Guard: Defending Your Faith with Reason and Precision, p. 18

I'm a Christian Apologist at heart.  Yet, I love the Bible.  I love the Bible so much, it's so incredibly beautiful and such incredible truth.  But I love examining Christianity from the contemporary views of history, science, logic, and philosophy.  Because I love evangelism.  And I want to engage people in these spheres of reason and inquiry. 

We need to be armed to the teeth with the facts on Christianity, because naysayers have a lot of generalizations about faith and religion they like to beat us over the head with.  Most of them are outright false, therefore we must know the facts and use the facts. 

Faith is reasonable, and I believe in intelligent faith.  Faith with reason that backs it up.  So enjoy these four video presentations from various angled approaches to the gospel and Christianity in light of disciplines like history, science, logic, and philosophy. 

1. Philosophy - Ravi Zacharias

2. Science - Hugh Ross Phd

3. Logic - Frank Turek

4. History - Os Guinness

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