Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Modern Man

 Let me be very direct friends, in describing the modern man.  This is not every man, not every human, but I think we can all see parts of ourselves in this description, who we used to be, or even who we may be today.  

I won't mince words....

....The modern man is a pig!  His only barometer is his appetites.  His only knowledge is from the television.  The modern man has not even a shred of dignity or honor.  His does whatever he likes, lives however he decides, and believes whatever suits his moods.  He is a demigod standing in judgment over all ideas and beliefs, belittling, mocking, and accusing, yet abhors the idea of judgment.  Ironically he is outrageously indignant in the face of accusation or in reaction to his foolish motives and decisions.  He uses science he doesn't understand and evolution that he's never studied to defend his own hedonistic lifestyle of pain and perpetual loneliness, interspersed with grievous harm to his friends and relatives.  He hides his universal selfishness with a lot of talk, while his life perpetuates the despair he critiques around him.  He deplores corruption in social institutions, corporations, banks, and government, yet his life is a testament to personal corruption in relationships, affairs, and business.  He is a consumer, a sports fan, a drinker, and always on the go.  He is sleazy, slimy, and his thoughts are raunchy.  He has no idea what anything means and he doesn't care one bit anyway.  He knows nothing of history, for it doesn't entertain him.  He knows nothing of the future, aside from the hidden belief that he will live forever.  He neglects his children, and further neglects his elderly parents.  The modern man walks around in a perpetual stupor, drunk on pleasure, feeding his base desires, with no reason, no past, and no future.  He is the height of selfishness, manipulative, shameless, utterly addicted, and the most hopeless, deplorable, terrified, and unlovable creature on the face of the Earth. 

I was the modern man.  To a T. 

And I was hopeless, helpless, and unlovable. And then.

Jesus Christ. 

In the shadow of my life.  Along the cold path.  He intersected with my delusion, and gave me a new life.  The unfathomable happened in my journey, not from within, but from without.  In my own spiritual delusions a voice shined through the madness.

Jesus Christ gave me a future.  He gave me righteousness.  He gave me everything, when I was the embodiment of sin, judgment; a careless frigid pit of emptiness.

And now I struggle, against who I used to be, and who I'm becoming: a man after God's own heart.

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