Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Authoritarianism toward Christians in the name of "Gay Rights"

On the national stage and in many smaller communities we've come upon a difficult debate.  This debate is the clash between LGBT rights and Religious Freedom.  This clash has triggered a philosophical conflict, what many view as discrimination vs. the 1st amendment right to free speech.  

Gay marriage has been forceably legalized by the Supreme Court, overriding the existing laws of all fifty state. This is a case of judicial activism, and sadly with the loss of Chief Justice Scalia, the highest court in the land is in jeopardy. Those in the LGBT community cheered the gay marriage ruling, they cheered "love wins."  What did Christians have to fear? After all, leftists had long promised that nothing terrible would happen once gay marriage was legalized. But just as soon as that victory was won, the attacks began mounting on those of religious persuasion. 

The attacks include fining Christian bakeries, shutting down Christian bed in breakfasts, media hit jobs on religious families, jailing Kim Davis for conscientious objection,viciously attacking Indiana religious liberty laws, big businesses boycotting entire states like North Carolina and Mississippi, idiot musicians and hollywood types pulling their business from states standing for basic liberties, and LGBT activists bullying legislators in Georgia into submission to their agenda.

The chief question is this: Should Christian business owners be required to participate in gay marriage wedding ceremonies? Should mom and pop baking shops and bed and breakfast inns be forceably fined, sued, and shut down if they refuse to participate in ceremonies they consider contrary to their faith? 

Many of us will recall the bakery in Oregon that was fined $120,000 for refusing a gay couple's wedding request. More recently a bed and breakfast in Illinois was fined $80,000 for refusing to host a gay marriage wedding.  There are dozens of other examples in recent months.

The mainstream media has decried these religious business owners as "bigots" "homophobes" and "backwards fundamentalists." They constantly call it discrimination in the press, and mockingly place "religious liberty" in quotations, as if such a thing were a myth. Well, the first amendment to the Constitution isn't a myth. It's law. 

Now, should a Christian working at a gas station be allowed to refuse to sell a homosexual person gas? Of course not. Should a Christian clothing store refuse to sell clothes to LGBT activists? Of course not. Should a Christian taco stand refuse to sell tacos to a homosexual couple? No! But, should Christian business owners be forced to participate in a gay marriage ceremony through baking a cake, doing the photography, or hosting it on their property? Should a church be forced to host a gay marriage ceremony or be charged with a crime?

No, I don't believe so. 

We have freedom of religion in this country. In addition, we have the freedom to practice our faith in all areas of public life, as long as it doesn't physically harm anyone. There are no laws to prevent people from being offended. Religious liberty is a cherished right of America. We are suppose to be free here in this country. We are not like Europe or Canada where equality of action and equality of thought are forced on the population.

We have the right in this country of conscientious objection. If an activity goes against our conscience and/or our religious faith, then we should not be forced to partake of it. But there are many on the extreme left that would prefer to force Christians to participate in these ceremonies or be fined and/or shut down entirely. Many on the extreme left would have pastors forced to officiate homosexual weddings or lose their jobs. Many would force Christians churches to hire LGBT persons even if it goes against their core principles.  If they refused, they'd be charged with a hate crime, fined, and shut down.  Is that freedom? Is that really what our country is about? Forcing Christians into submission? I don't think so. 

The American people have shown more and more tolerance toward the LGBT community. That's fine. Tolerance is OK. But this sort of authoritarianism toward Christians who simply don't want to participate in weddings that they consider immoral is not OK. And frankly its becoming kind of scary. 

Now they're talking about enforcing gender identity views in public schools.  Would you want your child taught that he or she can pick their own gender? They're also now trying to allow boys to use girls bathrooms and locker rooms based on what gender they claim to be.  Does that sound like a good idea?  Frankly, these possibilities are child abuse plain and simple.  Encouraging mental illness doesn't help anyone. 

This has gone too far. The average people of this country can see that.  I believe the American people will wake up to this war on sanity, and put a stop to it. Let's make sure we do the same in our communities.  We must hate no one.  We must love and care for those who are confused about gender issues.  We must help those who feel attracted to their same sex.  We must show love, and offer assistance.  But we must also stand in the public arena to make certain that our values are being taught.  And that the laws reflect American values. 

Most importantly: Remember our country is one of liberty, not enforced equality.  We are free in the United States.  We must reject the notion of hate speech laws, and reject censorship and attacks on people of religious faith.  We today have the right to disagree.  We have the right to say what we think.  Let's make sure that never changes.

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