Monday, April 18, 2016

A Movement of Millennials: The last hope of Western Civilization

I'd like to tell you about a movement.  It's a movement of young people.  It is a movement to recover what has been lost.  And it has only just begun.

This is a movement toward redemption.  And toward hope.  But most importantly a movement toward the truth.  This is a movement to tear the veil over the truth in our society.  Great things are done not by mythic heroes, no, great things are done by everyday young people who take a stand.  They take a stand, even though they're afraid.

History like anything else is circular.  A pattern emerges for those who can spot them.  Generation by generation events take a familiar turn time and again, there is nothing new under the sun.

The first generation builds an economic empire, a Christian nation.  They stack up their bodies, die side by side to free themselves from cruel overlords.  Again they fight to banish slavery pouring out their blood for the cause of liberty.  One hundred years later men and boys die on the battlefields of this world once again, heaping up their bodies sacrificially with every ounce of strength imaginable to topple the great evil of the Nazi regime.  Not cinema, but reality.  Only 80 short years ago a genocidal dictator nearly took the world, yet he was stopped.  

The second generation builds on the advancements of the first, developing the Christian nation.  They build on the platforms of the first, wisely.  Economic prosperity ensues.  Innovation becomes an everyday occurrence.  Technology blossoms. Diseases are cured.  The people begin to live in real luxury.  They honor God, and preserve a moral structure within the society.

The third generation, having eyes that did not see the victories of the first, begin to systematically eject God from the society.  They don't need God.  They look down on the first and second generation as backward rubes, fools, war mongers whose religion destroyed the world.  Little do they realize that they live in the lap of the blessing provided by such faith.  The third generation is arrogant, rebellious, tired of the status quo.  They seek to remake reality in their own image.  

In their flight from Christianity they embrace the very ideologies that brought the world to the brink a hundred years ago.  They begin to teach those ideologies in schools, and bring them into every academic discipline imaginable.  They wage a quiet war on the faith of their fathers.  They abandon moral precepts.  They develop psychological phenomenon aimed toward liberating the "suppressed human spirit."  They declare God dead, and develop convoluted theories, philosophies, and sciences to explain away God.  They revel in their own glory and build altars to themselves amongst the cities.  

The fourth generation comes on the scene.  This is my generation, young people today.  Some call us "millennials."  The third generation stood on the Godly platform provided by previous generations as they tore down the structures.  The fourth generation is raised up in the lies of the 3rd generation.  They are children of the rebellion. They become the first to truly live out the full entailments of the godless ideologies.  The result is chaos, addiction, pain, sorrow, and brokenness for the fourth generation.  They are destroyed by it.  So a few of them wander, broken into quiet spaces, careening toward the darkness... away from the ruins, and something beautiful happens.  God finds them there.  They discover the God of their grandfathers.

"Millennials" is an interesting name for us.  I wonder, are we millennials of the new age of relativistic pluralism, self anointed gods of the universe?  Or maybe, just maybe could we be the children of God, glorified adopted children, part of the coming millennial kingdom of Jesus Christ? 

There are two roads before us. The first is that of embracing the ideologies we were raised on: modernity, materialism, naturalism, and more recently post-modernism and "democratic" marxism.  We can embrace the unification of all religions into one pot in which we proclaim ourselves demigods.  We can embrace the drug culture, sex, selfishness, gender-whatever, and all of this madness.  But where will it lead us?  The answer is simple, profound, self-evident: This road leads to total destruction, implosion, disaster.  It is the end for western man.

The second road, well, that's something special.  It's this movement we're talking about.  This movement is powerful, because anyone part of it quickly realizes that it could not have come about organically.  It's something that's been designed, and set forth by God himself.  That's the movement.  This unnamed movement of young people.  And it is a movement.  It's happening today.  It's doing the impossible.  Let me tell you about this movement... this movement that I'm a part of:

We are those raised in a society where the truth had been carefully hidden from us.

We are those who have found this world empty and wanting.

We are those who have perceived the darkness within and without.

We are those who have turned to the light.

We are those who rejected ideologies that suited our fancies, or give credence to our debased desires for sex and pleasure.

We are those in search of the truth.

We are those who have found the truth.

We are those who dug through the ash heaps, amongst the broken idols of naturalism, darwinism, materialism and all the rest, in search of an old book.

We are those kin of Josiah, searching through the wreckage of this empire; we have discovered the book of the law.

We are those who have been totally crushed under the weight of our own sorrow.

We are those selected by a loving God to do his difficult work on the Earth.

We are those who have come to realize that Christianity is the truth about life.

We are those who see following Jesus as a systematic worldview.

We are those who have gone back, and searched through history, science, theology, and government, pouring over old books in search of the truth.

We are those so filled to the brim and set a fire by the truth of Jesus Christ that we desperately seek to share it with anyone who will listen.

This is a movement of young people.  This is a movement of millennials.  This movement displays itself in many ways: through apologetics blogs, facebook groups, twitter accounts, at small churches, in recovery groups, on college campuses, in science departments, in academia, on websites and forums, and in politics.  This movement flies over dozens of banners: religious liberty emblems, appeal to heaven flags, the God's Not Dead movement, American flags, Gadsden and Moultrie flags, occupiers and protesters, anonymous activists, churches, political groups, Christian activists, libertarian hedgehogs, Freedom caucus patriots, on and on the list goes.  

We are those who have found the book of the law scattered in the wreckage of this falling nation.  And we're trying so desperately to set things right, to share the truth hidden by the media and secular academia.  

We're outnumbered.  We're constantly censored and minimized.  We're mocked and ridiculed by media organizations.  We're bombarded by advertisements and sensual stimuli.  

We are the exception to the rule of our generation.  We watch our brothers and sisters driven toward depravity, darkness, and hedonism through the mass production centers of public schools, secular universities, Hollywood and the mainstream media.  

We are truly watching millennials, our fellows, being force fed the debased ideologies of the rebellious third generation that turned from God.  They preferred sexual revolution, they preferred Tim Leary drug culture, they preferred evolutionary biology to intelligent design, they preferred secular self help therapy to healing in Christ, and they preferred revisionist history to the true anthropology of man.  

Yet we are rising up, attacked from every side, crippled and broken by addictions and sorrows, yet we are rising up, young people, like me, like you, we're fighting tooth and nail to save western civilization before it's too late.  

Our enemy is powerful.  They are dead set on ridiculing, outlawing and destroying the America their forefathers built.  They are seeking to replace it with an impossible marxist utopia.  Instead they've opened the doors to disaster, refusing to see that their ideologies have left western man addicted and destroyed.  They cannot face that truth, so they push forward unto total collapse.

Yet even if it's too late for western civilization, and it may well be, we have a greater challenge ahead of us: to share the Gospel.  We're fighting to share the incredible true gospel of Jesus Christ with a generation lost.  We're not just fighting for civilizations or countries, we're fighting for the souls of humanity.

We're fighting and amazingly we're winning.  They can't keep us hidden forever.  God's not dead.  He's truly alive.  Jesus is coming again, souls hang in the balance.  Join us today.  If your reading these words, you are the future.  You are the last hope of western civilization.  You are the resistance.  You are the body of Jesus Christ.  Share the truth, share the apologetics, share the real history, share the science, share the gospel!  Onward Christian soldiers, onward. 

Even if it's too late for the declining church, for western society, at least we fought to our last breath to proclaim the gospel, to share Jesus, and to redeem the world.  Don't give up.  I know your out there, hurting inside, burdened for the nations, crying out in the darkness toward God in heaven, interceding for the people.  You aren't alone.  Others are out there, standing strong in their towns and communities.  There is still hope at this the twilight of western man.  There is still a light burning brightly.  Let us continue until He returns.  Burn brightly. For Christ. 

Gideon chooses the 300, via Wikimedia
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