Tuesday, January 5, 2021

The Rebellion against God: The Glitch in the System

Your life is a vapor. A thought in the mind of God. The world you exist in, a manufactured reality designed and developed by God.  In fact, time itself is a construct. Perhaps black holes are distortions in the system, that show the 2-d surface of void outside the design.  Your life, is simply a vapor. A cloud of mist, you are a soul designed by God. A creation.  A thought.  A wisp in the expanse. Apart from God is only nothingness. There is nowhere to go.  There is no escape. 

The rebellion will fail. It always does.  It failed at the tower of Babel. It fails today, as they rage against God.  There is no possible rebellion. How can a wisp transcend above it's own designer? It's impossible.

It reminds me of the matrix. The idea that our god is a lower god, who is basically evil. And we have to rebel against that god, and escape the matrix, and attack the matrix to free minds from the matrix.  Zion was hell, and the ships were demons, attacking the system.  And the "agents" were angels, protecting the system. And of course demons can't ever defeat angels. So the hope is for a anti-messiah figure, to come about, who can defeat the angels, and hopefully, make a truce with God sometime in the future, because God is planning to destroy them, at their base, in Zion/hell.  The whole Matrix series is a sort of gnostic anti-Christian allegory.  Fascinating, certainly, very well, constructed.  But I read a theory that Neo isn't actually the one, Smith is.  Very interesting.  I think that's quite right.  

Smith is almost like a sort of "messiah" figure because he is able to "copy" himself.  Much like Jesus makes people born again into "Christians" which means, "mini-Christ."  That would make Neo the anti-Christ figure.  The matrix is the Earth. Zion is hell, from which demons attack the Earth.  Sentinels are angels, agents are angels.  It's an inverse anti-Christian message.  Very interesting.  

In any case, I was pondering the glitch in the system.  There is a glitch in the system, you might say.  The glitch is Satan, and the subsequent rebellion around Satan.  Satan was once Lucifer an angel, but rebelled against God.  Rebellion is the glitch in the system.  And it was pioneered by Satan.  He refuses the obvious authority and glory of God and rebels against it.  There is nowhere to go outside of God.  There is nothing apart from God.  Any rebellion against God is doomed to failure, it's nothing, there is nowhere to run.  Where would they go?  What would they do?  

That glitch might've died with Satan, but the glitch was passed on to the human race, when the human race under Adam and Eve joined the rebellion of Satan, by rejecting God's system, choosing to try to ascend themselves above God.  Of course this is impossible. A delusion.  But now all of us are born with the same glitch of Satan imprinted on us, the imprint of rebellion. The imprint of the glitch in the system is in our minds.  

And the only way to escape this dead end rebellion inside us, is to turn to Jesus Christ. And he comes inside of us, and begins to transform that broken glitch, repairing it slowly over our lives, and bringing us back to God. Jesus conforms our wills back toward God, instead of away from God in the rebellion. 

But oddly enough, many still die in the wilderness, as the Israelites did when they were delivered from slavery in Egypt.  That's fundamentally what the glitch in the system is, it's slavery.  Slavery to Satan's dead end rebellion.  A disaster. An outrageous desire to rebel for the sake of rebellion, a prideful desire to have our own way, no matter the cost.  Truly idiotic.  But quite persistent.  

Even as Christ works in us, to sanctify us over our lives, many of us fight it, and resist.  We cling to our sins.  And cling to our ways. We're stubborn and we complain.  And if we persist in that rebellion to Jesus within, we will die in the wilderness like the Israelites did.  The gates of hell are still open to us, if we persist in rebellion, we will go there when we die.  But if we persist in obeying Jesus, and following Jesus, and being conformed to the new man, we will overcome, and attain to eternal life in paradise.  That is the challenge.  To fight the glitch within to the very end, in the power of Christ, to have victory.  He who is victorious will inherit eternal life.