Thursday, September 23, 2021

According to the Christian Worldview, you do actually live in the Matrix

"Who are we!?" cried out the man in the military uniform. He and four strangers, a clown, a ballerina, a hobo and a bagpiper found themselves in a strange cylindrical area. Little did they know, they were simply toys, at the bottom of a salvation army toy donation bin.  

But is our experience so different? The cylindrical drum we find ourselves in is simply bigger and wider with more amenities. Yet we all have those moments in life where we look up into the sky and wonder, who am I?  

Honest moments are rare, for humans like you and I. We keep ourselves busy. We avoid the big questions. We delight in the good things of life and endure the bad things. 

But there are desperate moments in our lives, when we call out, "Who am I? What is this place?"  It's not such a far cry from the twilight zone. 

There are terrifying moments, moments we shove away into the darkness, that make us dread the fires below that await us. It is too horrifying to fathom, the danger we are in. So we hide quite expertly from it. 

I used to run. I ran and I ran. I ran day and night. I even dreamt of running. But there is nowhere to run. The sphere we find ourselves in goes in a big circle, walk far enough and we'll come around to ourselves once again. 

This is a temporary matrix we find ourselves in. It will not exist forever. It is only a temporary construct, a distorted, darkened, shadowed reality, a squirrel cage, surrounded by a forest. This life is nothing.  It is nothing, aside from, a last chance for every human who lives on it. 

It is our last chance to choose life, and live in peace with God.  Or to choose death, and eternal sorrow.  Choice.  It's all about holiness, purity, righteousness, an objective moral standard that God upholds, and we choose to come to God, through Jesus Christ, for liberty, purity, holiness, or to reject God, and receive judgment and condemnation as a result.  It is a temporary, tangent construct, designed by God, in it's fallen state, to exist as a last chance for humans to reject the rebellion of Satan, which many have joined, and to embrace the road home in Christ.  

You live in the matrix right now.  And everything here is designed to either draw to Christ or deceive you to destruction. Why is it all set up just like the way it is? I have no idea, I'm sorry. I can't explain every detail.  All I know is that God is just, I trust that, so the present construct must be just, despite all the evil, and in delight of all the good. Glory to God. Choose Life. Choose Jesus.