Friday, June 16, 2023

Can the Foundations of America be Restored? Only through a Revival of the Young

In our desperate search for what went wrong with western civilization, digging through layer after layer, social structures breaking down, norms shifting, confusion abounding, unrest spreading, and suicide flourishing, we search and long and cry out, "What has gone wrong!?"

We think to ourselves, well, it must be education. Or crime? Maybe it's medication or mental health? Could it be a philosophical issue, the effects of post-modernism and moral relativism? Perhaps it's the news media, always spreading negativity and fear and misinformation? Then again it could be racism, sexism, or lack of compassion, or inequality? 

But at the bottom base, the core truth is something we don't like to hear: We really do need God in our society. Without God, the moral law giver, objective truth, moral obligations and duties, prohibitions that exist within the person himself, not simply on paper in society, all of it collapses. 

Christianity is the underpinning of western civilization, and as we jettison it for entertainment, nihilism, pleasure, and post-modernism, we unsurprisingly see a society tipping into chaos, if you tell a man or woman that their life has no greater meaning, they are simply star dust, and whatever they desire to do they may do, without consequences, without any thought of moral accountability or divine justice after death, well, then they do drugs, have sex, and commit suicide. And society collapses. But most people don't want to face that fact. 

Maybe because we dislike the idea of God. But if we can get past that, we might just find the bottom foundation of what went wrong, and right it, before time runs out.

The question is then: Can the foundation be restored? Theoretically, if it could be restored, then every layer above the foundation would eventually slide back into place. 

I've wrestled with this over the last few years, trying to understand what that could look like. Because it really goes down to how people see the world. It goes down to worldview. 

We're increasingly divided as a society between an essential philosophy of life, one side tends to believe in God, the other increasingly believes in science and progress. 

One side is focused on deconstructing norms and reshaping society. The other is set on past/historic models of societal structures. So it becomes increasingly difficult to find common ground, when our underlying perspectives on the universe are so different. But I've got to believe that it won't necessarily come through debating perspectives, though free and open debate is certainly a key asset for society. 

I think it will most likely come through introducing people to Jesus Christ at an angle and from a perspective they haven't seen Him from before.

We've set our battle lines between the ruling philosophies, which I understand why, because one side thinks the other is trying to redefine the entire society based around the progress agenda of deconstructing. And that scares them. Conversely the other side thinks that the religious side is wanting to drag us back in time to a place where bigotry and racism and oppressive gender roles were more normative. And the power belonged to only one select group. And that scares them. So we fight back and forth in the cultural conflicts to either redefine society or hold to past traditions.

And I wrestle and wonder, can the foundation be restored? Only in Jesus Christ. And in Jesus Christ explained in a way that makes sense to a new generation. That may be our only hope.

Then our only hope is revival, because in a real revival the foundations are restored. Society returns to God, and in so doing, the fundamental foundation of society, the family, the individual is restored to foundational connection with their Creator. Restoring the foundation then has to occur on an individual basis, and then inculcated into the structures of society, the elite institutions, but it would have to start with people, young people in particular, a revolutionary revival at academic institutions. That perhaps then could bring about a restoration to the foundational structures that western civilization was built upon, namely God, in the Christian sense, the God of the Bible.