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One of the primary goals of this blog is to encourage Christians young and old to share, share, share their faith in Jesus on Social Media.  The Internet has become a sort of open forum for dialogue and discussion.  This is a wonderful opportunity to share the message of Jesus Christ.  In addition, it's also a powerful way to encourage fellow believers, endure on the path to salvation, and join in community and discussion with people of opposing views.  

How does it work?  Very simply.  Spend time each day sharing pictures, text, and videos in regard to Jesus on your social media accounts such as: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Manta, LinkedIn, Live Journal, Wordpress, and many others. 

Five Key Ways to Share

1. Share Scripture Verses - You can copy and paste scripture verses from to your social media account and post them.  

2. Share Pictures - Search on Google, or check out the Share these Images section of this website, download the pictures you want to share and start sharing them on your social media accounts. 

3. Share Videos - Go onto and search for your favorite speakers.  I personally like to share videos from people like Ravi Zacharias, William Lane Craig, John Piper, James Macdonald, Frank Turek, Hugh Ross, Ken Ham, Erix Metaxas, John Lennox, and Francis Collins. There are many other great Christian speakers though.  

Once you get to a video on Youtube that you want to share, underneath the video you'll see a button that says "share."  Click that button, then you'll see a list of social media buttons.  Share the video on all of those social media platforms.  If you don't have accounts, create free accounts for the various sites (Fb, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, etc) and share them all.  Get into the habit of sharing videos regularly. 

4. Share Blogs - At the end of every post on this blog is a list of options to share the post on social media.  Please feel free to do so, and share the message, or start your own blog! 

In the Links section of this website you will find many important organizations.  Share links to those organizations, their articles, and Christian news on the web.  It helps increase the Jesus-buzz and get's people thinking about Christianity.

5. Share through Forums, Chats, and Private Messages - Perhaps you're an introvert, a bit too shy to talk to people in person about Jesus.  But you can always engage people in discussions on internet discussion boards and social media personal chats.  Engage at your own risk though, many take the chance of impersonal contact to get quite hostile with Christians sharing their faith.  So be careful, be patient, and show lots of love. 

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