Sunday, March 31, 2013

God the Father, Spirit (Sermon of the last week in March)

My dear friends in Christ Jesus, I am so happy to be amongst your thoughts and hearts today.  It always feels like there is so much to do, and so little time to do it.  But we know from scripture that all things happening according the counsel of God's will.  All things happen through Christ and according to the truth.  We may have peace, because as Christians we have the special favor of God.  (2 Timothy 2:1)

He grants us special requests.  He keeps us from stepping out in front of traffic!  That special favor is not necessarily working in the lives of unbelievers.  But we know from scripture that we are not chosen because of our works, but all this was determined in the heart of our creator long ago.

I want to encourage of you my dear friends, to put trust not in your own discernment, but pray for and receive the God given discernment through the presence of the holy spirit in your life.

We know we can rely on prayer and conscious contact with God to guide our spirits.  Always find yourself within prayer!  Pray about everything my friends, and constantly speak to God within your mind.  But as you speak to God during the day as you go about your business, let me also encourage you to go on your knees before God in the morning and in the evening to give thanks and love to your creator.

He loves you so much, he truly does.  He is a wise and old spirit.  God is spirit.  He is a loving father.  He is your father.  So let me encourage you to call God "Father."  For we know from scripture that when we are born again in Christ, that we are no longer children of earthly parents, but God himself is our father.  Give him thanks!

It's so easy during the day to offer thanks to God.  Thank you Father for this food, Thank you father for that green light.  Thank you father for my job, my full tank of gas, my loving wife, my loving husband, or if you're still waiting for that person, Thank you Father for the woman I know you have out there, picked especially for me.

If we can find a way to trust and put faith in our dear heavenly Father, then we can know true peace of mind.  Because then, no matter what happens in our lives, we know, through and through, that God is in control and that nothing can happen without his permission.

The Father loves you dearly.  He loves you so much, he gave his son to grant you passage into eternal life.

Know that there is no perfect faith in this life.  If you have an off day, don't beat yourself up about it.  God knows our hearts are flawed as humans, constantly tempted by sin.  He UNDERSTANDS this, because he came down to us in human form, as Christ Jesus.  We know Christ Jesus was tempted in every way possible, and that he endured the pains of a human life without sin.  This paid the debt that humanity incurred through it's endless disobedience of God.  Our faiths will not be perfect, but let me encourage you to rise again when you fall.  And if you can't seem to rise up out of the gloom in your head, or the mindset of sin going on, ask your loving Father for a hand up.  We know he answers our prayers.  Because he loves us truly.