Saturday, March 9, 2013

Try It.

My friends, you know me well.  You've seen me struggle for my whole life.  You always knew me to be a seeker.  You read my constant words of searching.  You read my constant philosophical self discussions via my blog and journals.  You saw my posts and talked endlessly with me about philosophy, spirituality, truth, love, and light.  You saw me try out different religions.  You saw me try for true wisdom.  You saw me fail, and struggle.  And you ALWAYS knew me to be one who doesn't simply dive into something without THOROUGHLY researching it.  And you saw me lost, addicted, and troubled for years.  Now you see me, totally changed.  You see me doing good things, and not evil things.  You hardly recognize me.  And now I want to tell you, after all the YEARS of my searching, I found the answers I always sough in Christianity.  I am not saying that the answer is RELIGION... I'm saying the truth is within the word of God the BIBLE.  And how it appears to you.  I believe in the God of YOUR understanding.  If you have known me to be a true unbiased seeker, then I ask you not to take on MY God, but to simply TRY IT.  Because I want you to see the truth, as I have.