Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Psalm to the Holy Father

The Living God is my shield, then why might I fear?
Father God is on his hill, watching over his country
His Son stands near the beset
He is the great architect of the redeemed soul

But your people have turned away my God
How can this be?
Your name is mocked in the public forums
Your enemies hold all the keys, and guard all the doors

The city on a hill in the Christian nation of the West
Has become the jewel of wickedness
She has become the filth of the world
Engaging in ever new and imaginative falsehoods and delusions

Your children indulge in all manner of depravity
A wicked and endless party laughing to the gates of hell
Of which I was once chief
But you redeemed me Father, you saved me from my dark night

I rested my head on the rock, the rock at the bottom
I called on your Son and the heavens shook
And your angels tended to me
The stairway lay in front of me, of which now I walk

Now I see my Holy Father
Just how the nations have turned from you
How can this be?
My God, please set them free

They pretend you do not exist Father
They pretend you do not matter Father
They act as if all roads lead to your Holy place
They fornicate, abuse, steal, mislead, being drunken and foolish
And claim anger at you, for not giving them all their desires on a platter

But I will praise your Holiness Father
I will speak to you in the morning and at night
I will worship you in truth and loving gratefulness
I will lock hands with my brothers and speak your prayer at midday

I declare my allegiance to you Father God
You are the Father of Isaac, of Jacob, of Israel, of the entire world, and even of Justin,

Your galaxies, nebula, planets, and star systems declare your power and majesty
Your glory will be made known among all the nations of the Earth
Before your son Jesus Christ every knee, every person ever born or to be born will bow
All worship, glory, honor and love to the King of Heaven Father God and to the King of Earth Christ Jesus