Monday, January 13, 2014

Five Passionate Powerful Youtube Sermons

I spend hours and hours and hours on YouTube watching sermons throughout my week, depending on how busy I am.  Youtube is an incredible resource for getting quality teaching and truth on demand.  It's all free.  So I'd like to share five powerful sermons that have really inspired me over winter break.

5. John Piper - Embracing Suffering

The passion of John Piper is truly on display in this sermon.  The glory of God is so very important to consider.  I've got to constantly recall the Holiness of God, just as much as the incredible love of God!

4. Rick Warren - The Five Biggest Problems in the World Today and the solutions found in the Gospel

Rick Warren speaks during this sermon at Liberty University the college where I attend.  Rick thinks on a global level, and I think we really have to do that. 

3. Ravi Zacharias, Let My People Think at Yale University

Ravi Zacharias is a powerhouse when it comes to representing the Gospel to intellectuals and those concerned with philosophy and science.  Here is part two of this talk:

2. Mark Driscoll - Why did Jesus come to Earth?

Mark Driscoll did an incredible series called "Vintage Jesus."  I've watched three other sermons in the series and they all match the high quality of teaching in this one, so check those out as well. In this sermon Mark talks about the threefold ministry of Jesus Christ as Prophet, Priest, and King.

1. Francis Chan - Living with Joy

Rejoicing, do we do it?  Being joyful.  How can we do that?  Francis Chan with his powerful passion and authentic, genuine way of speaking really makes it clear having joy is a place where God wants us.  So let's be joyful!