Wednesday, March 19, 2014

American Traditionalism vs. Actual Biblical Christianity

In the United States are we really practicing what the Bible teaches?  Sometimes it's hard to separate the truth of the Bible from the way it's practiced in a given culture.  So let's take a look at American Traditionalism compared with Biblical Christianity.  Maybe we can start to see the problem, and if so, perhaps also see the solution. But understand, patriotism is not a sin. But one must keep the first things first.    

    American Traditionalism            Actual Biblical Christianity
Salvation: Being a good person, attending church             Faith in Jesus & his work on cross

Worldview:   I'm a Patriotic American                                   I'm literally a citizen of Heaven

Tolerance:    I don't want to offend anyone                           This is the truth, politely, I love you          
                    (or) its exactly like this and no other way          we don't have to agree, but that's my position

Evangelism:   Religion stays in church                                I actively share my faith with friends, family, etc

Foreign Policy: Just war, we need to get the terrorists         Pray for and love the terrorists into repentance

Lost people: Keep druggies, prostitutes and gays out         Welcome sinners to repentance with compassion

Relevance:    Seeker friendly? No way!                              Constantly becoming all things to all people in
                                                                                         cultural presentation; adapting always                 

Sovereignty: God gets Sunday, the rest is mine              God is literally sovereign over all aspects of my life

Resurrection: I don't know, faith is blind                         Yes, I really truly believe Jesus is alive in Heaven

Pastor:  Rebukes you, and yells at you, condemns            Loves, encourages, and exhorts congregation
            Powerful, too busy to see you                           Literally considers himself a humble servant

Congregation: Weekly holier-than-thou session         Loving humble flock of troubled sinners repenting

Daily life: God is a part of my life                                     God is the engine of my entire life