Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Hubble Telescope & Doing Something for Christ

I love these photos.  Just a few that I found on their Facebook page.  I saw on the facebook page in the comments on the photos more and more religious folk have been showing up, and the atheists and agnostics who frequent the page are getting all militant; as these religious folks actively share their faith in the wrong way at the wrong time.  You know the type, shove it down your wrote with no good apologetic, no compassion, and self righteously slap you and condemn you to hell when you tell them to piss off.  It's a funny little thing.  The internet is full of arguments like that, just utter foolishness.  The atheists post pictures of monks with retarded looks on their faces and yell "there is no god, gods, nothing!"  And clasp a fist to the sky.  Oh well.  

Really how I've come to see it is this: The world is going all crazy, all these mega corporations and mega banks, and political movements.  People run about working at stores and diners, offices and a few remaining factories.  They get their starbucks coffee, their fast food, and occasionally get indignant about intolerance, or people refusing to embrace homosexual marriage and supposed racism.  Maybe they get on somewhere and argue about it with people, or picket somebody, but that's it.  Then they go back to going to the bars on weekends, work during the week, get married have a family.  Religious folks argue and complain, seek fame and glory for themselves, go on vacation, maybe come into church every Sunday, and occasionally maybe once a season do some little thing for the community, like pick up trash or whatever.  Pray maybe, pick up a Bible here and there, maybe.  Atheists go out their and engage in hedonism, picket pastors, engage in sex with whomever and get more evangelical than the church more often than not, and eventually they settle down or whatever and start an anarchist newspaper.  And all the while the conservative right are fighting the liberals, and the liberals are pushing for this social justice or that thing, the conservatives occasionally decry abortion, get all indignant, but no law ever changes, and all of that world crap just goes on and on and on.  

But I've come to the realization.. that in all of that, the true Christian disciple of Jesus Christ, while the world self righteously claims this cause or that cause or this idea or that idea, and while the religious folk are condemning this person or that person, playing church behind closed doors, the true Christian disciple of Jesus Christ is down somewhere day and night serving the poor and lost, day and night, praying, evangelizing, comforting, humbly serving, but all in all, actually doing something.  

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