Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Apologetics: Answering Atheism, Naturalism in the USA, and the Reliability of the Bible

Christian Apologetics is the reasonable defense of the Christian worldview.  Many would have you think that religious thought exists in a vacuum and runs absolutely contrary to reality.  That is not true.  It's not true.  

Christian apologetics is where a lot of the fire for my evangelistic spirit comes from.  Because people simply don't know, and no one is telling them.  The media is not telling them, the news is not telling them, the universities are not telling them, and the churches are absolutely not telling them the compelling reasons behind Christianity.  And only the Christian apologists stand alone, like noble knights of old, against the onslaught of lies, half-truths, and deceptions perpetrated in public schools, universities, the sciences, and the public square.  Naturalism is pushed in all those arenas, and Christian apologists stand to defend Christianity in a nation founded and lead forward by Christians.  And now in the last 80 years, Christianity is quietly evicted, while eastern mysticism is explored, and naturalism dominates the landscape.  

These three doctors of various disciplines walk through the facts on three key topics: Answering the objections of the new atheists, the Naturalistic framework and it's effect on the USA, and the reliability of the documents composing the Christian Bible.  Enjoy these video presentations on the truth of Christianity by some wonderful men of faith that stands the test of reason.

Dr. Ravi Zacharias answers the objections of prominent atheists.

Dr. JP Moreland discusses the dominance of the Naturalistic worldview in the USA and it's ramifications

Dr. Norman Geisler looks at the Bible and it's reliability.

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