Sunday, November 15, 2015

Five Christian Organizations that Get it Right

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There are literally hundreds of Christian organizations out there, just within the United States. Many of these organizations routinely ask for donations and support from everyday people like you and me.  It's so hard to know which organizations we should support and which we should not.  I'd like to highlight, very quickly, five organizations that I've had a very positive experience with.  These are Christian ministries and organizations.  But in any situation always research who you give your money to and research how they use it.

1. The Salvation Army - Red kettle season once again is here, and it's a good reminder to support this wonderful organization.  83% of the money given to TSA goes directly to community help programs.  The Salvation Army operates food pantries, social service programs, homeless shelters, community centers (Kroc Centers), emergency disaster services, and drug rehab facilities (ARCs).  The Salvation Army is considered one of the top ten most enduring institutions in human history.  TSA manages to always stay on the cutting edge.  If all Christian denominations make up the church, the body of Christ, the Salvation Army is the frontlines and the unsung heroes of the spiritual war.

2. Liberty University - Started in 1971 by Jerry Falwell, Liberty University is the largest Christian university on Earth.  Liberty serves over 10,000 students on campus and over 80,000 via distance education.  Liberty University provides an education based on the Christian worldview that is unparalleled.  Liberty University manages to stay on the cutting edge of issues, with an impressive social media presence.  The culture in Virginia is Christian, surrounding many Christian universities like Liberty.  It's a major key to the future of Christianity in the west.

3. Living Waters - Ray Comfort's ministry is a spirit filled venture in radical adherence to evangelism.  Living Waters make available many free resources and sermons placed in the public domain to allow for mass production and evangelism.  Ray Comfort's ministry is on the cutting edge of evangelism and cultural engagement.  LW produce many powerful documentaries like Evolution vs. God, Audacity, Noah, and 180.  Get involved in intentional evangelism as soon as you can, the world needs Jesus.

4. Compassion International - Compassion is probably the most well known and renowned for service to children in the 3rd world.  Consider sponsoring a child today. 

5. Abolish Human Abortion - The ministry of Abolish Human Abortion operates much like anti-slavery groups operated in the United States prior to the Civil War.  This organization calls abortion what it is: child sacrifice.  They are a growing movement of "abolitionists" standing to end the awful injustice of abortion.  Please get involved if you can.  

Notable Mention: Alliance Defending Freedom, Liberty Institute, The Heritage Foundation, Thrivent Financial,, RZIM, and the Veritas Forum.

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