Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Odd Christian Voyage

Being a Christian is an odd voyage. You might be tempted to think that it's some sort of constant high.  You might picture a scene where I'm sitting in the meadow with Jesus and his presence is prescient and joyous. There are certainly moments like that and experiences like that. But more often, it's much like life was before. It's tough, there are certain low spots and dark nights of the soul. There are moments when Jesus seems far away. There are moments when worship itself seems impossible. There are times when I feel decidedly uninspired at church or during prayer. Yet there are other times when church is a time of shocking closeness with God. There are times when I'm filled with the peace and joy of Christ for days on end. There are times when prayer fills me to the brim and I know for certain I've communed with the Almighty. But it's not constant. There are ups and downs. Life is still life, and yes, it still sucks at times. Many a time I have to remind myself that Jesus Christ is indeed my savior, when I feel out and alone, frustrated with a seemingly eternal frown on my face. The battle continues, because within I have been reborn, purchased by the brutal sacrifice of the death of God on the cross, this terrible slaying of Jesus Christ. And thanks to his victory over death, his resurrection, I'm a new man. Yet until the return of the King of Kings Jesus Christ I'm left with a "sinful nature" a tendency to default back to selfishness, self pity, and fear. So I patiently wait for the coming of Christ, and yearn for it, to be freed from this final bondage to the desires of the flesh. Then, eternal life in complete righteousness in the full presence of the majesty of God himself.

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