Monday, September 19, 2016

Top 10 People I wish were running for President so I could Vote for them

CC 2.0 via Flickr
Top 10 people I wish were running for president, so I could vote for them:

1. Ted Cruz - principled constitutional conservative, what a chance we had...

2. Alan Keyes - former diplomat, constitutional lawyer, a true man of principle.

3. Allen West - retired Army Lt. Colonel, great and wise man.

4. Thomas Sowell - economics would never be a problem under a Sowell presidency

5. David Horowitz - here is a man who knows how to fight political correctness and cultural marxism.

6. Ron Paul - I don't agree with his foreign policy, but Ron Paul is a man who believes in the Constitution and the restriction of federal power.

7. Marco Rubio - here is a solid conservative, not as consistent as Cruz, but certainly would make a great president.

8. Ben Sasse - This senator is a gifted communicator, Youtube his speech at the Heritage Action conservative summit; he receives a 97% from Heritage's conservative scorecard.

9. Justin Amash - this Rep from Michigan is a rising star, a solid libertarian inspired by the Ron Paul movement to run for Congress. He is a principled libertarian who firmly supports the Constitution.

10. Michelle Bachmann - the media pundits and insiders laughed at Bachmann when she suggested that ISIS was attempting to form an Islamic caliphate in the middle east, years later, she was proved correct.

Honorable mention: Jim DeMint, Mike Lee, Clarence Thomas, Carly Fiorina, Mark Levin (if he would run), Trey Gowdy, and Rand Paul.

Who did I forget? Who would you most want to vote for? Who would you want to see run in 2020?

Ben Sasse via Flickr CC 2.0
Clarence Thomas cc 2.0 via Wikimedia