Thursday, October 20, 2016

10 Awesome Political Videos that Cut through the Lies

Politics is the art of seeing through the lies and to the truth of any given situation. This is never easy. There are layers to each issue, there are talking points put out by candidates, and then there is the reality of the situation. There are often distortions and half truths mixed in. In many situations politicians will say one thing and do the opposite once in office. Many times an issue is displayed from a certain perspective to make a course of action seem appealing, but in reality this is an attempt at deception. It's very tough for us as everyday americans to see through the lies and recognize the truth. But I hope I can help, by sharing videos like these, from people who speak truth to power. Enjoy.
1. Mark Levin: Do we need a new Republican party?

2. FRC Action Party Platform

3. D'Souza has a word for Christians not Voting this November

4. Clinton Cash, the documentary

5. Supreme Consequences: Good Judge, Bad Judge

6. What is the Future of America?

7. Trey Gowdy slams Obama's senior advisor

8. PragerU - Can you trust the Press?

9. Nigel Farage ends Hillary Clinton

10. Hannity analyzes the Wikileaks Email Dump

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