Thursday, December 1, 2016

Click Share: Be a Content Distributor of the Christian Worldview

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The internet has opened a virtual great awakening in the spread of information.  Much of this information has been negative, and sometimes misleading.  Many have troubled over the issue of fake news.  Yet there is just as much, if not more good information spreading as well.  The internet has truly opened a market place of ideas.  

I remember before the internet there was really very few ways to share ideas and distribute content.  There was really only books, television and newspapers.  And most of those were controlled by a small group of secular elites.  

Today the great untold story is how Christians are sharing their faith on the internet.  It's been an awakening and rediscovery of our Christian past.  More and more people are learning about historic Christian influencers like A.W. Tozer and Charles Spurgeon.  It's been an expression of topics missed by most church preachers, like apologetics and deep theology.  It's been a way of spreading important theological principles like inerrancy, the sanctity of life, the literal crucifixion, and natural marriage.  Christians are gathering in groups on Facebook and other platforms.  For me personally in the Salvation Army I've seen many salvationists rediscovering the history and past zeal of the army, as well as the books and quotations of army greats like Evangeline Booth, Samuel L. Brengle, and William Booth.  It really is an exciting time!  

So I'd like to encourage you: Participate in this revolution.  One of the best ways to do this is to click "share."  Click share on YouTube videos that you find intriguing.  Click share on blog posts.  Copy-paste scriptures and send them out on your social media accounts.  Honestly, it's amazing how quickly content can go viral.  Tens of thousands end of seeing the content that you share!  

We really have to be the change, and be the missionary via our social accounts.  Our worldview doesn't get out any other way.  It's not available on television at all.  It's not available in major newspapers.  It's not available on radio (with some exceptions.)  

I love it actually.  One of my favorite things to do is share something I find interesting.  At that moment when I see something compelling, like a William Lane Craig video or an article on intelligent design or an old Billy Graham sermon I'm filled with a rush of zeal that says: Others need to see this!  I'm burdened for those who simply don't know.  So I'm compelled to mouse over and click share to as many social media accounts as I possibly can.

Conservatives and Trump supporters did this to great effect on Facebook and especially Twitter during the 2016 election cycle.  We as Christians and evangelicals should do the same, sharing our worldview and principles with billions of people on social media.  One of the coolest things I've noticed about this is that even people in other countries will run into the content that I share.  That is amazing!  We have the opportunity to reach people all across the world, people we could never reach otherwise.  Participate in this.  

We've long lacked the attitude of being missional on an individual level.  But ultimately it's up to you and me.  No one else can do it.  In the past we've felt powerless as the television blared secular lies and biased dogmas.  But with the internet and social media in front of us we have no reason to remain despondent and cynical.  The power to reach thousands and even millions is right before us.  So today, and everyday, when your on social media, take time to gather good content and click that "share" button.  God is mighty!  His message will flow to the nations.
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