Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Living a Lifestyle of Worship

Living a lifestyle of worship is something that has to happen one day at a time I think.  We as Christians could be tempted to assume a "once and done" attitude about our Christian faith.  But it's really about loving God and loving people one day at a time.  It's about attending church services faithfully, and Bible studies faithfully, week in and week out, in good times and bad times.  That isn't always easy, but thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ it is something we can do with joy and patience.

Are you tempted to give up when things don't go your way?  Do you get angry or confused when things won't come in your own time?  I know it's been frustrating for me at times, wishing I was married is one big thing, and yet it never seems to happen. But I try to be patient.  Recently I had two deaths in the family, my grandma and grandpa both passed away.  It's a time of grieving for me.  Yet I never questioned if God was good.  I already know God is good, and that can never change.  As Job said, one who endured great suffering, "Should we accept good from God and not misfortune?" (Job 2:10).

There will be many ups and downs in the Christian life.  We've been appointed to testify regarding the grace of God in Christ Jesus in a dark, fallen world.  That will challenge us time and again.  We've been appointed to suffer (Philippians 1:29).  And the goal is that through our suffering we'd become more Jesus, and through our suffering that the Holy Spirit would carry the gospel through us.

Living a lifestyle of worship is an honorable calling.  It's something we should all aspire to.  How can we worship God day and night?  How can we live a lifestyle of worship?  

I think it means understanding who God is, and living in amazement of his divine characteristics.  God made the universe from nothing.  God made the plants, the animals, the stars in the sky, the seasons, the sun, the moon, and God our race.  God is timeless. God is omnipotent.  God is non-physical. He designed the various laws of physics that govern our universe.  God through his creative  spirit developed the human senses, the human body, the design of romance and relationships, he developed the arts, the philosophies, the constructs of society and government, He made it all by his infinite wisdom.  

God to us personally is both a father and a friend.  He is a savior and a comforter.  He is an encourager and discipliner.  This is a beautiful relationship that we have the honor of participating in.  Yet ultimately the greatest glory of God, and our greatest reason to love Him is because of what he's done for us in his son Jesus Christ.  

Our sins had separated us from God almighty.  Yet God in his compassion offered us a way to be redeemed and brought into right relationship with Him.  God sent his only begotten son Jesus Christ on a rescue mission to save a wayward humanity.  God became a man, Emmanuel, which means "God with us."  Jesus Christ lived a perfect life.  He healed the sick, served the poor, and guided his disciples.  He spoke to the multitudes proclaiming a mystery called the "coming of the kingdom of God."  Jesus was betrayed by Judas, and willingly went to the cross for us.  He chose the cross.  Jesus was nailed to the cross, spit upon and mocked, and for many hours he suffered on that cross.  

Finally at the ultimate moment, all of the sins of the world, my sins, were placed upon Christ, and at that moment, God the Father turned his face away from Jesus, and He was left alone, to die alone, as a sacrifice for the sins that I've committed.  And three days later, Jesus resurrected from the dead, saying to us today, if you believe in me, you will be resurrected after your death, and you will inherit the kingdom eternal.

Ultimately our daily worship must center on the victory of Jesus Christ on the cross, and his resurrection.  Jesus is coming again, and He will make all things right on Earth.  Live in light of eternity.  Keep your mind focused on living a life in light of eternity.  Christ has redeemed you, and every good deed you do now equals treasure in heaven.  That's what Jesus said.  So work and labor for eternal life.  Carry the living gospel to the lost in any way you can.  Be creative, and think outside the box.  Carry the gospel, the scriptures, and defenses of the faith in the community, on the internet, on social media, and in any and every way you can.  Heaven is real, hell is real and the souls of humanity hang in the balance.  Who will tell them if we won't?  We must.  And I believe that we will.

So in conclusion, I'd like to encourage you to build a lifestyle of worship.  Serve Jesus, in light of eternity and carry the great mighty gospel to those in your community who don't yet know him.  Thank you for reading, God bless you.  

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