Thursday, September 14, 2017

My Top Ten Favorite Christian Speakers to Listen to on YouTube

1. Ravi Zacharias - I've heard most of his messages, he generally gives pretty much the same message, but he's deep, he talks philosophy and apologetics with a central gospel focus. 

2. Frank Turek - straight forward jersey talk on Christian apologetics and cultural/political issues

3. Timothy Keller - His apologetics are excellent, but Tim Keller's description of complex overarching themes of scripture is really quite exceptional.

4. William Lane Craig - Intellectual, deep apologetics based on a solid framework of logic laced with cosmology, history, and scriptural references.

5. Ray Comfort - the evangelist never fails to urge us to reach people with the living gospel, true deliverance from sin. 

6. Voddie Baucham Jr - Voddie's focus on family, marriage, and scriptural authority are thought provoking and quite grounding for the mind. 

7. John Piper - always meaningful sermons focusing on the glory of God and how we are made to glorify Him and enjoy fellowship with God.

8. Greg Koukl - apologetics, science, and the reality of Christian worldview. 

9. Michael Ramsden - RZIM Christian apologist

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