Tuesday, September 18, 2018

A Holy Insurgency: Called to Acts of Sabotage against the Kingdoms of Darkness

As I live in the big city, I realize that I am part of a holy insurgency. As C.S. Lewis said, we are warriors on a battlefield called to acts of holy sabotage against the kingdoms of darkness that cover this world. 

The truth exists in our world in a state of subjection to lies and misery.  The truth exists only as something put down, locked out, and openly ridiculed.  That is the state of things.  Why?

Because as Jesus said, The truth shall set you free (John 8:31-32). Who is the truth? Jesus is the truth (John 14:6).  The truth is scandalous and powerful because it breaks every chain. It breaks things we're told are unbreakable.  It frees people from the binding contracts of hell, Satan, and darkness.  The grace of Christ cancels every sin, every condemnation, and every binding cord of the enemy of God. Once we discover the truth, then we're charged with proclaiming it to to others (Matthew 10:27, Matthew 28:16-20).

I'm charged with the seemingly impossible task of portraying a living gospel to a dead people, who would much prefer to hear nothing of it. They don't want to hear anything of the truth, and yet... Something inside them craves it (Ecclesiastes 3:11). 

I know only too well, and if I were too quick to judge them, I might remind myself that I was once thick as thieves with just such folk.  I was the misanthrope, I was the nihilist, the cynical guy who hated the God he didn't believe in. 

So, I must discover how exactly to be a subversive pastor. The world will try to push me into the position of being self-help chaplain to the secular culture. I have to fight out of that role, and be something more, someone who is proclaiming a living gospel, a real kingdom that messes up peoples perfect picture of their life, the white picket fence, the family, the nice car, and the great job.  I must discover how to be one who, having found humanity subverted, must then subvert the subversion.  When I subvert the subversion I'm helping disconnect people from the lies of the world, and plug them into the transforming reality of God's kingdom.

We're insurgents against the kingdom of Satan.  We just won't stay in line and keep our mouths shut about Jesus.  We just won't stay obedient to the worldly values, feeding at the trough of carnal pleasure.  How dare we break up perfectly good misery by bringing up Jesus?  Just who do we think we are?  

After all it's impolite and impolitic to talk to some stranger about the love of Christ!  That's simply not done! There are social norms.  And they demand silence!  Don't talk to people in line at the grocery store, don't introduce yourself to your neighbors, and don't give a Bible to your friend. Just stay in your church, have your little service, be quiet, and be content to preach to a dwindling congregation.

We make ourselves targets when we do these things, targets for the enemy's kingdom.  Oh, such a thought puts a smile on my face. There is a beautiful word for it... defiance.  We defy the enemy, reject the false social standards, and proclaim the gospel  stubbornly.  Hit, and run, hit and run, day in and day out, gospel here, gospel there, and we stubbornly refuse to stay silent.

We're a small minority among the cities of the west.  We're a small minority among the churches of the west!  We're the insurgency.  And we're working day and night, behind the scenes, to expose the world to Jesus Christ.

Our acts of sabotage are not material. Our act of sabotage is to declare Jesus Christ, organize Bible studies, plant churches, and develop fellowship. The overall goal of course being to subvert the kingdoms of man with the kingdom of God. 

The kingdom of God is coming.  In fact it's here right now.  But Christ will return in the flesh.  And I want to be busy at work for his kingdom when he returns. I'm sure you do too!  Get to work.  Make a plan. Be subversive. Get a group of insurgents together and be subversive together.  Subvert the kingdom of Satan, and strengthen and spread the kingdom of God.  Amen. 

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