Thursday, April 25, 2019

Waking Up in the Dream - Epic Poem

Star light, glorious
Moon light, the mystery of God’s hand
The warmth of the day, a breeze
In awe of this undertaking.

Living dreams in a reality in which I’m awaking,
Confusion, hard metal surfaces,
Grit and grime, rust and faded paint
Yellow tint of the cat tails along the highways

One day eyes opening,
Discovering a touch of light
That penetrates within me
It becomes part of me,

I am transformed
the grit and grime washed away
set as a heir of an empire
named as a person of great worth
marked with the symbol
property of God

I have a mission
A calling
No longer a slave to the consumerist nightmare
No longer a freak show repeating disaster
Instead a light in the darkness
A prince of the king
A chariot of fire
On a mission, in a battle,
Carrying a torch in the city,
A rally cry for the provision of the many,
A caring mention of something better,
A light to the cities beyond us, ever crumbling,

Yet the battle rages within,
Between what I used to be, and Who I am now,

I want to speak up, I want to shout from the rooftops
But I’m so afraid to say something,
Distracted by the limelight, distracted by this life,
So many people living lives for selfish pleasure
Outside the valley of broken dreams
I want to shout come home to Jesus
But there’s a trembling within,

Lakes, rivers, and streams
Chariots of fire over the valleys
The roaring of the people in their rejection
Of the beauty of the one behind the mountains

A trumpet blast upon the air waves
It echoes across the broken cities
Terror and rejoicing join in the air
As a son makes ready those he loves

He’s coming sooner than we think,
The clock is ticking,
I can see the clocktower overlooking the cities,
The people walk around in their apathy
Looking at their smart phones,
Looking at the reflection of themselves in the bean downtown
Selfies, selfies, and modern ideologies,
Despairing children in broken homes,
And endless lines of people at the counter,
Waiting for their products and purchases,
Living do they realize,
Dying mighty they recognize,
That to live is to die, and to die is to gain,
The whole world in Jesus Christ,
The living gospel proclaimed,

I see a people rising up around me,
One by one, day by day,
In no great rush, but steadfastly and determined,
A great holy army, rising up,
Proclaiming the mighty gospel
Doing great deeds in the name of Jesus,
The Holy Spirit reigning in a great awakening,
That brings this hallowed out shallow miserable generation,
To the feet of the cross, where he lay dying,
Nailed to the tree he did so willingly,
And the world was changed that day, forever and always,
This generation brought home,
This generation opening into the gates of heaven,
God’s people rising up,
Could it be?  Could it really come? 
Or is it just a dream?
I see brilliance in the eyes of God’s mighty people
Here comes the end time army,
Bringing these people, to the open arms of Jesus,
To wash them, save them, give them hope, a future, holiness, eternal life.
I’m a part of this,
Someone pinch me,
I’m living in a dream,
This dream, too good to be true,
I have to pinch myself,
Sometimes I do,
And I think I might wake up in a hospital bed, a near dead junkie,
Who was having a dream, the best possible dream he could have,
But it turned out Jesus came into my story,
And turned that dream into reality,
And now I live, I’m a live, born again, and part of a holy, Spirit-filled end times salvation army waiting for the return of the Lord Jesus!
 Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah. Amen.