Monday, April 26, 2021

Is there any evidence for God?

Has anyone ever told you, "If there were evidence for God I would believe in Him?"  It's a reasonable statement I think.  If you want me to believe something, show me the evidence.  Sure, there is an element of faith in all of it. But it can start with a reasonable inquiry, can't it? Yes it can.  

So if someone asks you, "Is there any evidence for God" you could reference them to read some books, like Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis or the Reason for God by Tim Keller or Reasonable Faith by William Lane Craig, but the problem is a lot of people in our ADHD society struggle to read an entire book cover to cover.  So sometimes it's much easier to point to a video someone can watch.  If they can't even do that much, they weren't really interested in an answer to the question anyway.

So I'd like to reference the following YouTube playlist for viewing, for those who seek evidence for the existence of God.  It contains 12 videos by noted Christian PHDs and philosophers and scientific minds on the evidence for God's existence.   

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These are the documentaries/videos contained in the playlist: 

God of Wonders the documentary

The Fine Tuning of the Universe - Reasonable Faith Ministries

The Life of Jesus movie 

The Kalam Cosmological Argument - Reasonable Faith Ministries

The Atheist Delusion movie - Ray Comfort

Evidence for God - William Lane Craig

The Language of God - Dr. Francis Collins

Evolution vs. God - Ray Comfort

Science Confirms the Bible - Ken Ham

Bill Nye debates Ken Ham - Answers in Genesis

The Privileged Planet - The Discovery Institute

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed - Ben Stein