Friday, August 23, 2019

Why My Faith is Stronger than Ever that God is Really Real

I thought to myself, should I follow suit with the post-modern heroes of Christianity, the disaffected, selfish millennials flipping on the faith, and declaring their atheism to the world?  The answer to that question is NO! 

My reasonable faith in the architect of reality, the universe, and the human race is stronger now than ever before.  Some think science is slowly poking holes in religion.  That is the narrative sometimes repeated in the coffee shops and plush venues of cultural elitists, in their elitist newspapers and journals.  Of course the opposite is quite.  More so than ever, science itself is pointing us to the reality of the existence of God.

The more scientists study DNA, the more they realize that the cells in our bodies are coded with instructions, exceedingly advanced instructions.  As they look deeper and deeper into the cells of our bodies, they realize, with awe, "This looks designed!"  Meanwhile astronomers studying the stars and the universe have realized that there are particles called the "higgs boson" that literally hold the universe together.  Many in the scientific community nicknamed these "God" particles.  It is quite interesting when we realize that the word of God declares that Jesus Christ himself holds the universe together by his mighty power (Colossians 1:17). 

Additionally, it's clear to the scientific community that our universe is not eternal, but that is began in the finite past, something they refer to as the big bang.  This cosmological principle is powerful in that this burst of creation in the finite past is remarkably similar to the concept of God "speaking" the universe into existence during the creation week.  And if the universe did come into existence, it can't simply pop into existence from nothing.  It must have a cause.  What force or entity best fits the bill to be the cause of the universe? That's right you guessed it, God the intelligent designer, who is infinite in nature, outside time, and possessing ultimate power.

Not only that, but historical and archaeological  discoveries continue to confirm the biblical account of history.  In fact just two weeks ago archaeologists discovered the ancient "Church of the Apostles" near the sea of Galilee in Israel.  Thousands of archaeological discoveries have served to confirm the biblical account of history, from a statue of Caesar Augustus discovered in the red sea, to the old city of Jerusalem recently discovered by archaeologists.

But what about that age old question that philosophers have wrestled with for centuries: Is God really is there, why is there so much evil in the world?  Now, it's interesting to note that if the atheists are really right, and there is no God, then there is no standard by which to discern between good and evil.  It's all just personal opinion.  If it's true that our universe burst forth from nothingness billions of years ago and aimlessly flies into nowhere, and we are just evolved slime from the goo pits, then there is no good or evil.  It's all just personal opinions.  And ultimately it wouldn't matter anyway, because one day, all would come to darkness. 

Then again if God does exist, then there is good and evil, and an ultimate standard.  Which means God has allowed for humanity to have free will.  What an incredible gift, don't you think?  We'd be mindless robots without free will.  Free will is the only thing that allows for true love.  Free will is a beautiful gift. But it's also risky, because we can choose good or evil.  Unfortunately we live in a world where things have gone terribly wrong, and humanity has fled away from God.  We live in a world where a child may die of some disease, or a natural disaster may kill thousands, or a lone gunman may slaughter innocent people.  This world is the chaos that results when humanity tries to play God, and live without God.  We also wrestle with the issue of evil in the world.  It breaks our hearts. But in the Christian worldview, God has promised to judge evil, at the end of the world.  That should be very satisfying to us, that in the end, good will be rewarded, and evil will be punished.  God is patient. God is kind. And God isn't afraid of our questions. God will interact with you, as you probe such deep and meaningful questions.

Ultimately, when we look at the life of Jesus Christ, even today Jesus is as popular as ever in the world.  The academic masterminds of our time continue to debate and discuss the life of Jesus, and average everyday people continue to consider Jesus, what he taught and how he lived.  When we look to Jesus Christ, we see a flawless, beautiful life, in which one lived to serve others, loved others, helped others, and offered up his very life to bring others home to God.  And Jesus is alive, and continues to change lives in the world today.  Jesus changed my life seven years ago, when he saved me from addiction, depression, and an empty, meaningless life.

So do I get upset, and start to waver in my faith when high profile Christians like Joshua Harris, and the worship leader from Hillsong reject Christ?  No I don't.  I know in whom I've believed.  God is real.  And his son Jesus Christ is a true, living savior, who conquered the grave, and is literally alive right now in heaven.  And Jesus Christ is coming again, to rule this entire Earth.  I believe that now more than ever.  And if some are rejecting the faith, and turning back to the ways of the world, maybe it's just a sign of the times we live in.  It's hard to follow Jesus.  It means giving up our whole lives to a new way.  It means fighting and defeating sin.  It means serving God, instead of serving self.  And it's a lot easier to live a vain, selfish life.  But I'm convinced more than ever, that the most loving, beautiful, holy, and selfless way to live life, is to live walking hand in hand with my King the Lord Jesus Christ. 

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